#10 Daily Blogs.  

Today was an okay day. Again, too busy and unorganized.

I overslept from being overtired. Grr!

And BTW, (Has anyone ever heard of the alarm APP…. Alarmy?)

There are three different options-

1. Solve a Math equation before being able to shut it off.  

2. Shake your phone 100 times to turn it off.

Or, my personal favorite…you can scan a barcode in your bathroom or kitchen before bed, and you will have to get out of bed and re-scan that very barcode in order to shut your alarm off. What ever it takes, right? 😉


I only had a few hours to take good pictures in the natural light.
My backdrop is set up in me bedroom and only allows me a few hours of quality light.

I had less kids today, yet still didn’t manage to finish, due to my multi-tasking.

I’m really disappointed in myself for not prioritizing my day better. I know it happens with everyone. But we are all our worst critics.

I did most of my drafts, and then listed about a dozen new things from yesterday’s finds.
I still have shoes to clean tomorrow. And then list.

Alas’, I am proud of myself for getting a workout in today. I love the elliptical machine so much, but have not been to the gym for a while. Spent the past few months swimming instead.
I’m pretty sure I will be sore tomorrow with my diving back in and not taking it slow.

But after much prayer… and pep talks throughout today.. I did it!
Before church even.

Getting physically AND spiritually fed in the same day….
Now THAT feels good!

I’ve still been privately studying where people go when they die. Reading a bunch of different views. Including the ones that have been shared with me this past week through email and messages. Thanks guys!

As always I am motivated to have a better day tomorrow.

God willing

I sold three things today that I just wrapped them up. Two tops and a razer.

Now off to bed.

Tomorrow will be a better day.
If anyone feels led to share…

What motivates you on the daily?


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