#12 Fun Friday

Yesterday was another so-so day. I even managed to get my rear out of bed by 7:30am. 

But to be honest, getting up early really didn’t make me feel any better then any other day. 😐

I managed to get the rest of my listings up before school, and managed to make my kids their favorite lunch…meatballs and macaroni and cheese. What a protein pair that was!
When my husband came home we picked up one of my daughters friends and headed to the YMCA.
Everyone went swimming, and I went to the workout room to use the elliptical.
I have gained eleven pounds these past couple months. All thanks to being on a new medication for acne. ACNE! 😔

I plan to write all about that ordeal over the weekend. *sigh*
But in a nutshell, I’ve been having a sudden spurt of hormonal acne. I’m much too old to have ANY acne, so I went to a dermatologist and they hooked me up with a medication, along with a $90 tube of Retin-A. 
Anyways, this new medication that I have been on for the past two months has the horrible side effect of weight gain. They did warn me.. but I thought I’d be different..
And now I am asking myself
Weight gain? Or adult acne? 
Honestly, they are both equally undesirable in my opinion. 😐
That all shared, I did manage to do another workout last night. 
But then we went to sheetz afterwards. 

Sheetz is like a 7-11, for my Northern readers.   

And while I didn’t get any food like everyone else, I did get one of their new cold brew coffee floats that probably has a bazillion calories. 

Afterwards we dropped my daughters friend back off at her house and headed home. 
I had five packages to wrap up from daily sales. 
I sold two Halloween costumes yesterday, a bottle of perfume, a pair of converse, and a pair of Algeria sandals. 

A lot of people get paid on Thursdays, so it always seems to be a good day in sales. As well as Holidays.
I then checked Firestick to see if IT, or Mother, was up yet. But Nope!
Finished Wonder Women. 

Prepped some food, and then called it a night. 

Todays goals, besides my daily obligations, are– Finishing a book. I’m currently rereading “13 Reasons why” and a book about Lucid Dreams.

I also need to do a Home Economics assignment with one of daughters. 
My son asked me late yesterday, why there are so many different religions. 
So I need to try to explain that to him later today. I need to try to figure out how to explain it in simple terms. 

He also wants to know why when people get old, they stop going to church.

(His sister told him that it’s because when you are old, you already have your ‘Fire insurance’ sorta speak…. so we need to have a one on one about all of that.)

I’m contemplating working out again..I sleep so much better on the evenings where I workout.
 I have a store return to handle with tonight. Contemplating whether it’s worth the $3, standing in line, etc.

I’m also toying with the idea whether to workout, or take the kids to play miniature golf.

I’m going to try to not source this weekend at all. 
Hmm, and that’s about it for Fun Friday
Break time over….


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