Off to the Landfill

I purchased a lot of vintage earrings from eBay for a early Birthday gift for myself. (10pairs)

On the way out of the house the other day I got the mail and opened them up in the car.

I took a moment and marveled at how dainty and pretty they all were. Then I placed them back in the bubbled envelope, and put them on the car dash.

When we got home it was cold and we had groceries to bring in…so I  had forgotten to bring in the earrings. The following day DH cleaned the car and the envelope got tossed.

Yesterday while getting ready to go out for the day I wanted to wear a pair… then I remembered they were in the car…but nope. But they were no longer in the car….

Off to the landfill they were.

I realize material possessions are all replaceable, but I’m sad. I’m just sad.


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