Walmart Brands

Walmart Brands

I never thought I’d have Walmart taking up so much of my blog, but..

Mini Update:

I mentioned my two no name brand Walmart purses that had really impressed me last month. Both impulse buys.

One in black and one in gray. I blogged about them with pictures last month.

They were only $9.96 each.

And while I still love my black one.. I have only been carrying my gray one a few weeks and the seams are already starting to come undone. 😐

I ended up going back and upgrading to a pink one with gold hardware. I don’t love it as much. It was $13.97

It’s a bit of a stiffer synthetic pleather, and much smaller in size. Only one deep pocket.. No outside pockets for your keys or phone, so it’s not very practical. But it’s pretty!

So there’s that.

While I was there again shopping, I noticed that they seem to be doing away with their no name branding.

I think they did that with clothing years ago, if I recall.

I remember they had a brand called George, White Stag, Faded Glory, and Cherokee. Maybe others?

To the best of knowledge, they only carry Faded Glory now. Which is their Walmart brand.

Getting back to purses, they must have signed a deal with Relic handbags.

$29.99 each.

have never been a fan of Relic. But I know many are.

Once upon a time Relic could only be bought from the mall or online.

Now… you can buy the brand at Walmart.

Brands need to cease to make room for up and coming ones I guess. 😉

I remember when the make-up brand Hard Candy, was only on HSN.. And now it can only be bought at Walmart.

A few years ago Walmart was selling Kathy Van Zeeland purses.

I use to carry those, but like any designer bag that becomes overly saturated , or starts selling at discount places… the quality and hype go right down the drain. I actually sold all mine back when I had Facebook.

Currently, I’ve had my eye on a Big Buddha bag that Walmart is currently carrying.

But who wants to dish out $40 for a Walmart handbag?! Yikes!

I know it sounds silly.

Why does someone feel fine about spending $40 at the mall for a purse, but cringes at the thought of spending the same amount at a discount store.

I guess it’s like a yard sale or thrift store.

You are there for a deal! Nothing more.

So there you have the Walmart Purse update.

Has anyone treated them-self to a new Fall/Winter handbag as of late? Please share!

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