Starbucks controversial cups

I woke up this morning, and stopped at Starbucks, before heading to an early morning doctors appointment.

While drinking my latte’ I scanned through what’s trending, and of course, Starbucks coffee cups were being discussed..

Apparently, there is a lesbian couple holding hands on their new Holiday cup. A faceless couple, actually.

I first caught wind of this new cup design last month when it launched. I thought it was cute, that they could be colored, as adult coloring is still very much on the rise.

I still color with my kids, but I cant say I break out the crayons while out and about. But I realize that coloring is a lot of people’s Happy Place. It’s said to help with anxiety, much like therapy pets. So be it! Both are harmless.

I thought the cup was pretty cool when I first saw it. Very trendy! Hip! Cool to look at. Much like the adult coloring books. L

But as always, nothing can be that simple…because everything has an agenda in today’s world. *sigh*

I haven’t seen the Starbucks commercial that is being discussed, regarding this new cup, but apparently it starts off with two women and ends with them walking away, and as you can guess…. Holding Hands…

Why can’t we just enjoy a coffee or latte’?!


Of course this also touches in with how Children’s friendships differ then adults. (And I’m only mentioning this because I just blogged about friendships yesterday.)

I remember as a young girl holding hands with my friends.. All the time. I still see it today.

I drop my ten year old daughter off at her friends house and her friend runs up to greet her, grabbing her hand, and running off to play.

But you see, as an adult, that would seem odd to see.

Now I do have my friends greet me with a hug, but if they grabbed my hand while we ran off to a shopping center, I would find that, well, odd.

But that’s another story for another time.

Whether it’s Starbucks, or your local coffee shop. Why not just leave it alone and let people drink their coffees without having any hidden agendas. I understand peoples frustrations. 😔

Of course there was that one year where Starbucks had those plain red cups, but there was even controversy over them..

And if you look back, this always turns into a liberal/conservative thing.

Christian’s calling out Starbucks for taking Christ out of Christmas.

Being a Christian myself, I find it dumb. Yes. Dumb.

You see, Starbucks is NOT a Christian organization. Nor has it ever claimed to be.

And if we, as Christian’s, choose not to support any non-Christian organizations, then we better stop with the hipporacy, live in a glass bubble and not support any company’s other then Hobby Lobby and Chick fil’ lay. And some say they are both questionable. 😐

This goes for liberals getting upset when the local bakery chooses not to make that ‘special cake’ for their wedding too.

Sure, it would be nice if company’s would just provide a service.

To everyone! But that is not the world we live in.

We live in a world of division. And people just need to deal with it..

It’s dumb to loose sleep and let these petty things steal your joy.

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