Thanksgiving Day Shopping

I’m pretty excited about tomorrow. I don’t have any extended family near me, and my husbands family does their own thing. Neither of us comes from a traditional background. So we have always kind of made up our own traditions.

Regarding Thanksgiving, we have made it a family tradition to do all of our Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving.

We plan to be in line by noon. Doors open at 2pm.

We look forward to it every year!

The excitement and adrenaline rush is real! 😁

It’s so nice not having to wait till Friday. And I’m not much of a morning person, so this always works out great.

Then the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I make us a big Turkey dinner and we play board games, decorate the tree, and watch Christmas movies.

I love how we have made our own Holiday traditions.

I hear a lot of people enjoying their Thanksgiving Day out shopping. You really get to know people while waiting in lines. Much like a concert. Everyone has their own stories..

Not everyone comes from large families, or wants to stick with tradition. And I’m a’okay with that. ❤️


One thought on “Thanksgiving Day Shopping

  1. While I agree with you in theory–I do come from a traditional background as does my husband and I resent that my bestie and my son have to work on Thanksgiving because people want to go shopping.

    And while you may think the lines and the people are fun, some of us really prefer to shop when the aisles are empty so we can browse and think. I’ll be doing a traditional Thanksgiving meal and locking myself away from the world until Monday when I may have to go to work.

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