JC Penny’s line

She is obviously thrilled to be in my picture. 😁

en there was this dude who kept complaining he was cold… umm, perhaps you should pull your jeans up buddy. 🀣

We were getting cold!

Opps, bye-bye yellow tape!

Last minute decisions were made and several people l were putting things back, randomly, on this mattress set.

My daughter taking a break. She had the wrong shoes on today. But said she had a blast and is ready for more shopping tomorrow.

We were the 13th people outside in line at the mall today. We ended up with six $10 gift cards that they were giving away to the first people in line. The lady in front of us got a $100 gift certificate, and a man in the back of us got one of the $500 ones. We always seem to get the $10 ones though. Still a lot when we group them all together.I bought a professional clothes steamer, a pink velvet duster, a pair of leather boots, slipper, gloves, and some socks. Regular price of steamer was $119Door price: $29.99 After $10 gift card: $19.99Velvet duster was $69On Sale for $27Reduced 50% of lowest sticker: $13.50After $10 gift card- $3.50Two pair of gloves were $5 each Free after gift card.Boots were $79Door Price: $19.99$10 gift card made them cost only $10Two tops were $37 eachDoor prices were $10 eachWith $10 gift card the were $10 for both. πŸ˜ƒ

I also went to Sephora and bought a bunch of stocking stuffers. They were $35 each, The door prices were $10 each. We were in line to pay for the usual amount of time. 2 hours.

We are hitting the Burlington Coat Factory tomorrow. Possibly Belks, and Best Bye. We will see! Now it’s time to eat my homemade Pumpkin roll and watch Hallmark movies. I hope everyone had a fun, and Safe Thanksgiving Day. ❀️

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