Black Friday Shopping

We ended up going to the Burlington Coat factory today.

I’ve never been before. But I have a cousin visiting me who loves it, so we were going for her.

I found it to be very similar to Gabes.

Nothing too spectacular. And despite what I bought, which was quite a bit. I probably wouldn’t go back. I prefer TJ Max or Marshall’s. Also similar.

It was super busy.

And whole store was in shambles.

But then again, we went after the Black Friday morning rush. So I probably shouldn’t judge the store so harshly.

Up until today, I thought it was solely a coat store.😁

So what did I buy today..

I bought three pairs of Calvin Klein slides to resell.

They were reduced to $7.99 each

Two Fancy Bath Soaps $8

(No picture, I opened them up and put them in each of the bathrooms before I snapped these pics.)

BeBe lipgloss set $6 (Already opened and swatched them all. Very cheap feeling with no pigmentation.)

A new makeup brush set that I e been wanting to try out. $10

Green Tea (Tried some and it tastes very medicinal.) $3

Radio Active Coffee $5 (I will be trying is in the morning!)

Clippers (No picture because they are a gift.) $5

A new mug ❤️ $3

Then we went to Mega Thrift because they were having a 75% off sale. So I put in a hour of work.

Here is what I bought there:

1. A vintage two piece kinky fleece pajama set.

2. A life is good sweatshirt

3. A Talbots pink cardigan

4. Vintage hiking pants

5. Three pairs of shoes

Total cost: $19.89

And there you have it. Very simple day.

It ended with Cracker Barrel, which is always a treat.

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