Santa came early

Santa came early for my teen son. He’s been wanting a gaming keyboard/mouse/ monitor set up all year.

His 20″ monitor will arrive next week, but his keyboard and mouse arrived today and he was the one who got the mail, so I let him open it.

He was so excited. My mommy heart skipped a beat!

I also ordered my 13 year old daughter this lovely necklace to represent her trying everything her heart desires to try…

never listening to the “It will never happen” or the the “what if I fails?”

The necklace says, “Oh but what if it does”

Meaning your dreams coming true. ❤️

All my Christmas shopping is finally done. I finished yesterday online.

Also, my new tree came in and is all set up. I love it so much!

Almost touches the ceiling.

And these below are some hand crocheted ornaments they my daughter whipped up last night while we were watching a Hallmark Christmas movie. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Santa came early

  1. That’s great! It’s such a joy to see happiness on a child’s face! I love that key board, the saying on the necklace and those ornaments! Does your daughter sell them? I can’t remember my pinterest info and was wondering if you could tell me like my sign in name if you know?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. 🙂 Yes, she has a store front that she sells all her crochet and knitted things now. ❤️
      I’m not sure we are are Pinterest friends. I will go check and message you if we are.


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