Small Talk

Mishmash of thoughts today-

What would the world look like with no opinions, unless asked?

Better yet, what would the world look like if we listened more then we spoke. What if our focus was more-so on keeping quiet and blessing others.

How would this effect people’s mental state.

So many people have self doubt on the daily.

They question everything. It seems as if everyone needs approval in order to get through a day. Yes, I do blame social media for this. Which is why I will never, ever go back to it. (Insert opinion) 😉

Recently, I had someone staying with me at my house that kept asking me if such and such was my favorite.

Ex. If I wore black two days in a row or used the same coffee mug, they would ask me if it was my favorite.

I kept saying no. And I was being honest.

Truth is, I don’t really put much thought into things that I do on the daily.

I’ve become more of a grab and go type of person.

But being asked so many times if something was my favorite and then feeling the need to explain why it wasn’t, was exhausting.

This got me thinking of what a world might look like if we agreed with everything.

If asked if such and such was my favorite, I could have simply said yes.

If someone asks if I like such and such.. say yes! (This would have put an end to many a debate in the past.)

These are small things, mind you. I’m not talking about world events, religion, or any thing heavy.

Just small chat, where by agreeing with the other person, you are actually performing a selfless act of making that other person feel good.

I know we all have opinions. And that’s normal. But on the other side of the token, it does, and has, caused so much division among family and friends.

So I’m going to challenge myself starting tomorrow.

In fact, I technically already started.

I was at Walmart tonight and while looking at the Christmas decor, a lady next to me held up some gaudy looking garland and looked at me with a smile, and said…”Sure is beautiful huh?”

Did I think it was beautiful? No. I thought it was gaudy. But what good would have came if I would have told her that. Instead,

I agreed with her. She smiled and then picked up a couple more packs and off she went.

I also stopped to help an older woman choose a tree and ornaments. She didn’t ask, but she looked like she needed a helping hand. In doing so.. she shared bits about her life with me.

As I’m getting older, (today was my birthday,btw) I’m realizing that I never want to be too busy to help a stranger.

I don’t want to be so caught up with myself that I can’t smile back at someone, or help them put there groceries in there car if they are struggling.

I don’t want to loose sight and become blinded by what’s happening around me. I don’t want to be self absorbed 24/7.

As cliche’ as it sounds, true happiness & contentment really does have more to do with helping others..

Everything always seems to just work itself out organically when you know who’s driving your steering wheel in life.

The Lord is my Sheppard, and has never once led me astray.

I want to bless others and become as selfless as I can.

I want to make people smile again. ❤️


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