Going to Poshfest!

This year Poshmarks Poshfest will be held in Dallas,TX

I’m taking my daughter for her Birthday.

If any other Poshers come across this post, and have also managed to get tickets, please leave a message below. I’d love to formally meet you. 😀

I’m still unsure wheat hotel to book with. 🤔🤓


2 thoughts on “Going to Poshfest!

  1. Hello, my name is lisa pennington I live in seattle wa and would love to go but im unsure how to get tickets or to sign up for the different classes/lectures


    • Hey there! They went on sale back in at and sold out in a few hours. You need to be on your Poshmark profile account when they go on sale, in order to get them I’m afraid.

      I would bookmark the Poshmark page so you will get notified when all the Posh parties pop up. You are in a great area!!


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