Which Bible would have Christopher Columbus read?

If Christopher Columbus was born in the 14th century and may have heard or read this Bible verse before his journey, which translation would it have been?

Isiah 40:22-

It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.

The Geneva Bible was fifty-one year’s before the King Janes 1611.

And before the Geneva Bible it would have been manuscripts from Johannes Gutenberg, I assume. 🤔

5 thoughts on “Which Bible would have Christopher Columbus read?

  1. The more I think on it, Christopher Columbus wouldn’t have “read” the Bible at all. He would have gone to church to hear it read–in Latin. So, most likely the Bible that he would have been familiar with would have been the Septuagint–so called because it was translated from Hebrew and Greek into Latin by 72 scholars. It was the only Bible approved by the Catholic Church (the church of Ferdinand and Isabella and therefore of Spain and Columbus) until some time in the 18th or 19th centuries when printing became cost effective and book ownership became popular among the masses. The Authorized King James Version was not only looked at for clarity of translation in English but was compared with three other English versions (read the introduction for details) but was also using an outdated form of English “to sound right and Holy” from the pulpit.

    I read too much. lol


    • I was thinking we only had transcripts in the 14th century. But then I recalled a Bible lesson many years ago when I first got saved, which talked about manuscripts being burned. As well as an individual that was working on them. (cant recall the martyrs name)

      I found an original manuscript Bible on vellum on eBay. Even has handwritten notes!

      It would be so amazing to own a part of history such as this.

      I’m wondering if it’s an old college library being sold off, as the ebayer lives in Lynchburg VA. So many rare books.

      That said, I have a friend who was teaching kids how the above Bible verse was obviously heard or read by Columbus.

      When I have more time to read I’m going to read his biography. I found it online to read.
      Of course with this old brain, not sure how much I’ll remember but it’s worth a shot because of my curiosity. Lol

      I’m sure I learned all about this in school, but nothing stuck. 😐


      • I don’t know how much they taught about Columbus when you were in school but we only learned about the first voyage and that the only reason Spain financed him was because the Muslims knew the earth was round.

        There are plenty of biblical manuscripts from the previous millennium if you can afford them. I wonder how the seller acquired it. An entire library was sold in California several years ago which included a complete Gutenberg. Its story is told in “The Lost Gutenberg” if you’re interested .


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