I’m so confused.

My daughter and I had lunch at Friday’s today.

The Ribs were overcooked and awful, but that was the least of my problems today.

I ordered coffee. I generally never order coffee at these types of restaurants, but I needed a little pick me up.
I told them to please make a fresh pot. The waitress was a gem and said sure.
It arrived. Hot and fresh!

I then had a second cup hoping to get a caffeine buzz.

After the second cup I felt nothing. In fact, I started yawning more.

I called the waitress over to make sure she didn’t accidentally give me decaf.

She told me yes, of course! Of course it’s decaf.

Then she told me that THAT is all the manager tells them to give everyone.
Apparently, he keeps the regular coffee locked up in his office because it’s so much more expensive, she said.

I told her that I know about coffee and know there is no price difference, and then asked her the brand of the coffee.

Folgers she thinks, she told me.

So yes, no price difference at all!
She asked me if I wanted her to ask the manager if he could unlock enough for a pot to make me some.

She did, and came back over to tell me that he said as long as I was going to drink the whole pot it was fine.

I had a cup and took one to go..
I’m still so confused by all of this.