The Last Time I…

The last time I went thrifting for work was on March 22, 2020

The last time I went out to eat was on March 3, 2020

The last time I went out to the mall was on February 24, 2020

The last time I went to a Walmart was March 16, 2020

The last time I was at a church building was on March 4, 2020

The last time I did a grocery shopping order was on March 27, 2020

Your turn….catered to places you normally go..


What I love about being quarantined

What I love about being quarantined:

It has taken me a couple of weeks to figure it out, but I’m happier then I’ve been in many years. Yep, I really am!

I’m not trying to be insensitive to those that are really hurting or struggling with this. So please don’t think that. I’m just wanting to document how I have been feeling. (Something to look back on)

Just a few weeks ago my life consisted of breathing, eating, working, sleeping…Repeat.

But in just a couple weeks it has transformed into having a more enriched, balanced life.

My husband has always told me that I either go left or right, with no middle ground.

He doesn’t mean in the political nature, as I have always been more of a Libertarian, like my father.

He means in life, as a whole!

I have always struggled with either being a die-hard workaholic or completely lazy and I just don’t care.

Whether it was outside work or work at home stuff. I’m either 100% in it, or 100% out of it. On all areas of my life.

That said, since this epidemic has transpired, I’ve had a real 24 hours each day.

Embracing twenty-four hours at home has opened the doors back to having time for breathing, eating, working, hobbies, exercise, hubby time, kids time, writing, reading, cleaning, AND even trying new recipes.

As well as having social media time.

(Twitter only) no FB or Insta for me.

Yesterday I managed to work, spend time outside, exercise, clean, organize my closet, sew, catch up on bookkeeping, spent quality time with hubby and kids, shower, shave, put on make-up, watch two movies, and even gave myself an acrylic manicure.

There is now time for everything in my life, and I’m realizing once more, that when most of your days are not spent at home, balance tends to either go far left or far right.

The days that I’m out from 7-4pm I get socialization and work done but by the time I get home, I’m simply too tired to do anything else but relax.

Nothing gets done on days where I’m not at home! And that results to unbalance in my life.

I am not saying I’ll never go out again, but I want to be home more then being out and about. I’ve missed balance.

That said, I know that many people are fine with always being on the go constantly, but that lifestyle has never worked out well for me, and I’m okay admitting that now.

My teen son told me the other day that more people need to go back to Gods design, God, Family, work, etc.

He said in his short life he sees how people who don’t choose to follow Gods original design, always seem to struggle with depression and discontentment in life.

He’s seeing for himself he said, as he talks to many people from around the world. Male and female. (Gamers Unite) 🙃

But seriously, It really is a choice.

One that I did not fully come to understand until well into my 20’s. And it’s been a roller coaster ride since then.

So for my 16 year old son to get this at his age makes my mom heart skip a beat. I’m So proud of him!

I asked my oldest daughter why she thinks we have all become more balanced and happy during this time. Because I’m noticing that it’s not just me.

Her take was that we have no time frames now. No schedules. We are all working from home and are not trying to get things done by a certain time..

This works for our family. We are getting so much done, and are happy.

Happiness will never have a price tag or degree attached to it.

People can judge and criticize your life at times, but you need to ask yourself, Are you happy right now?

How is your life working out for you?

Do you have the Joy of the Lord in your heart?

Even amidst the trials.

Also, if you are currently having anyone in your life judging you,

Is the person criticizing you a happy person?

I don’t have anyone in my life criticizing me currently, but I’ve found that the people who have criticized our/my life in the past are the very ones who are never happy about theirs.

It’s never made any sense to me.🤷‍♀️

That shared, I do hope everyone is able to find a bit of Joy during this time of self reflection.

Today’s walk at dusk, from
The top of our backyard hill looking down to the house.

Easy Swedish Meatballs

They came out almost perfect.

I didn’t have corn starch so I used flour for the gravy and it chunked up on me. Hence them not coming out perfect.

Regardless, everyone did enjoy them.

I took two pounds of ground beef. At $319 per pound, it is very frugal.

I eyeballed everything.

I added about a 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs

A couple shakes of 14 Spice seasoning (Walmart)

A couple shakes of Allspice

(This makes them Swedish)

A pinch of nutmeg

Teaspoon each of Minced onion & Minced garlic

1 Egg

1/4 cup of Milk

I Mixed it all up and divided the meat into 27 meatballs.

I Placed them in the freezer for ten minutes

I Heated my skillet with a tablespoon of oil

Fried up the now, cold meatballs.

I placed them in the freezer so they would hold together better while frying them up.

It took about 10minutes to cook.

I then placed them on a plate and added butter, more 14 seasoning and flour to the pan of meat juices and oil.

I think I had the heat too high because the flour became chunky.

I then placed the meatballs and coated them with the gravy mixture.

Browned up so that they have crunch on the outside. (That’s how hubby likes them)

Then I served them over egg noddles.

The egg noodles are only $1 a bag at Dollar General.

Fed all six of us for under $8. A win! win!

Back in Stock

There has not been a national shutdown, like other countries around the world, but I believe each state is slowly shutting down. I know New York, Washington, Michigan, California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are locked, but I lost track after that.

Our state announced the day before yesterday that this coming Monday is our day.

This led me to visit the local grocery again, because why not. I wanted to see how empty the shelves were after the announcement. I only needed eggs, milk and egg noodles. But I wanted to check to see if anything was restocked, like TP, not that we need any, as we are more of the European nature, regarding TP. 😉

To my surprise, everything was stocked except TP.

The store was still busier then Usual, and I was not the only one wearing gloves. You are not suppose to be wearing a mask unless you were already sick. And of course the one lady who had a mask on walked up to me and started a full blown chat about pork, before handing me her package and telling me that it’s a good cut, and I should try it. 🙄

Here are some empty rows of foods from last week that were now completely refilled.

These were wiped clean last week.
This was a very good deal, but I did not need it.
Bacon was restocked, yet the Lunchmeat was picked over, but at least there were options if you needed it.
This center was completely empty last week, yet filled today.

The isles were all restocked too and had the stock crew adding more as I was walking down them. the only empty isle was the TP. They did have Kleenex though, but no napkins.

Reselling Woes

It’s been a rough month in the reselling business. Normally, the only time I have noticed customers being extra moody is around the Holidays.

Holiday sales require a seller to send a personal thank you via internet for shopping your store, in addition to the item you send being wrapped in tissue paper with a sticker of sorts and another Thank you, via’ a note card.

I learned all of this at reseller conventions, along with people who did verses didn’t receive a sticker and card.

It took me a while to realize that I’m not my average customer. Years!

I do not need my purchases to arrive like a present to me.

As long as they are clean with no pet hair or strong smoke smells, I’m Good. And if the garment doesn’t fit, I’m not going to leave the seller a negative feedback for fit issues, as that does not have anything to do with customer service.

That shared, I have learned that around the Holidays, people are miserable for whatever reason.

And during this time of social distancing I’m getting Holiday buyers. *sigh*

I stepped up my wrapping game last year, and for the most part, people receive their item and give a raving review of how it felt like a birthday present with the tissue paper, stickers, a notecard, and sometimes even confetti, to make it extra special. People need to feel special in this day and age.

Even so, I’ve just had cranky people, regardless of what measures I’ve taken to make everyone feel special.

I’ve received two bad ratings this week.

One woman claimed a 1970’s mood ring was broken because it did not turn the pretty blue color on her as it did on me and then opened a case with eBay that I sold her a defective ring.

It’s a mood ring!

But my guess, is that she got it wet and sanitized it breaking the inner crystal. Mood rings turn black if they get wet.

Another women did not like my laundry detergent smell (Arm & Hammer) and wrote not to buy from me because of the stinky soap smell.

A simple remedy would have been for her to wash the PJs with her own soap of choice, but that’s besides the point.

Personally, if I had severe scent allergies, I probably would not be purchasing second hand either.

Today I woke to a customer telling me how she lost her job due to the virus lay offs, and was wondering if I’d take $13 for a $75 party dress. She went on to say how times are very tuff right now, and she doesn’t know when she will be getting another paycheck.

And there you have it.

A morning Walk

I started walking around my neck of the woods during this time of social distancing. It really has been serene.Of course of it were in the dead of Summer, I know I’d not enjoy it so much. Today was 52 outside and for me, that is the perfect temperature to go outside.

Walking to the end of the Road.
Two Pretty Trees on the side of the house.
Usually there are cars on this main road.
The field across the road.
Persimmon Buds
Persimmon Tree
My daughter taking pictures of a pear tree.
Heading up the hill in the backyard.
Daughter taking more pictures.
Daughters took off in the woods.
I’m intrigued by a hole in the ground and waited to see if anything can out. It did not.
I decided to go in the woods too.
Daughter heading to the creek.
Other daughter lost a shoe in the mud.
Deep water. Deeper then usual.
A hidden cave on the other side, but I did not dare walk over, as the ground is too sold and I had new shoes on.
On top of the backyard hill, looking down.
The notorious pine tree forest where my two oldest use to play as kids. And collect pine ones for the holiday table. Good memories.
Heading back down the hill and back home.
Our old girl, the Beast! Aka’ Pepper

And that was today’s little excursion. Afterwards, I set up the card table on the front porch and worked a few hours with my daughter. 🙂

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

After listening to Trump yesterday, say that he thinks Easter Sunday would be a good day to end social distancing, and that it would be great to have ALL the Churches across the country packed, all my mind could focus on was….

Mercy Me! NO!

Is this man the antichrist?!

I’ve heard people say this for the past four years, and honestly, I’ve rolled my eyes at the comment. Haven’t we heard this with Obama too? And Even Prince Charles, back in the days.

So no, I have never put any real thought into the statement. Until now.

For the most part, I support him as our president. I do! No one else in my circle of friends do. One friend of mine has been very vocal about it. Nothing to argue over, though. As Americans, we do have freedom of speech. *grin*

I don’t think we have ever had a more patriotic president.

I like that he speaks his mind and doesn’t let the puppets pull his strings.

I like that he’s a businessman instead of a politician.

And on a side note, He reminds me of my dad 99%.

I never saw all the similarities until he became our president.

That said, I can’t shake this feeling now.

He’s 100% correct. Churches WILL be packed!

Bibles are sold out everywhere just just like after 911.

So many people have come to Christ during this time of helplessness and uncertainty.

I’m picturing churches across America packed with Christians. More then ever before!

Many, who WILL have this virus, let’s not kid ourselves..

Many will be hugging, handshaking, and possibly kissing one another.

Spending this virus like wildfire.

Many of these folks will be the elderly.

Thousands more will get sick and many more will die.

All Christians!

Dear Trump supporters, Don’t be naive here.

Satan is the author of destruction, as always..

We need to call upon Jesus for wisdom regarding what was said.

Listen to what the Lord is telling you about all of this. There is always more to the story.

For me, churches can reopen Easter Sunday, but I will not be there.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss church very much. And while I have been listening to my home church, and other services online, throughout the weeks, I learned a long time ago while home churching, that my spiritual food, will never be depended on a church building. Be wise people..

Documenting Grocery Stores

I’m so glad I stocked up a month ago. 😉
I’m fascinated on what people have stocked up on during all of this, and what they have not stocked. Hence these pictures.
A few packs of frozen fish and bratwurst left.
A couple containers of chicken livers.
Turkey necks are high in protein, calcium, phosphorous and other minerals. … Totally healthy, fully digestible, supporting canine gum and dental health. Canine…
A couple packs of Beef Hearts. They actually look very good to me, but I did not purchase, as my family is fine on meats at the moment.
Pork Jowls, which I honestly did not know existed.
Pork jowl is a cut of pork from the head of the pig’s cheeks.
A couple of loaves of bread left.
Limit one. I am thankful that I do not need to purchase last loaf of bread. I’m thankful that I know how to make bread, if need be.
I have very mixed feelings of all the hate revolving people who prep or stockpile for the “just in case” scenarios. Had I not felt the Lord move us to stock up on non perishables (freeze bread) over a month ago we would not have sandwich bread. Only being able to purchase one loaf would be fruitless, as we go through a loaf every other day. Sometimes each day. Eggs and toast? Everyone has a grilled cheese? Gone! It’s not always about hoarding, it’s about wanting to maintain your current lifestyle. And there is nothing wrong with that. I wish people would realize this.
No potato’s.
No taters of any kind. We have some, but are planning a potato garden now. Did you know, it is very easy to grow potato’s in a bale of hay?

Friends & Hobbies

On a scale from 1 to 10, how important are friends and hobbies.

While people all around us are practically social distancing , I am noticing that the people that are dealing with it the worse then others, are those who have no friends in their lives, or hobbies. This group of people are very lonely right now. The younger generations that have built their lives around Instagram picture and travel vlogs are at their ends wit. They simply do not know what to do with themselves at home.

Real friends are important, yet they are ceasing with each passing year. Families are falling apart on a deeper level, and hobbies seem to be something that only the 30+ have the patience for.

There are also a lot of lonely sixty and seventy year olds that have broken ties with their families years prior, and now find themselves completely isolated and alone.

You don’t want to waste the best years of your life climbing up the ladder of success and sailing through life with meaningless relationships. Nothing good ever comes from this.

These are things that no one teaches the youth of today. As well as the 20+ crowd.

To me, hobbies are 100% more important then sports, dance, cheer, drama, and music.

Not to say the above do not have their place, because they do! They should not take the place of hobbies though, and they have in today’s society.

Non of the above can bring joy and comfort to your life while social distancing at home though.

Some of the things that can bring joy, are Art related activities. Sculpting, drawing, crossword, calligraphy, painting, or animating are good hobbies. Just to name a few!

Sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, braiding, beading, cross stitch, tapestry, needlepoint, and rug hooking are more hobbies that keep your mind and hands busy.

We also can’t forget about reading, writing, card games, baking and gardening.

This list of hobbies are endless, yet, I feel as though today’s youth and even 30 year olds are experimenting more depression and anxiety during these times of isolation because they have nothing better to do at home then to think about how awful it is not leaving their house.

I really hope that more parents will start teaching their kids how to do certain things from a young age. Even if they are not interested in learning. Things that may benefit them in later years are important.

I will be first in saying that I never thought hobbies were important as a youth or young adult. I did not have parents that had hobbies, and therefore there was no importance on them growing up. I did enjoy home-etc in high school though. Very much!

But It was not until I became a mother that something switched in my mind, and I wanted to teach my kids how to do everything!

Life skills and hobbies took center stage. No regrets there.

If anyone comes across this page, please let me know which hobbies, if any, are filling your days at home. 😊