Come Shopping with me

My daughter and I spent several hours browsing our local antique country store the other day.

I did actually buy a few things to flip, too. It was so much fun!

She bought a lot too.

The best part of visiting our downtown area, is that it brings back so many good memories to me. When we first moved down here fifteen or so years ago. It was a place my two oldest girls enjoyed being.

With no shopping centers, it became sort of a home away from home on days that we wanted to window shop. It was the library and country store for many years when the kids were little.

Through out the years I’ve bought many terrific things at this one store. It started with homemade honey and soaps and escalated from there.

I also bought a hope chest for my daughter, vintage jewelry and purses, and even an antique hot stove.

They have loads of primitive decor.

Lots of things remind me of my Aunt Edie, who was my favorite aunt growing up. She was a collector of anything g fun and unique, and would always take time out of her day to teach me about what she collected and why. I learned so much from her.

My daughters have also bought several Christmas gifts for me from this particular Country store too. It’s such a sense of nostalgia as soon as you walk in the front door, that has an attached old cow bell. Each Season they have outside vendors with live music and dancing. (insert banjo music here)

I remember one of my daughters enjoying country line dancing one year.

Gosh, she had to be only ten at the time. I can still see her long braids dangling under her bonnet with her little house on the prairie “style” floral dress twirling in the breeze. Such good memories!

When you enter the store you are generally greeted by the owner, Kathy. Along with the smells of cinnamon sticks, homemade eclairs and chocolate chip cookies. And let’s not forget that vintage attic smell intertwined.

It’s a multi level store that takes at least 2-3 hours to look at every vender. Probably more if you really took your time.

So let’s start browsing, shall we?

As soon as you walk in the store, this first booth homes these two pictures…

Looking down toward the back room..

I like to think about the weeks, or perhaps months that some hard working husband put in to be able to purchase his wife on of these sewing machines do she wouldn’t have to hand sew all of the kids and his clothing by hand anymore.

These above are two vintage bottles of perfume. Elizabeth Ardens, Splendid. Perhaps your have heard of it before. It launched in 1994 I believe.

I got VERY exited when I saw these Gucci bags, but unfortunately they were counterfeit.

This planters peanut dish set caught me eye. I wonder how it was used. Probably during family meals. Maybe a way to make kids veggies seem more fun. $50 for the set!

1932 Bag of coffee. Still full. I wonder how the coffee were to taste if you were to use it. Would it be super strong and give you a caffeine high, or very week and ready bitter and yuck.-
This section of old compacts and Bakelite jewlery made my day! 🙃

I really wanted all of the above but it was too expensive.

This old doll really made me have the feels. When I see these old olds I can’t help but think of the little girl who was once gifted it and loved it so very much.
Another lovely baby doll that probably made some little girl very happy throughout her years . Maybe her father was overseas on a business trip and brought this doll back for her.
My daughter bought several of these old 60’s dresses to flip.

More vintage dolls. New old stock.

Hmm, 1986…what was I doing back then..
I was begging my mom to let me date and telling her that I was too old to play with dolls and be home on Friday nights. I was so typical.
Interesting. I’ve never heard of this game. It was popular in the 50’s, apparently.
Such a lovely cream and sugar set with matching salt & pepper shakers.. And just look at that old pepper on top of the pepper shaker giving it all kinds of character.

The golf dogs are at it again.

Remember when these types of glasses were popular? Fast food places would give them out with certain items. I think you had to pay .99 for them, if I recall.

Old life magazines, an Afghan, A baby carriage, Old mirror and milk can. Old baseballs. 🤔

More old glasses. 1978. I was living in Phoenix, Arizona back then. not too many memories.

This old phone booth. How lovely would this be as decor in a grand room.
How technology has changed.
This coke can was full too! I was ten at the time.
A beautiful mess of clutter.
Awe, but she does. 😁

These old clowns were probably used as Devore in a little kids room so she, or he would not have bad dreams..

I still have my original cabbage patch kid.
Sure others do too.
I remember the day my granny presented her to me. My mom yelled at me and told me to not lose the doll, because my granny had to buy her from a back alley in the bad section of Miami. They were sold out that year for Christmas and it’s all I wanted as a gift.
I also remember the year my girls got one for Christmas. I don’t recall them asking, but years later they rebooted and became the it Christmas gift.
Looks handmade to me. probably was a special gift to someone dear at one time. I use to make my mom ashtrays all the time in art class.
“Have a seat darling, and join me for a cup of coffee”

The amount of decor that people use to have on display in all of their rooms. I think things changed when we started spending more time away from our homes. And now the minimalist movement has most homes bare bones.

I can see this old gas pump set up on display in a mans garage, bringing him much joy to look at while he works on his old Chevy.

I would have loved to buy all of these to actually use. Or, to display on top of the kitchen cabinets in a vintage kitchen.
Old photographs. These were very significant to someone, somewhere in the’s sad to think they were not passed down to a family member and treasured.
Who was this chap? Was he someone’s hubby? Did he go off to war and never return? Was he shot on a freak hunting accident with friends?
She looks terribly sad to me. If I stare too long I will cry. She probably had to sit still for hours to capture, well, this look. Was she a happy women? Did she know the Lord? Did she hate her life and end it, leaving her kids motherless?
A sweet baby. Not knowing what his life would hold. Did he make it? Was his life all that he expected it to be…
A grandmother comforting her daughter, or maybe granddaughter. I feel as though the daughter has recently suffered a tragic loss and is so sad.
An Old radio that apparently still works! I think this would look beautiful next to an old record player. thfoyerthe foyer.
Rare and beautiful! If two weren’t cracked, I would have bought these to resell. I’ve sold many sets throughout the years. I currently have a cake platter. These ones that glow under a black light are called Vaseline glass. They contain uranium oxide that was banned after WW2.

More random glassware. The metal cake carrier dish was just lovely.

Old pill containers. I use these still for Advil, Tylonal , etc.
Old Catholic Bible
Old planter that was probably handmade and gifted to a loved one at some point.
Vintage water cooler that probably sat outside in the hot sun at someone’s little league, back in the days. Either that, or it was filled with koolaid on the weekly.

Old metal containers. Everything was metal, which yes, was bad for the environment if it was thrown out. Now everything is plastic. Still bad for the environment. 🙄

Vintage Candy thermometer. Maybe it was used for someone’s home business. I can hear the mom asking her child to go get the candy thermometer from the drawer and be careful not to drop it. Maybe she was making taffy to sell at the country fair.

I remember when bandaids came in a metal tin. I guess it was bad for the environment so that is why they changed it to cardboard. We need to ask ourselves, why thirty-one and not thirty?
Vintage medicine bottles intrigue me. I have spend hours reading up on old medicines and looking them up on eBay. There is a fascinating story about a man who use to go door to door selling one particular medicine and made a fortune. Then he lost it all and ended up a wanted criminal. It was a story that I always remembered. I think the medicine he was selling was straight up iron supplements, and he became so sought after because it was working at making people feel better. He got in trouble because it ended up being only iron. I would have supported him. I appreciate his hustle. And if it was working at making people feel better…

Those old thermos’s. Now where did the matching lunch boxes go? Come August, that was something I would very much look forward to doing. Choosing my new school lunchbox was always a big deal. After all, lunch time was my favorite part of school. It was not only a time to socialize, but it was a time to sell my lunch and make some extra cash to buy makeup and clothes. Lol

Beautiful old thread Crochet dollies..

Lovely. I have some silver metal ones, similar to these that I still currently use.
This metal tray looks familiar too me. I think someone in my family had it when I was little.
Very old saloon doors. Oh the stories these could tell!
Maybe there use to be a saloon in my town. Maybe these came from it.
An old radio flyer that some little tyke probably has many happy times on. I bet it was a birthday gift.

Another baby doll. Looks newer then the others. Maybe it was gifted to a little girl but it was not the one she wanted so she never played with it.

The little girls name was Nelly. 😁

A 1960’s Remington typewriter. Probably used for many years for school or maybe work. I wonder why people locked them up. Notice the key area in the case.

A very old coloring book that I think people would get mad about today and argue about. Why? Because it said Cowboys, making the CowGIRLS, feel left out.

Ohhh there are those saloon doors!

Some little boy colored this page while his little brother colored the other page.
1949 WOW!

Next to the coloring book were these old paints.

A very old 50’s Mele Jewelry Box. if it were in better condition I would have bought it to resell. I have sold many of these in different color waves throughout the years.
I remember this particular spice tin. Must be 1980’s.

Vintage sewing notations.

Semi vintage beauty items.
Hmm, what do we have here..
Religion teaches do many rules.

And finally back home with my bags.

I hope you enjoyed shopping with me. Well, browsing. 🙂

I bought this darling wooden fruit purse with Bakelite handle.
I bought this vintage basket weave sewing box. and done vintage makeup, and a vintage, Avon, perfume blue glass bottle.

And there you have it. Thank you for stopping by.


Sams Club Trip

We ventured out to the city to Sams Club last week. I have not been since February.

First we people watched in the parking lot to access the area. All the shopping pictures and videos online have really done a hatchet job making the larger grocery stores out to be something from a dystopian novel. And perhaps in some larger cities, they are. But ours looked to be okay. Most everyone had a mask and gloves on, as did we. DH is high risk, so our family has been taking strong precautions.

Food was for the most part, well stocked. Signs were everywhere though. Limit One.

Of course you can easily get around that by using their App to cash out. Limit one is something the cashiers eyeball while cashing you out. Just saying.

I stocked up on the basics that we have been running through. Peanut Butter, Bread, Tuna, canned soups, chicken, pastas. That sort of stuff. I have no plans to return for another few months, so I stocked up.

The only thing we could not find were Cape Cod Kettle potato chips, as those are the only chips that I eat. And the store had no pancake syrup of any sorts. I spoke with a worker and they have been out for weeks he said. I guess we are not the only ones eating more waffles and hot cakes at home.

ADHD MOMENT INSERTED- Speaking of, how cute are those tiny eggo waffle machines that every Tom, Dick and Harry has purchased and has made YouTube videos using. I’m having FOMO, but have no plans on purchasing one. I do hear they are only $10. A mom friend of 7, received one for Mother’s Day. Making one tiny waffle at a time.. hmmm.🤔

Moving right along..

We are still good on Meats, but I walked over to them to snap a picture. All were out, except for the most pricy cuts.

There was a sign above that said limit one. I guess I cut it off when trying to discreetly snap a picture. I found other customers watching me take pictures and I got embarrassed. 😐
Again with the Jelly. Limit one.
They had plenty of Toilet Paper! 😱
I’m so sorry, dude with the red shirt who now has no idea he’s in this picture.
We did not need any, as Amazon came through. But I wanted to snap a picture.
Canned Chicken was something I bought. We go through a pack a month. I don’t use it for chicken salad, although that always sounds good to me. My kids use it to make semi homemade chicken noodle soup. They also use it for chicken fettuccine.

And that was our documented grocery trip of the month.

I will be working on two other blogs this week. I swallowed a large bug and almost went to the ER, and several days later I fell ill with a fever and chills. I’m fine now, but do want to document those two awful incidents here. 🤓