Robots and Riots

People do not realize that everything and Anything could be used for good or bad.

Common sense everyone.

I was watching a YouTube video where a wife said that she gets so much online hate because her husband does Bitcoin.

The people who are hating on her family are telling her that Bitcoin is used for illegal drugs and s*x tra**icking, therefore no one should be involved.

I am sure it is.

And yes, that is bad. But why is everyone throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Can’t the same thing be said with silver, gold, and even cash?

Should we also boycott all of that too? Apparently so.

I am so tired of everyone whining to boycott this company and CANCAL that one.

Including people. Human beings!

The lack of apathetic people this nation has is down right heartbreaking. Not to mention, scary. Long gone are the good Samaritan’s. People wanting to lift one another up and actually help each other.

It’s not political, it’s all sides. Let’s say this again for the people in the back. All sides!

Red, Blue, Green, Blacks and whites. I see no discrimination. Just pure hate.

I think it falls back to entitlement, because why else would people who do not even know each other feel the need to sit back while looking down at their screens and dissect everyone else’s life.

Is this considered a hobby nowadays?

These are not happy people.

They are miserable, hurt people who do not know how to overcome what ever it was that messed them up. No one knows how to move on. Everyone remains resentful, and bitter. Playing the poor me victim game.

At least that is my guess, because I do not understand what else it could be.

I look around and do not see anything except robots and riots. Pretty much sums up the past year.


Motivation. A Choice?

Is motivation taught, or a day to day choice that we either make or we don’t.

Dh and I have been talking recently about how unmotivated we are both feeling. To do or go anywhere, and even regarding our daily jobs.

I never felt like my work was a job because for the past five years I have enjoyed it so much, but lately I feel like I’d rather be watching Netflix with kids or playing a board game then getting up and working. It probably would not feel this way if I had set hours, but reseller does? It’s the positive and negative of working at home.

I log onto my selling platform at about 9am and am sharing, editing, listing, and talking to potential buyers and answering all their questions until midnight seven days a week. On and off, because there is sourcing to consider. But even when I’m out and I get notified that someone is asking me a question about something, I stop whatever it is I’m doing to answer them. I feel like customer service is a loss art, so I do give 100%. But all of this has been making me feel run down. Sure I can put all my platforms on vacation mode, but then I’m not getting daily sales. I’m not at a place where I can hire out either. I have considered using a bot, like so many other sellers, but then I feel guilty that I can’t handle the grind like I once could.

Our kids have also told us that they feel unmotivated. Having two unmotivated parents are probably not helping matters.

So. What motivates you? That is the question. I suppose most people would say money. Money may be the route of all evil but it certainly makes your day to day lifestyle more enjoyable. You need money to have any sort of lifestyle, so it is at the top of the list.

But what if we all met our financial goals and found ourselves at a place where we did not need to ever worry about money. Then what?

What inspires us?

What motivates us?

Does it fall on each of personalities?

I have been thinking that perhaps it does. The baby boomers seemed very content to me. Wives stayed home and men were men and worked nine to five jobs and you just did your life. Was there ever people complaining? Well. The small handful of boomers that I’ve asked say no. You did not whine about feeling unmotivated or uninspired. Maybe you felt over worked at times, but you lived with it and didn’t feel the need to write about it. grin*

When asked, my husband says he’s motivated to work to pay of debt. Cars, our house, and loans.

When I asked him what would motivate him after this goal was met, he didn’t know.

My oldest daughter probably has more motivation then the rest of us because she’s the creative type. I do feel like this all falls back on each of our personalities.

What do you think?