January 30, 2021 Conversations

January 30, 2021 Conversations

While Goodwill Thrifting

Employee to me: Excuse me Miss, can I talk to you for a moment.

Me: (Not sure what I may have done to warrant a talk. Feeling a bit unsure) 🤣

“Sure! What’s up?”

Employee: Oh! No. Nothing like that…I guess she read my uncertainty body language.

It’s just that, you were just here the other day right?

Me: Yes. I was here the night that the blonde cashier was feeling uneasy about a man walking around and repeatedly asking her what time you guys close. Nothing happened, right?

Employee: Right. Well I was in the back with the manager that night and we did call the police but they told us that it’s not a crime to ask questions and walk around the store looking at people, but to call them back if need be. But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about. You see, we all know you and your friend that shop here.

Me: Oh! That’s my daughter!

Employee: Oh oh Okay!

We know you both and always talk about y’all. Even when one of us gets called into work at the other branch, they all know you there too and we all never want to ring you out.

We all see you guys and whenever you or your daughter looks to be heading up to the register, that’s when we ask the manager to take our break. Lol

You see, me and Louisa are usually on the front end and we both are like, oh boy! Here they come, and we see who can ask for their break first. Lol

We are like, what on earth do they do with all that stuff?!

You both keep us in business. We are grateful for you. I don’t mean no shade. It’s just we see you comin and we are like.. I’m Outta here! Lol

Me: Oh. That is hilarious. I promise we are not hoarders.. oftentimes we resell what we buy within a couple of weeks and that’s why we are constantly shopping for new things. We resell on four different platforms to people all over the place that don’t get to get out to shop.

Employee: Oh okay. I will have to let everyone know.

Me: Please don’t. I don’t want your prices to go up. 🤪

Employee: haha. Again. No shade at all. Y’all keep us in business and we are grateful. I just thought to tell you that we all always talk about you two.


January 29, 2021 Conversations

Retail clothing store- By the dressing room.

Daughter to her mother: Mom, try to find something you like. I’m treating you so stop looking at the prices.

Mom: I know dear. I’m just not sure.

Daughter: Let me see how it looks.

Mom: okay, let me come out of dressing room.

Daughter: It looks great on you! Let’s get it. Now come out and try on all these boots.

Mom: Okay dear. If you really think so.

Daughter: If you like all four pairs, I’m buy them all for you non. You deserve it!

(This was just so sweet.)

In another section of the store near the back.

Two teen girls.

Girl #1- Shh, don’t make it obvious.

Girl #2- I’m Nervous. Ok?

Girl #1- Put it in your jacket pocket!

(I walked away because I didn’t want to know what they were doing…)

At the cashier:

Cashier- Did you find everything you need today?

Me: Yes

Cashier- Looks like you have a whole outfit here. Nice choices. The jewelry is final sale, is that alright?

Me: Yes

Cashier: What a beautiful necklace and earrings. I bet they will go with just everything. Oh no! This ring doesn’t have a ticket on it.

Me: Well I guess that means it’s only $5 then.

Cashier: I don’t think it works that way.

Me: Of course it does. Isn’t the customer always right?

Cashier: Okay, I’ll ring it up for $5 for you.

Me: Thanks!

January 28, 2021 Conversions


Me passing by a row of plush animals:

Man: You best be careful girly, one of them might just bite you. Hahahahaha.

Me: Oh. I hope not!

Man: Oh! you never know dear. Have a nice remainder of your day. Ya here?

Me: You too.

At Walmart:

Ladies in front of me-

Lady #1: I know, you don’t have to tell me. He’s just no good for her but try telling her that. He sleeps all day and doesn’t do a damn thing around the house. Meanwhile she’s off busting her a** at work.

Lady #2: Maybe he will think differently once the minimum wage goes up. We need to stay positive.

Lady#1: Yes. Maybe.

Me wanting so badly to but in and say no he won’t. But I did not. 🤪

Me at the cash register at Walmart-

Cashier: Did you fine everything you need?

Me: Sure. (I didn’t. But who does? It’s Walmart)

Cashier: That’s good. You enjoying your day so far?

Me: Yes.

Cashier: Looks like you got some good things here today at Walmart.

Me: Yes.

Cashier: Is this cauliflower rice any good?

Me: Yes actually.

Cashier: Artichoke hearts? How are these?

Me: I don’t know. First time buying them.

Cashier: $4.58 seems like a reasonable price for such a large jar.

Me: Yes.

Cashier: How is this Gluten Free bread? Any good?

Me. It’s good.

Cashier: This salad dressing looks interesting. Raspberry vinaigrette. Any good?

Me: Yes. Very good.

Cashier: Looks like you got a bath mat here. Doing some redecorating?

Me: No. just a new mat.

Cashier: Well Gray is a nice color.

Me: Yes.

Cashier: Oh look here. I see you got many bags of frozen onions and peppers. I suppose that makes things easier. You like to cook I see.

Me: Ignoring phase now….

Cashier: Well, I guess an inch of snow is all we got today. Do you like the snow….

Me: Gazing off in the opposite direction and feeling a bit guilty being rude… but it’s the end of the day and my metal battery is dead.😔

January 27, 2021 Conversion

At the thrift store-

Cashier on the phone to the manager:

Can you please come to the front end. I don’t feel safe. He keeps walking by slowly and has been in the store for two hours now. He’s not even shopping. Please come to the front or ask him to leave. Please.

I’m in line paying and ask her if she’s okay.

She whispers to me that the manager is a small gay man and is too scared to approach the large black man to ask him to leave. She told me that he has asked her twice what time they were closing and she hopes he doesn’t rob them.

I ask her why she doesn’t just call the police.

She says because she’d get fired and tonight was only her third day of work and she can’t afford to get fired.

January 21, 2021 Conversations

While out shopping-

Random man: “Excuse me, ma’am, Can I ask you a question?”

Me: “Sure”

Random man: “ Are you married?”

Me: “ Yes!”

Random Man: “ Happily?”

Me: “ Yes”

Random Man: “ Can I ask another question?”

Me: “No!”

And then I walked away.

3pc Carnelian Set

I bought myself this lovely 3pc set last week and wanted to share.

It’s 14k gold with polished Carnelian stones and caged quartz chips. I find it interesting that birthstones has its roots in the Bible. The Bible has 1,704 references to gemstones in general, being very detailed in the Book of Exodus.

Referred to as the Breastplate of Aaron, a sacred object worn by the High Priest of the Israelites in order to communicate with God. It contained twelve gemstones.

Bible verse: It is to be square – a span long and a span wide – and folded double. Then mount four rows of precious stones on it. The first row shall be Carnelian, Chrysolite and Beryl; the second row shall be Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Emerald; the third row shall be Jacinth, Agate and Amethyst; the fourth row shall be Topaz, Onyx and Jasper. Mount them in gold filigree settings. There are to be twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes.” Exodus 28:16-20 KJV

Unfortunately no one really knows what the gems in the Breastplate actually were, but they may have been (1st row) Carnelian, Peridot and Emerald, (2nd row) Garnet, Lapis Lazuli and Quartz, (3rd row) Yellow Zircon, Banded Agate and Amethyst, (4th row) Citrine, Onyx and Green Jasper.

For me, it’s just a lovely symbolic piece that offers something a bit different then what I generally like/wear.

Do any of you all have any symbolic pieces of jewelry that you wear, or just collect? If so, what are they?

Free Health Care & Free Education

Free Health Care & Free Education- Would the USA be a better place with it?

I was at a friends house and this topic came up last week.

My friend and I were talking about how a lot of young people want to leave the USA because they desire free health care and free education. They see these other countries with rose colored lenses, having all pros and no cons. This builds a resentful attitude of America.

My friends distant family lives overseas, which resulted to the discussion.🙂

She began to tell me that many countries offer free education and free health care, but it doesn’t come without any strings attached.

Despite what we would like to think, Nothing is truly ever free in life. This seems to be something people always, always, forget.

And if you follow the money train, you quickly will realize that it’s not free at all, it’s just that taxes are higher so that these things can be offered.

Do we as Americans think that it is right to instill even more taxes on us to benefit others?

Fine if it’s an option, but in other countries it is not an option. You work for butt off, only to have taxes taken from you so that other people can have the benefits. Much like how welfare works here.

Where does this leave the average Joe, that is perfectly happy to graduate high school and work at his father’s mechanic shop or store front? Should he be okay with having money removed from his weekly paycheck so that people who have medical issues or people who desire to further their education can benefit on your dime.

It’s kind of a loaded question. The Taxes that we pay, pay for welfare. If not us, then where should the money be taken from to help those who really need help? And what is the definition of someone who really needs help?

Ii it someone who has a choice and an option, but chooses the easy route out of convenience or pure laziness?

Should welfare be reserved for only the disabled, elderly and single parents?

Getting back to people that really can work, but choose not too.

Some stores here ask if I would like to round up to the nearest dollar when I cash out.

Most of the times I say yes, knowing that the extra change goes to job programs.

But if I was not asked if I’d like to round up, and these stores were “allowed” to just round up my bill to the nearest dollar whether I wanted to or not, would I be fine with that?

Would you?

What if you were on a set income and every penny you have counts, and yet each time you made a purchase or transaction the cashier took it upon themselves to round up the cost on you.

You buy a gallon of milk for $3.29 and you are charged $4.00. You purchase a loaf of bread for $2.47 and are charged $3.00.

Sounds like just cents, but how much would you be giving away at the end of the month or year without your consent?

This is just not right.

People are complaining that there are no jobs. Really?

It appears that people just like to complain that there are no jobs. I’m not entirely sure why though.

I don’t want to be rambling on without giving a few examples thorough.

I have been taking a moment while out and about to ask the store managers if they are hiring and how the turnaround rates are. I only had one manager ask me why I wanted to know, so I told her, but the others were happy to just come right out and chit-chat.

“It’s just awful!”

That was one managers quote to me.

No one wants to work she said.

She said that people get hired and get as far as showing up for orientation, but after that you never see them again.

Mainly because they realize that they will ACTUALLY have to work for their pay.

Another manager told me that they can’t get employees to stay for more then a week or two.

I was told that one guy was hired to be a cashier and when he was asked to wipe down the counters and take out the trash in-between ringing people out, he quit on the spot.😳

Another Manager said that their help wanted signs have been in the window since quarantine. And they are still under staffed. Then she asked me if I was looking for a job. Lol

I told her I have one which I love. So true!

The issue at hand is—

There ARE jobs, but people feel entitled to make $20 per hour if they are expected to wipe counters, check customers out,clean bathrooms, work drive-thurs, pour coffee, make subs, and hang clothing on racks.


It’s a mixture of issues, but what I keep hearing is that Everyone wants equal pay. But it actually sounds more like people want to get paid without having to work at all, which is why you have the cashapp all over social media with people begging for a handout. I have even had random people message me on Twitter, EBay and Poshmark asking me if I could send them money to their cashapp. Umm, no!

The cashier at Chipotle feels like he/she needs to be making the same pay as the advertising executive. The grocer cashier feels like he/she should be making the same as the computer programmer, and so forth. These are the things that I’m reading from people.

No body wants to save up for anything and everyone wants instant gratification. No one wants to start at the bottom and work their at up.

This is the reason why you hear so many young people saying they want to move to Europe, or other countries that offer more benefits and freebies.

I’m fully aware that with today’s minimum wage, young people can’t put in a forty hour week and get the apartment of their dreams. I have a young adult who is still at home for this very reason. And if they do fine their dream job after college, sure they are making more money, but have nothing to show for it because they spend the next twenty years paying off all their student loans. That has never made any logical sense to me, but young people will continue to do it, assuming that is the only option.

Here, in NC, minimum wage is $7.25. Most companies will only hire part time so they don’t have to pay for healthcare. So you could have two part time jobs to equal one full time. That is what I use to do when I was single. Working two jobs was the only way I was able to have my own apartment. And I was working for $4.50 a hour. And I even pet sat, baby sat, and cleaned house on the side. My rent was $400 per month. Nowadays an efficiency is $800 per month. Had I wanted to go to college, I would have had no choice other then stay at home while working and going to school to pay for my way. That is not the route I wanted though. And I have no regrets for my choice.

Getting back to income.

If you work forty hours per week at $7.25 per hour, and work forty hours, you will have roughly one thousand dollars a month to live on after taxes, give or take.

If your rent is $800 a month you will be left with only $200. Water is always included, but I’m not sure about utilities. You will need about fifty dollars a week for food. Well, there goes the remaining $200 you will also need Fifty dollars a month for most phones, unless you remain on your parents plan. So you will already be on the negative. But this is the price you pay to have it your way.

So yes! We can clearly see that no one can live alone on $7.25 per hour. So of course this is an issue that needs to be fixed. But how?

Only three states have a $15 per hour minimum wage, and it should probably be raised to that in all the states in my opinion, but then again the Government has never been for the people, and wants the end result to be for us to only depend on them and be at their mercy. Why else would they keep the poor, poor? Think about it.

So what does this mean? Many young adults are choosing to stay at home rather then move to an apartment that doesn’t meet the mark. (The projects or Subsidized housing) Yes, you can get on hud or move to the bad area of town and find an apartment for $400 per month still. Currently there are two apartment complexes that come to my mind that are in this price frame, but most of us do not want to live in either area.

However, If that is your only option, then you have to do what you need to do. This is life! I myself have lived in an apartment in a shady area before, because at the time I made a bad life choice which resulted in this consequence.

Turning eighteen and remaining at home seems to be today’s norm, and it has been in many other countries, actually. And this is perfectly fine if your parents don’t mine. My husband and I really don’t mine. We’d rather our kids work and save for a down payment on a house, then pay for a rent.

But all these things come down to life choices. I try to drill this into my kids because it was something I never thought of as a teen, which resulted in my reckless life choices, right up until I got married.

The choices you make today will affect your tomorrow’s.

I was on Twitter earlier and a lady I follow in Europe, was complaining that she needed a medical procedure done for two years now, but because of the free health care, she’s just another number waiting her turn. She was ranting up a storm!

Would I rather exchange my current pricy healthcare that I pay, for a universal free healthcare that I will need to wait and wait and wait. No thank you!

Free Education?

The Pros: Well, you get a free ride.

The cons: Over crowded classrooms, higher drop out rates and much less resources. After-all, it’s free.

And, you will still need to work and have some sort of job for your basic needs.

And, you will need to feel completely fine taking away from others that are working hard trying to live their own lives that may have taken a different route in life but are taxed up the wazoo.

Just because there is a free handout, and I use the term free lightly, doesn’t mean you should take it.

This reminds me of last year during quarantine, as I was leaving the grocery store in the city, a lady walked up to me with a line of brown bags on a tray and handed me a bag and told me that lunch is on her. She explained how times are tough right now and wants to help the community. She was so nice!

I politely told her no thank you. And then I explained that I’m going home to make lunch. I told her how nice it was that she was offering a free lunch to those who need one. And as I got into the car I saw two homeless people taking a free lunch. And her stopping others to ask if they would like a free lunch. THAT is how it should work.

The lady passing out the free lunches in the store parking lot was one of life’s little angels who used her own funds to fill a need that she saw.

Of course the free lunches should not just be for the homeless, that is not what I’m saying. Free food should also be for a family whose parents loss their job,etc. not to mention, hungry kids who were not getting their free school lunches during quarantine. There are many different circumstances, and I did not feel right taking away from someone that truly needed it.

But, how would would I have felt if when I cashed out my groceries, the clerk took an apple from my bag and gave it to the lady in the parking lot to give to someone else? Without my permission.

Personally, I may have been okay with it. But if I were a single mom or I recently loss my job, or whatever the case may be… having even one apple taken from me to give to another would just not be right. It wouldn’t! It’s not right to take anything from anybody without their consent.

Why cant the young people see this?

Don’t you want more in life?

I had my daughter ask me today why I don’t aspire to be more then I am. Huh?

I’m nearly fifty, and extremely content with my life. But I wasn’t always. Not until my relationship with God became right. If your relationship with God is not right, you will be like a fish out of water.

Oh, but not now. I feel whole now. I feel happy and alive! I feel content. I believe that You will only feel this when you are in Gods will. Truly in his will.

I spent the last twenty-Four years being a full time parent. That was MY CHOICE and what I WANTED to do. No one forced my hand. I also did not have any regrets at any point. I love being a mother. I love spending time with my kids and being here full time for them. I hear so many other moms complain that they missed out on this or that, and then resent their families. It happens. But I’m not one who has ever wished I would have had done things differently. God had a plan for me and I have been very blessed by it.

My youngest won’t be eighteen for another four years, so I simply do not understand this question. In fact, I’m 100% certain it did not originally stem from this daughter at all, but only her mouth and things that she’s read, or heard from others.

Let me ask-

What should I be aspiring to do at my age?

Should I now be trying to start a career? Do I feel as if I missed out on having one? Nope! I have been reselling on and off since 1999. I enjoy my job.

Have I felt like I have missed out on something bigger or better that would have given me recognition and respect from all of mankind? Nope!

Should I want to go back to school? Maybe to be able to just say that I did? Make someone proud, etc. Nope! In fact, since I am laying it out on the table, I would not go back to school if it was a free ride to any uni of my choice. I have always felt this way.

Should I desire more then what I have right now because I can’t possible be happy with my life?

Well, I don’t ever cuss, but if I did, I would right now. I really would.

I can not stand how this world continues to belittle and teach kids that we should all be FOREVER wanting more then what we have.

I really hate it!

Let’s ask all the great actors, actresses, socialites, and youtube multi-millionaires that have committed suicide in the past decade if they took their lives because they were, Oh so happy. Happy having achieved so many great things. Happy to have traveled to their hearts content. Happy that they had recognition and were looked up to and admired by so many people.

It’s bull.

This world teaches us to desire and live in a constant state of more! more! And even more. And if you are seen as a carefree, happy and content person, then something is Definitely wrong with you. Really? Tell me how this makes any sense at all.

So, what did I reply to my daughter when she asked me why I don’t aspire to be more.

I told her that I have never aspired to be more then I am, as I am content and happy. I like who I am. I’m confident in my own skin. I don’t care what others think about me. I’m not living my life for any recognition whatsoever. I’m not living my life to make other people look up to me. And I’m simply not looking to be more then I am, and THAT should be okay.

I told her that I can’t take credit for being happy and content, as it’s all Jesus. Christ has filled me with true joy and contentment. I know it’s nothing I could have ever achieved on my own. No one can. Sadly, most people will spend their whole lives trying by their own means to be, and feel happy. And In the end, they still desire more, and find themselves unhappy and depressed, wondering why they were so unhappy their whole entire lives. But then their are the people of the world telling them to just try a little harder and you will feel it. You will be happy. But no. You won’t.

There is no price tag, money, or fame you can ever place on the feeling of true contentment.

Something the world continues to mock. Something that people can not understand until they experience Gods will for their life and counting it all joy.

January 5th 2021 Conversations

January 5th- My daughter and I were at Sams Club.

Young man to us: “Excuse me, ladies. Do you mind if I ask which nationality you are. Both very pretty and I’m noticing your hair color and texture. (While pointing to me daughter.) Very very pretty. Mixed?

Random stranger choosing deli meat: (addressed to me, as I was choosing deli meat)

“Can you believe that all these hams expire tomorrow? All of them! Unbelievable, that all these Black Forest Hams cost ten dollars and expire tomorrow. I guess I’m getting Turkey. Even though I wanted ham this week.

Leaving Sams Club in the parking lot:

Women with her teen daughter to my daughter and I: “Excuse me! Excuse me!”

“Beautiful Hair! So pretty!”

“Can we talk?”

(We talked in the parking lot for nearly an hour. Very nice folks.)


I was in line. The women in front of me turned around to talk to me.

“Can you believe these damn lines? I’m so sick of this F’N Sh*t. They always have two lines open and we are being forced to either wait in line or cash ourselves out. I’m a cashier and worked all damn day. I’m tired and just want to get home. I don’t want to have to cash myself out!”

Lady leaves and the cashier asked me if I was okay with that earful.

She added that she doesn’t blame anyone for not wanting to stand in a long line. She told me that she’s 62, and would like to go home herself, but this is her life.

Jan 3, 2021 Conversations

For 2021 I have decided to keep track of every single conversation I over hear while out and about. Not my family, personal stuff, or at church, but just while I’m out shopping.

Just to be able to look back on at the end of the year. 😁

I have found that most people talk very loud while out shopping. Many times on speaker phone.

Walmart,Thrift stores, Target, and even restaurants. People invite you into their conversations whether you like it or not.

This may be no biggie for people that don’t have OCD, but at night when I’m trying to fall asleep sometimes all the random chit-chat and conversations from strangers that I have overheard throughout the day run through my head. It’s very annoying. Sometimes telling a friend or family member helps. So, here we go.

Today is January 3rd-

While at a thrift store:

Customer to the manager- “excuse me, is this a shirt or a jacket?”

Male Manger- “It’s a cropped button up denim Jacket Miss.”

Customer-“Do you think I can pull it off wearing it opened with pasties?” “ Maybe some cut-off shorts. You know, for the Summer time.”

Male Manger- “Yes, I think you can do whatever you want with it.”

Female employee to other female employee-

“That witch over there made a huge mess back there. The one with the short hair and brown leather jacket”

Customer to me while I was looking at a footed glass pedestal fruit bowl- “You should buy that if you like it, you really should. I like it too. It’s only $5.

I told her it was pretty but I didn’t need it.