Come Thrifting with me

Vintage place setting $25 They had 6 sets. $25ea
Pale blue with silver floral in center. They had a set of six. .50ea.
Vintage Coca Cola glasses. $50 ea
Pretty Cardinal serving plate. $4
1928 church plate. $2
The back of the church
Intake McDonald’s issued Disney glass from year 2000. $2ea
Very old dresser. I think it was priced at $60
Valet butler Chair 60’s $15. A man came and picked it up right after I took the picture of it.
Men’s vintage Jewelry bow with alarm clock marked Germany.
Vintage Sewing Machine. $75
There were two of these weather damaged rocking chairs. Priced at $100. 🙄
Someone donated a bunch of toilet paper. We need to ask ourselves, did they honestly not need it anymore???🤔
This is what I left with to resell. Under Armor size 15 men’s sneakers. $4.69 Dansko Women’s SZ 8 Clogs $4.69 Vintage market Tote $4


Come to work with me 🙃

I decided to take pictures of a few interesting things that I saw today while out Thrifting.

Pretty colonial plate.
Beautiful Victorian plate.
I can’t make out what it says.
I recall this strawberry pattern from the 70’s. I think my mother had the set at one point.
Looks like a 90’s theme farm pattern.
Brown and cream floral pattern plate. I love looking at old place settings because depending on what was happening in the world at the time, that would often time reflect the patterns that were produced during that time frame. Ones with old fowl or people with rifles, tend to be sought after nowadays on the reselling market. You would think the ones with 24k gold trim would be worth something, but they are not. Probably because they are not microwaveable or dishwasher safe. That’s the reason I don’t use them. They also chip too easy.
1990’s ceramic dish ware.
Vintage Glassware
Vintage lantern. Some are actually worth selling, but I just don’t like to purchase bubble wrap and popcorn to make sure it arrives in one piece. (That eats into profit)
Random things. There are always lots of ceramic things with peoples names at the bottom. Mostly from the 80’s when everyone and their cousin were taking a ceramics class. None of it sells though, I’ve taken a chance on a few pieces before. sometimes pottery sells, but unless I really love it myself and think it’s extra special, I pass on it too. 1980’s brass animals sell great though. There were none tonight but my daughter picks them up to sell whenever we see them.
This was a fresh cart the manager brought out. They bring all the things out on carts and let you look through it before they put them on the shelves. All books are .50 each.
The Oreck vacuum cleaners were hot little numbers back in the 90’s. It was probably $400+ new. They were asking $10 so someone will surely buy it within a day or two. Even for a store or restaurant. But who wants to hassle with a vacuum bag anymore. Oh! All that dust?!
My Hoover days are long gone..
There are always tons of small appliances at this particular store. I actually have one of those white NESCO cookers for sale right now. Nothing thee as t I’d pick up again though. Back in the day I would have bought that juicer for myself. But I already have two that we don’t use anymore.
Nostalgic old Mr. Coffee maker.
A zebra sofa with matching chair. I’m speechless! Who in their right mind thought that was ever a good idea? Lol

Maybe a bachelor pad in the 1980’s with the disco light above and John Travolta’s Staying Alive playing in the background? Lol

A cheese platter that someone needlepointed the center of. I love seeing dates on old things. Let’s see, 1981 it was made? 🤔 My family were living in Florida with my Aunt, saving up to move to Connecticut in 82.
Clothing time…..
Wall art..
I thought these were pretty. But no where to put them.
The vintage ones are worth picking up to sell but this was a reproduction. It was made in China. The old ones say USA on the bottoms. It was like new, and if we didn’t buy coffee put, I probably would have bought it.
1960’s decanters. You’d thing they would be worth something as they are very cool looking, but nope.
Old Whisky bottles that I thought would be worth something, but they were not.
More Whiskey bottles. Only worth about $6-$10 each. And they were prices at $12 each. Not my niche, regardless. But very cool!

I just don’t think people in this day and age have any decor that, well, collects dust. That ship has sailed. Today it’s all about the modern farmhouse clean look. Not to mention all the minimalists.

Pokémon Munchlax
This is the only thing I bought besides a designer blazer, six bras, two blouses, and two storage bins.
Munchlax was only .50 only and is for a friend. The storage bins are for my business, and the rest are things to resell. My Best Buy today was a 1980’s

Christian llinares blazer. At first I thought it was Versace, as I’ve found that brand a couple of times already. But nope. I paid $5 for the blazer and it will sell for $100.

And that concludes my trip. I hope you enjoyed the walk through….

Hart’s Heart | Thoughts From Deep Within

Thoughts From Deep Within
— Read on

This was so thought provoking and is a must read for us during these times.

For those not able to click:

This is so good!

Ehart just wrote it and put it on Twitter. I hope they don’t remove it..

So much truths it!


Something has bothered me for years and this past year especially but no one wants to talk about it much less preach about it.

We have had massive fires in the western and southern United States. Last summer saw a record number of hurricanes in the Atlantic. And now we have record number of counties with record cold.

Has anyone bothered to ask God why? I see christians asking for protection and relief but have any of us asked why? Why is the west burning? Why are hurricanes making landfall over and over? Why are tornadoes sweeping through our towns? Why are we so cold the power grid can’t keep up?

Some will say it’s man-made global climate change. Some will say it’s poor planning. Some will say it’s just one of those things. And all of those may have a factor in it.

But I’m going to suggest there’s more to it. I’m going to suggest this is because of the sin of this nation.

Like ancient Israel we founded this country on God. The pilgrims came here for religious freedom and landed at the one site where no native tribe lived. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution make mention of the Creator. We were founded on biblical principles and laws.

And in my lifetime, we have left those principles and made new laws. They passed their children through the fires. We abort ours. They worshipped idols. We worship money, houses, cars, careers, vacations, etc.

We have no respect for the unborn, or the elderly and no equality of justice. Especially this past year, our elderly are locked away and in some places abandoned as though left on an ice flow for the polar bears. And no one cares. And worse yet, those responsible justify their actions. Businesses are shut down but abortion clinics are open. And justice depends on how much you can pay for a lawyer or how sympathetic your cause.

When are Christians going to own this?

God is speaking but instead of repentance, we just ask for healing.

This is our fault, America! Jesus loves us but we have to do our part. We have to stand up for our neighbors and take care of them. It starts in the heart. And it starts next door.

God’s not healing or protecting anything until we humble ourselves and pray and preachers start preaching the true Word and not a social gospel. Stop condemning your neighbor for his lifestyle show him the Jesus of the Bible. The one who wouldn’t condemn but admonished “leave your life of sin before something worse happens.”

Repentance and healing start in the heart and on our faces before God.

February 14, 2021 Conversations

While In the one and only line at Walmart-

Tall Attractive Arab man in front of me. He was buying steaks and potatoes. I also noticed he had roses and candy.

When I see a single man with these type of things, I immediately think he’s a hopeless romantic.

I thought it was very cute and he had to notice I was smiling at his purchases.

He took his mask off and struck up a conversation with me.

He said he was VERY nervous, and he hoped his night goes as planned.

I told him from the looks of things, I’m sure that it will. Motioning to his grocery order.

He then told me that his girlfriend from Iraq just called a hour ago and is going to be meeting him at his house and he wants everything to be perfect because they have not seen each other in a couple years.

He then mentioned how nervous he was. It was so incredibly sweet. I sure hope it went well for them.

February 13, 2021 Conversations

While Thrifting

Lady next to me on her phone-

“Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. Yes! I’m in route right now. Traffic is bad. I’m about a hour away. Don’t worry. I’m on my way.”

She hung up, looked at me and said, I’m about thirty minutes away. I’d just like a bit more time to shop is all.

I noticed you picked up that frying Pan.

What would you use it for?

Me– Well, it’s iron cast so I suppose eggs and bacon. Too heavy for me.

Lady– It’s iron cast? Why is it red and white?

Me– It’s ceramic coated so things don’t stick I think.

Lady– Hmm, maybe I’ll get it then. How much is it?

Me– Says $15.

And then I passed it to her, just as her phone started ringing again.

She answers it.

Lady– Yes, honey. I’m on my way.

Was it a very bad wreck?

Everyone is okay, right? How’s the baby?

I’ll be there soon.

Then she hung up and continued browsing….

January 9, 2021 Conversations

South Carolina Goodwill

Cashier#1- Did you ever find out who that backpack by the front door belongs too? It’s been there for a week now. Looks full!

Cashier#2- No. The manager said to leave it there and not touch it though.

Hotel Restaurant-(Take our orders only)

Me: I’d like to place a few orders.

Restaurant Manager: Yeah. Shoot!

Me:Two egg and bacon breakfasts and two waffle and sausage breakfasts.

Manger: We don’t have no waffles made due to covid.

Me: No rush. I’ll wait.

Manager: Huge sigh of utter annoyance.

Then tells to the cook.. Take out a box of frozen waffles!

February 8, 2021 Conversations

Dunkin Donuts:

Employee to my daughter, son and I:

Dang you guys are attractive! Look at y’all.

What can I get you on the house today?

Me: Thank you. I’d like a sugar free breve’cold brew with no ice and she’s going to pick out six donuts.

Employee: I’ll charge you for only six. She can pick out how ever many she likes.


Lady- Excuse me! Excuse me sir?

Man-How can I help you today?

Lady-Where are your dog sweaters?

Man-We don’t carry those here.

Lady-Well I never!!!

January 6, 2021 Conversations



Three dollars for this cup! This should be .50! I’m going next door to shop at the bins. Let’s go.


I’m Not sure why it’s so expensive here. Who has $3?

Employee to anther employee- These boots are so cute. I wish they were my size.

Other Employee-What size? If they are my size I’ll get them.

Employee- You know the rules.

Other Employee- Shhhhh!

Elderly Couple-

Man- Try to find something good to wear tonight.


Lady- I will find something SPICY! Tee-hee

Random Mom to the Hairdresser-

My son needs a cut, but he’s very rowdy and needs to be playing video games during the cut. Will this be okay?

Hairdresser- Sure.

Mom- Okay, let me go get him.

Mom to Son- Here you go son.. Take my phone to play your games. You be good to the nice lady who will be cutting your hair. You hear?

Son- Awe Mom….. Okay.

Toddlers & Seniors (Comparisons)

I remember when I was a teen my aunt told me that if you are a parent of a toddler, it takes remarkable patience. You need to repeat everything over and over again so the toddler learns and remembers things. You need to be constantly cleaning up after them and so forth.

She told me that towards the end of a persons life, if you are a caregiver, you need to do the same thing.

As a caregiver of a senior, you may find yourself treating that individual as you would a toddler.

You may need to feed, bathe, repeat yourself and clean up after him or her on a daily basis. Oddly, our parents fulfill this job when we are young, and we repeat it when they are old.

It makes us stop to think how we would like to be treated in later life.

This very aunt who I spent more time with then my own mom, use to tell me that not every one is meant to be a mother. Some, simply don’t have a maternal ounce in their whole body, yet they feel an obligation to do so.

As a Christian , I have always thought we were all called to be mothers. I know I was. No regrets there. But I do feel differently in my beliefs that all women should be mothers.

At my age I have seen first hand what someone who perhaps should not have had any kids looks like. I know selfish streak is probably not the right word, but it’s the first one that I can think of at the moment so I will use it.

I won’t say that selfish people should not have children. But selfish people from my experience do not make very good parents. I hope that sounds right.

Of course you can learn to not be selfish, but that takes spiritual growth and oftentimes therapy. And usually selfish people go no see how selfish they are.

Putting your children’s needs above your own wants. This describes a unselfish person. But this needs to come from a good mental place, otherwise you will end up bitter and resentful as you age and become an empty nester.

I believe this is what I have experienced with both of my parents. One is still living a teenage style life, while the other is angry and bitter. I feel sad about it and I wish I could change it but I know that it’s nothing I can do. The easy selfish route is to disown then both. And I did go through that period. But then God changed me. We do not get to choose who are parents are/were in life. But we do get to choose how to respond, act, cope, and love. We can choose to love them anyways. Just like Christ loves us at our worse. Never giving up on us. Today’s cancel generation stems from pure selfishness. Once your eyes have been opened to this, you can’t partake in it.

My father never claimed to be an unselfish person. He owns it. He has always thought of himself first. I think this is why I have a better relationship with him then my mother. He has never claimed to be something that he’s not. Sure I wish! I wish! I wish… he was different. But he has his own issues that have nothing to do with me. I wish I could count on him, but I learned from the start that I couldn’t count on him. My parents divorced when I was five and it was a mess.

My mother never sugar coated the reasons why she had to take my brother and I and leave my father in the middle of the night while he was working.

My father is what I now call, the Peter Pan parent . Always off to the next adventure. Perhaps we all have a Peter Pan relative. I think my brother is Peter Pan too. Never settling down. I also think I was Peter Pan up until I married. Maybe it’s a learned trait.

Not to say it’s any better then my mother who feels like the entire world owes her something because she worked her ass off and never received a government handout as my brother and I were kids and under her care. She was always working. I saw her for maybe a hour a day.

That said, She didn’t ask to be a single mom, so I understand that she had to work around the clock to support my brother and I. Or, be on welfare. She was a stay at home wife and mom right until the divorce.

Both of my parents are seniors now. My father is still living life as an eighteen year old and my mother is ready for someone to take care of her. On her terms.

She is very demanding.

Never Happy.

Wants her own way.

Blames everyone else.

Forgets things constantly.

And to be blunt, not a loving person.

Much like a toddler. And I do not mean any disrespect here. These things happen to people around the globe.

I am not sure what’s next.

I have reached out to my father for help, but he tells me that my mom is my brothers and my responsibility. Not his. Not helpful.

I reached out to my brother, and he tells me that the ball is in my mothers court. She was living with him but left a few months ago because she didn’t like the living courters that were offered.

She didn’t like the bathroom set up.

She didn’t like the blinds.

She didn’t like the way the windows opened and shut.

She didn’t like the locks on the front door. There wasn’t enough.

She didn’t like that she had to drive 15 minutes away, to get to the city.

You get the point.

These are the same reasons she left my house years ago.

She hates the country. She’s a city girl.

She wants to live by herself, but on the same property. This is not feasible.

She also wants to choose the state and the property. Again. Not feasible.

I am not sure what the next five to ten years will hold. Whose to say any of us will even be here. Only time will tell.

January 31 2021 Conversations

January 31 2021 Conversations

While Thrifting

Stranger- Are you a crafter too?

Me-Sometimes. I’m just looking to see what’s here.

Stranger-Oh! Me too. I just drove one thousand miles to rent a uhaul and pick up a whole household of crafts.

Someone’s mother died and I found the ad on Craigslist.

I already have a craft room back home and two storage sheds full of crafts, but I love a good bargain, which is why I’m here looking right now. You just never know what you are going to find. Yarn, beads, doll wigs, scrapbooking paper, all sorts of goodies.

I have to head back home tomorrow.

My husband got me one of those rent to own metal containers and he’s getting that situated for me as we speak. Haha! Poor guy. He knows I love my crafts though.

Me- Wow! So you drove here from….

Stranger- Oklahoma. Over one thousand miles.

Me- So you are pulling a uhaul back home with a houseful of crafts tomorrow but are shopping for more crafts right now?

Stranger-Well when you put it like that….lol

Me-That is a lot of crafts. Good Luck and have fun.

Stranger- Oh you too dear.