February 25, 2021 Conversations

Cashier #1- “What did you do last night after work, didn’t you close?”

Cashier#2- “Yes. I wanted to go home and unwind with a movie, but my husband wanted to spend some time with me, you know how they are. He’s a man. He works at home all day and says he’s lonely, so he expects me to come home and entertain him. I wish he’d go back to work. Things were better then.”

Cashier#1– “I’m sorry.”

Women Customer to Employee stocking shelves-

“Is this a hard job? Working here and seeing so many different things all the time.”

Employee– “No, very easy.”

And I love getting off work at night knowing my dog is at home waiting for me to love on him.

Customer– “That’s sweet. I’d go crazy here. I mean working here.”

Two men customers- “Hey Bill, I haven’t seen you in forever. Whatcha been up too my man?”

“Well, I just turned fifty so started lifting again. I spend a lot of time outside too. Life is good. How about you, did you ever quit taking that acid?”

“I did! I did! Treatment you know.”

“Have you caught covid yet?”

“Yes. You?”

“Yep! Took a tincture and I was better by the weekend. You?”

“Yes sir! I took a few shots of whiskey and rested. Got better too!”

“You know if your gut is F***ed up, then this virus kills ya. That’s what I’ve seen first hand. Only the strong service.”

“Truth right there. Later man.”

Two other men-

“Still sellin on eBay?”

“Yes. Old models. This is my sixth Goodwill today.”

“Oh. My second. I need to find a new niche’, dvds have been real slow. Everyone has rocu and Netflix. Not to mention Amazon prime.”

“I hear ya there. How’s your momma?”

“She’s doing better. Hangin in there. Stopped by this afternoon and brought her some groceries. I’ll tell her you said hello.”

Customer to me- “Excuse me ma’am?”

Me- “yes?”

Customer- “Would you like this tea pot? It’s very pretty and I hate to put it back. I just don’t need all of these things here.” (Motioning down to her cart full of random tchotchkes)

Me- “No thank you.”

Customer– “Are you sure, it t do use by look like you found many treasures yourself. Do you want some help finding things?”

Oh my gosh! It’s the same lady who was trying to clothe the 20-something year old kid from the other thrift store last week!

Me- “I’m a reseller, not a collector.”

Customer-“Well, if you change your mind.”

Me-“That’s a lot of glassware you have there. Do you have room to display it all at home?”

Customer– “I do have a lot here. Everything is so darn pretty.”

Me- “So you display it all? I wouldn’t have the room to enjoy it.”

Customer– “Not really. Okay dear. Take care.”

Walks away….

(I can be a pill at times)😏


Come Thrifting with me

Vintage place setting $25 They had 6 sets. $25ea
Pale blue with silver floral in center. They had a set of six. .50ea.
Vintage Coca Cola glasses. $50 ea
Pretty Cardinal serving plate. $4
1928 church plate. $2
The back of the church
Intake McDonald’s issued Disney glass from year 2000. $2ea
Very old dresser. I think it was priced at $60
Valet butler Chair 60’s $15. A man came and picked it up right after I took the picture of it.
Men’s vintage Jewelry bow with alarm clock marked Germany.
Vintage Sewing Machine. $75
There were two of these weather damaged rocking chairs. Priced at $100. 🙄
Someone donated a bunch of toilet paper. We need to ask ourselves, did they honestly not need it anymore???🤔
This is what I left with to resell. Under Armor size 15 men’s sneakers. $4.69 Dansko Women’s SZ 8 Clogs $4.69 Vintage market Tote $4

February 25, 2021 Conversations

While Thrifting

Little Girl between 6-8ish- “Do you need this one mommy?” (A mug)

“This one?” (Holding up a different one)

Her Mom- “No, get over here!”

Little Girl- “This one?”

Her mom- “I said No! Now Leave me alone!”

Her mom- “Come here, do you want me to get you some kittens to take care of?”

Another Customer

Lady on speaker phone-

“Do I put husband and wife on the cake?”

“I’m confused. So you are saying she started out as a he and now is a she, partly?”

“What do I put on the wedding cake exactly?”

Another Customer

Random 50’sISH lady to another customer.

The guy looked early 20’s to me.

“Do you think you’d want this jacket sir? Looks your size.” (Holding up a small denim jacket)

Guy- “No ma’am, I’m good.”

Lady-“Are you sure? I think this would look very good on you.”

Guy- “Thank you, I’m just looking at things myself. “

Lady- “Well I’ll be here if you need any help choosing things.”

Guy walked a way mumbling, “But I won’t.”


Cashier walked over to me- “Doesn’t look like you found all that much today Miss. Lady. It’s been a couple weeks huh?”

Me- “Yes, With six Goodwills, I take turns.”

Cashier- “Well I was just telling the manager the other day how we haven’t seen you in a while and I hoped you were okay.”

Me-“I’m great!”

Cashier-“Do you ever get scared shopping so much with that covid? Hopefully we will all be vaxed soon.”

Me-“Not at all. I’ve already had it a couple of times actually. For me, it’s just like any other cold. I understand that we are all different though.”

Cashier- “I’ve heard that too. My parents had it and they are both fine now.”

Come to work with me 🙃

I decided to take pictures of a few interesting things that I saw today while out Thrifting.

Pretty colonial plate.
Beautiful Victorian plate.
I can’t make out what it says.
I recall this strawberry pattern from the 70’s. I think my mother had the set at one point.
Looks like a 90’s theme farm pattern.
Brown and cream floral pattern plate. I love looking at old place settings because depending on what was happening in the world at the time, that would often time reflect the patterns that were produced during that time frame. Ones with old fowl or people with rifles, tend to be sought after nowadays on the reselling market. You would think the ones with 24k gold trim would be worth something, but they are not. Probably because they are not microwaveable or dishwasher safe. That’s the reason I don’t use them. They also chip too easy.
1990’s ceramic dish ware.
Vintage Glassware
Vintage lantern. Some are actually worth selling, but I just don’t like to purchase bubble wrap and popcorn to make sure it arrives in one piece. (That eats into profit)
Random things. There are always lots of ceramic things with peoples names at the bottom. Mostly from the 80’s when everyone and their cousin were taking a ceramics class. None of it sells though, I’ve taken a chance on a few pieces before. sometimes pottery sells, but unless I really love it myself and think it’s extra special, I pass on it too. 1980’s brass animals sell great though. There were none tonight but my daughter picks them up to sell whenever we see them.
This was a fresh cart the manager brought out. They bring all the things out on carts and let you look through it before they put them on the shelves. All books are .50 each.
The Oreck vacuum cleaners were hot little numbers back in the 90’s. It was probably $400+ new. They were asking $10 so someone will surely buy it within a day or two. Even for a store or restaurant. But who wants to hassle with a vacuum bag anymore. Oh! All that dust?!
My Hoover days are long gone..
There are always tons of small appliances at this particular store. I actually have one of those white NESCO cookers for sale right now. Nothing thee as t I’d pick up again though. Back in the day I would have bought that juicer for myself. But I already have two that we don’t use anymore.
Nostalgic old Mr. Coffee maker.
A zebra sofa with matching chair. I’m speechless! Who in their right mind thought that was ever a good idea? Lol

Maybe a bachelor pad in the 1980’s with the disco light above and John Travolta’s Staying Alive playing in the background? Lol

A cheese platter that someone needlepointed the center of. I love seeing dates on old things. Let’s see, 1981 it was made? 🤔 My family were living in Florida with my Aunt, saving up to move to Connecticut in 82.
Clothing time…..
Wall art..
I thought these were pretty. But no where to put them.
The vintage ones are worth picking up to sell but this was a reproduction. It was made in China. The old ones say USA on the bottoms. It was like new, and if we didn’t buy coffee put, I probably would have bought it.
1960’s decanters. You’d thing they would be worth something as they are very cool looking, but nope.
Old Whisky bottles that I thought would be worth something, but they were not.
More Whiskey bottles. Only worth about $6-$10 each. And they were prices at $12 each. Not my niche, regardless. But very cool!

I just don’t think people in this day and age have any decor that, well, collects dust. That ship has sailed. Today it’s all about the modern farmhouse clean look. Not to mention all the minimalists.

Pokémon Munchlax
This is the only thing I bought besides a designer blazer, six bras, two blouses, and two storage bins.
Munchlax was only .50 only and is for a friend. The storage bins are for my business, and the rest are things to resell. My Best Buy today was a 1980’s

Christian llinares blazer. At first I thought it was Versace, as I’ve found that brand a couple of times already. But nope. I paid $5 for the blazer and it will sell for $100.

And that concludes my trip. I hope you enjoyed the walk through….

February 23, 2021 Conversations

Lady next to me at Walmart

The cashier asked the the lady how many kids she had, due to her larger size grocery order.

This made me turn her way to see it, as I myself use to have five at home and I would shop once a month.

She had only one child with her.

So she replied,

I have an Almost three,Almost five, Two seven year old twins, and this one eight year old whose here with me right now..

The eight year old said,

I wanna be a Walmart cashier like this lady when I grow up mommy.

I already know that’s what I wanna be!

And I know I can work hard and be one.

Later while Thrifting-

Older man to employee-

I’d like all three of these old empty liqueur bottles for a buck each. Thanks!

Employee- I don’t think I can mark them down. They say $3 each so it will be nine for all three.

Man- Nah, I’d like them for $1 each. Thanks.

Cashier- Let me call the manager over for you.

Man- Do what you need to do.

Manager- Good Evening Sir, how can I help you today?

Man- Is like all three of these bottles for a buck each. They have been here for over a week.

Manager- We don’t mark things fine here. After two weeks they get shipped to the city store and it’s up t to o them to change the price. I’m sorry.

Man- Well that’s a mighty shape son. You just lost yourself a customer. Have a Good day.

February 21, 2021 Conversations

Elderly lady with middle age daughter Thrifting together.

Mother: They are closing the thrift store soon dear, will you be a kind girl and help your mother go through these three buggy’s?

Daughter: Sure mother. Let me go get a fourth buggy and I will hold each item up to you for you to decide what ya want and what ya don’t want. How’s that sound?

Mother- Well don’t just stand there telling me what you are gonna do dear. Go get that fourth buggy.

And off the daughter went to fetch the fourth buggy. Lol

Two middle age ladies shopping together. Seemed like friends.

Lady #1- How’s Sue-Ann and Lilly-Ann doing? Are they still in dance?

Lady #2- They sure are. They are my two peas in a pod. My pride and joy in this here life of mine.

Lady #1- Gosh I wish I had a grand daughter. My four grandsons are great but gosh darn I need myself a little girl to dress up and take to cheer practice. Oh! She’s gonna dance and take tap too! I need to get myself some grand daughters!!!

Lady #2- You sure do. What do you think of these shoes right here? My size!

Lady #1- You deserve those shoes girl! Get’em! Oh you can pair them with the cutest little sundresses this summer and be all sorts of cute for that husband of yours.. Ohh.. I like your toe nail color. I was meanin to tell you.

Lady #2- Thank you. I like yours to. What salon you going too since Covid near shut them all down.

Lady #1- We will pass it when I take you home. I’ll point it out. Oh this is so much fun girl! I needed this.

February 20, 2021 Conversations

While Thrifting-

Granny with 30ish Daughter who was pushing her 1ish daughter in the shopping cart. 10ish grandson by their side.

Granny to Her Daughter- Should I get this for Jr.?

Daughter- No! He don’t deserve it. He’s a no good moron. You hear that son? You ain’t ever gonna amount to nothing and don’t ask for **** because the answer is no.

Granny-He better not end up like his daddy.

1ish Granddaughter began to squirm in shopping cart.

Daughter- No ma’am. You sit your *** back down and don’t start unless you want a pop.

Baby/toddler continues to squirm.

Mother smacks her on the leg and she sits back down in the cart and behind to cry.

They continue to verbally lash out to the kids because they are bored…and the boy goes to the next isle.

I took out a five dollar bill and followed him and tried to give it to him. I told him to treat himself. (I known in this day and age it was not exactly the best move. But I felt so awful for way they were treating the kids)

He said he couldn’t take it and shook his head and turned to fiddle with a stuffed animal.

I really, really wanted to pull an Allie Mcbeal moment with those sad excuse of guardians.🙁

These things happen frequently where I live.

I generally need to remove myself from the store entirely. I just can’t be around it.

I did not shop the way I do now when my kids were younger. I was home bound 98% of the time.

Kids get bored and it’s not fair to them to spend hours on end trailing along with their parents when they would rather be home playing, and well… being kids.

It’s the sacrifice parents need to make for their children at that age. They grow up so quick and you can have your “me time” later.

February 18, 2021 Conversations


Random Man to me- Why you shopping here.? Don’t shop here!

They are overpriced and we need to stick together and not shop here in order for them to drop their inflated prices.

See this used, rusty, burnt frying Pan?

Ten dollars! Ten dollars!

I’m leaving and I suggest you do the same.

Me– That is too much for a used frying Pan, I agree. But I don’t buy frying pans here. I hope you day goes better. Bye.

Me to another customer monopolizing the whole row of plush animals. “Excuse me Ma’am, can you pass me that Pooh bear and opossum on the top shelf above you please?”

Customer– “No I can not and you can just wait your turn until I am finished here.

And I’m going to be awhile so I’d check back later if I were you.”

Me– “Oh. Okay then….” 😮

Later while looking at the linens-

Same rude lady– “Oh, so now I suppose you want to look here now?”

Me– “No. it’s fine.”

Walked away..

Lunch Meat

While waiting in the deli line today I started thinking about what I was going to get.

Black Forest Ham, Genoa Salami, Rotisserie Chipotle Chicken breast, Provolone Cheese, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, and maybe some Turkey of sorts. I buy two pounds of each.

On my Keto Diet, I eat deli meat for lunch each day in my salads. The kids also make subs, and we use them in omelettes and wraps.

While placing my order I got to thinking of how deli meat was such a treat as a teenager. It’s odd to consider deli meat a blessing, but while it’s not the heaviest choice, it’s fresher then the prepackaged meats that have fillers.

As a teen I was only allowed to eat it sparingly because my stepfather needed it for his work lunches. Not to mention the cats needing their share. *Grin*

My mothers deli order was very different then the order I placed today for my family.

She would get Olive Loaf, Liverwurst, Pickle-loaf, German Bologna, white American cheese, and boiled ham. Half a pound each.

What kinds of lunch meats did you grow up on? And do you buy the same as your folks did?