Conversations April 27, 2021

College Girl to her mom while Thrifting- “Oh my gosh! Look how cute this shirt is..and it’s my size!”

Mom- “Don’t just buy stuff because it’s cute and you feel like you want it honey.”

Girl- “I’m Not. I have my own money mom.”

Mom- “But You already have a similar Paris shirt, don’t you?”

Girl- “I know but this one is so cute.”

Mom- “Well, If you really like it and feel like you really need it.

Girl- “Maybe I don’t.”

Places shirt back….

Later on a different row. Same mom and daughter.

Girl- “Hey a Taylor swift shirt!”

Mom- “Great! you can wear it to the next concert we all go to.”

Girl- “There are six of them! Oh my gosh!”

Mom- “Get them all!”

Mom- “We can send one to everyone to wear.”

Daughter– “I bet a group of people were planning on going last year so bought matching shirts. But then Covid happened.”

Mom- “Bring them here to me.”

Mom- “They look vintage. Let’s grab them!”

Mom- “We can mail them out when I drop the rent off tomorrow.”

Girl- “Look! A free people top too!”

Mom- “Yeah, but it’s ugly.”

Girl- “I just feel bad leaving it behind.”

Girl- “Maybe you are right.”

Girl- “Such a good brand!”

Mom- “I know. This thrift store is a good one.”

Girl- “But not as good as south shore.”

Two buddy’s having supper together.

Guy #1- “Have you ever been to that pawn store next to Saddle Jack Ranch?”

“Yeah, I got my old lady a one carat Diamond ring there last week for only $600.”

“She’s tickled pink. Can’t stop looking at it.”

Friend– “Nice!”

Long Horn Steak House

Waiter walking by our table– “It’s okay. I don’t mind when a trainee is right on my heels.”

Dinner party across to where we were sitting-

Lady to her friends- “Have you all heard…

If you have HBO MAX, the movies in the theater are now on HBO MAX for one month. It’s great!”

Her Friends- “Too bad I don’t watch Tv.”


North Myrtle Beach

Today was Day two of our vacation.

There is something about having a “free” trip that makes it more enjoyable I think. The resort we are staying at is just beautiful. So many amenities.

It’s suppose to be in the 80’s all week. I already have a sunburn. Unfortunately.

The kids are all so excited! It’s so nice seeing everyone enjoy themselves. I only wish that all our kids were here.

Here are a few snapshots of the day.

Very cool store where everything in it is Purple.
Barefoot Landing, North Myrtle Beach

Grocery Store

Lady to her friend

Lady- “Well, I told him last night that I want a divorce”

Friend- “What? Why did you wait so long to tell me?”

Lady- “I didn’t know how you’d react. We are done though. Married eleven years too long!”

Friend- “What did you ask for?”

Lady- “You know me so well!”

“The beach house. That’s all I want, seeing as it’s paid for. What kind of wine should I buy?”

Dress your Age!

“Dress your Age!”

I was twelve years old the first time I overheard this statement.

I was playing Barbies in my bedroom and overheard my mother and her work girlfriends talking in the kitchen while having coffee.

One of the ladies asked my mother if she saw the way that Alice was dressed, and what was she trying to prove…And that she looked so foolish dressing like a 21 year old when she was clearly in her late 30’s.

Another lady commented that no one over the age of twenty-five has any business wearing a mini skirt and hooker heels.

My mother added that THAT goes for anything glitter too.

Then they all laughed and agreed that some women don’t mind making fools of themselves. Obviously. I really didn’t fully grasp what they meant until I became a parent.

I am not sure at what age I will start dressing my age, but I don’t foresee it happening anytime soon. Women my age wear sheath dresses to church with 2” pumps and a tote bag. Maybe a cardigan if there is a chill. And for casual wear, they wear white denim jeans with a nautical 3/4 sleeve top. Simple jewelry. Oh, and a tote bag. Either a Kate Spade one, or a LV Neverfull if they are well off. I can only guess that their night-time attire is probably Shadowline or Vanity Fair. Maybe even Olga. 100% Nylon.

My daughters tell me that my personality doesn’t match the way I dress, and vise Versa. But they are not bothered by my appearance.

My hubby prefers me in bodycon dresses. Which is what I wore when we first met, so that makes sense.

Me? I feel as if I dress for the occasion. Plain and simple. Not really plain or simple. 🙃

My dress has been all over the place in the past ten years. I use to dress as if I was Amish. Head covering and all!

It was how I felt at the time, so I have no regrets. Fashion has always been a large part of my life. It’s the career that I thought I was going to get into as a teen.

I was looking at an old photo album this morning and noticed that once I became a mother, I started dressing as if I was a grandmother. I’m not sure how that all came about, but I know that I never wanted my kids to be embarrassed over how their mother dressed. As a mom, I just wanted to blend in with everyone else. I have only been told twice by one of my daughters that she didn’t like what I was wearing because it was inappropriate.

One was a tank top with a built in bra, that was not all that supportive. So I agreed, that was a bad idea. Wore it once and got rid of it.

The other was a graphic t-shirt that said, “Will you make me pancakes in the morning?”

I thought it was cute, but did end up getting rid of it because I would have random guys tell me Yes! 😳

So what is the proper way a middle age woman should dress?

My favorite Aunt, one who I have always looked up to, use to tell me that it’s best to dress like you “feel”

That is what she always did.

She’s in her 80’s now, and she still dresses how she feels.

I feel like I also dress the way that I feel. Mentally, that is.

If I didn’t have knee issues I’d still be wearing platforms. But that ship has long sailed. I’m upset over it, but it is what it is.

There are also things that I like, but simply won’t wear them because I feel too young in them. Shoe Brands such as Vans and Converse.

I know things like that are foolish. After all, it’s just a brand… but for me, those are youthful brands.🤷‍♀️

I feel mentally young, so I dress how I feel on the daily. Sometimes this involves sparkle and glitter.

My mother made the comment a few weeks ago that so and so looks so foolish wearing glitter sneakers and track suits. I didn’t agree. so I pleaded the fifth.

Then I found myself thinking about the glitter sneakers I use to wear a couple years ago.

I still wear glitter makeup. Lime green glitter eye shadow, to be frank. I also love bright blue mascara. It’s fun to me!

Am I judged for it by other women my age, and older women thinking I’m trying to pretend to be younger then I am?

No clue, but I also don’t care anymore.

Honestly, I really don’t think People are noticing and critiquing people the way they once have. Well, maybe on social media they are. But I no longer have any of that. I finally deleted Twitter, after so many years. I think I opened it is 2009. It was my last social media outlet.

It’s been a month and I’m good. I simply do not need that outlet anymore. Social media has had a very negative effect on me. It took away my, glass is half full motto, and turned it into glass half empty.

I don’t care to see people’s ugliness and bitterness. And all social media displays is people’s worse sides. I’d rather just not know. I want to see the good in people again. 🙂

Getting back to glitter….

Would I show up in head to toe glitter to church? No.

To a social event, our to dinner, or to a friends party? Sure. That’s where I wear my sparkle. I even ordered a glitter dress last week to bring on our vacation in a couple of weeks. My hubby entered to win an all expense paid beach vacation, and we won! It’s the second winning this year. Last month I won $100 for listing so many things on posh. 2021 is proving to be a delight!

I have nothing to prove, so I am not going to outright wear something that a twenty-something would wear to a more modest gathering. I would reserve it for a more carefree occasion. Like a vacation.

After all, if it’s in my closet, it’s me. 🙂

Some days I will go out in leggings as pants, with a top that is not covering my bum. Both of my best-friends like to remind me that leggings are not pants. But they accept me for me, so grin and bare it. I think?! After all, I’m not rolling my eyes over their sheath dresses and white pants with striped tops. Too often.

Sure, some people are probably shaking their heads and judging, but it’s people I don’t know and don’t care what they think. Not to sound mean.

I’m not going to wear see-thru leggings though, like the lady, hubby and I noticed today at Walmart. Good Lord no!

“Girl! Put some undies on!) lol

No. My leggings are good quality. And no, I know even good quality leggings are not appropriate for church.

Sometimes I’ll wear dress slacks and a blazer with my hair up, and Pearls. On these rare occasions, I find that I’m treated differently.

Actually, better. My guess is that people assume I’m a business women. On these days I find that no one starts up random conversations with me. Everyone is polite and reserved with me. And I’m not talking loud, laughing, or telling jokes. I choose this style of dress when I am feeling kinda down.

Other days I dress soft glam.

All pink and Flowy. This is my favorite look, but it really doesn’t go with my personality either.

I’m in touch with my feminine side, but also very comical and I don’t always think before I speak. I’m told this is the youngest child syndrome, but that a while other topic for another day. 😆

Bohemian, glowy, tan, hippie… is my carefree, laidback, never on time personality. 100%.

But I rarely dress this way anymore, as people tend to make the assumption that I’m either very liberal, while wearing my Birkenstock’s and boho dress and therefore I am probably trying to save the planet…

Or, they think I grow my own herbs and are Wiccan. Both false.

I made a conscious effort to stop dressing strictly boho, because I didn’t like the assumptions people were making. Or the kinds of people I was legit, attracting.

So what do you think of when you hear someone say, DRESS YOUR AGE!

Really, who made up this statement and put it to concrete? 🙄