Conversations May 26, 2021

Random old Man leaving Casino-

“Damn government gives to this place and all you pay is minimum wage”

Lady in front of me at the coffee shop-

“What is it that you can’t understand? I want a WHITE MOCHA FRAPP. WHITE MOCHA FRAPP. ITS A FROZEN DRINK.”


Conversations May 25, 2021

Thrift Store in Grand Rapids, MN

Two older ladies to one another-

“Whatever you think I’ll need I won’t need.”

“You can’t possibly say stuff like that before you look. You may find a treasure if you dig deep.”

“My husband left me enough treasures that I have no use for, so I doubt it.”

“Well I’m just happy to get you out of that house. It’s good to get out and walk around a bit.”


Conversations May 24, 2021

Hotel Foyer

Husband to his wife- “Well look at that view outside?! It’s so nice to see sunshine! “

Wife replies-“Yes! Something different! How many weeks has it been?”

Mom to toddler son-“Look Honey! Look outside. See, that’s the sunshine!”

Kentucky Walmart

Kentucky Walmart

Elderly man in one of those motorized buggies to a Walmart Employee that was walking around- “Do you think you can open a line to cash me out? There is not even one line open. They are all self checkouts.”

Walmart Employee-“No I can’t, and if you don’t like it, call 1-800-Walmart to complain. You are capable to cash ourself out like everyone else.”

Another elderly man who was in ear shot, and trying to cash himself out while struggling with his walker-“This is just awful! If I fall I’m suing. There is no good reason to have so many of you guys walking around doing nothing but watching us all struggle.”

Same Employee as she’s walking off in the opposite direction-“Well feel free to call corporate too.”

Back home we only have one line open, number 5, because they sell tobacco. Otherwise we’d probably have no lines open either. It’s all very annoying.

My only guess is that they are trying to move everyone into ordering online and having it home delivered. Seems pointless to have so many employees walking around aimlessly though. I do both, but from a marketing point of view, they are going to shoot them self in the foot in the end. People go into Super Walmart to grocery shop but oftentimes find them self on the other half of the store impulse buying stuff they don’t need. This won’t be happening much online, if at all. People like me are feelers and need to feel things before making a purchase. So yes, Walmart is just awful.

Summer Festival & Shopping

It’s that time of year again. Nothing mind blowing, but as always, I do enjoy taking pictures and sharing.

Notice the No Dollar Store sign. I bet I was the only one supporting another dollar store. There are a lot of “fixed income” elderly people in town that also don’t drive. The more Dollar General stores within walking distance to these people, the better. Many do their week to week shopping at these stores because regular markets are just not in their budgets.
Downtown Festival
Kids don’t need dated bounce houses, they need a continuous Video games to make them feel as if they are at home. 🤣
The old local one screen movie theater that shut down in the 60’s is going to be reopening on the close future. It was very cool taking a tour of it.
On to the local Country store. aka’ antique store. This old puffy back is probably from the early 70’s, judging from the colors.
Someone had a ceramic shoe collection judging from the looks of this booth.
These 70’s Libby, Coca cola Tiffany stained glasses match a set that I currently have. I found myself be at the Goodwill for $2.
This praying beanie baby plush made my heart skip a beat, as it’s like the one my daughter received when she was only one years old.
This 60’s golden wheat plate set is like a set that I currently have up for sale. It’s always neat seeing things that I have.
These unique ceramic face mugs caught my eye. I love them.
I stop by to look at this old picture each time I’m in the country store. I try to imagine what this little ones life was like. And, why didn’t the family keep this framed picture of him.
This butcher block was amazing to see. A newer piece. So well constructed!
This vintage armadillo handbag has been on my way list to find, for many years. I’ve found gator ones, but never an armadillo. I want to find it for $5 to flip though. Like my gator bags!
Another one of my favorite booths to look in. That doll has been sitting there for at least six years now.
Buy me! Buy Me!
How about this duo? Do today’s kids ever know who Raggedy Ann and Andy are?
Old Makeup compacts are a soft spot with me. I did not in plus buy any this time because we have a road trip coming up that I’m budgeting for.
This Ester Lauder powder compact was full! Just a beautiful site to see.
I’m pretty sure they stopped making these in the late 80’s.
These are the type of things grandkids would get their grandparents for the Holidays.
Late 50’s or early 60’s vinyl and metal high chair of wheels.
Beautiful old quilt that I would have picked up to flip, had it been cheaper. I generally buy quilts for $6-15 and flip for $300.
This booth was stocked with cast iron pieces.
This wooden cat bird box was very cool. It was $79
This booth was new. This was the first time I came cross clubs. I bought a new set last year though, so we do not need any. Cool to look though!
Very old washing machine. My son was intrigued by it.
Pretty Oil painting.

May 16, 2021 Conversations


While passing the new “Proudly Pride men’s clothing section.

Father-“Okay son, the tutu, rainbow pants or hoodie? Whatever you want to get is fine.”

Son-“Thanks Dad.

Father-“You are twelve years old, I support your decision.”

Son-“I know Dad”

Conversations May 15, 2021

Town Festival-

Girl to her Nana– “A bug just flew in my snow cone and it cost too much to waste, so I know, I’m Eating it!”

One woman to another– “They always have three meats

Country ham,


And pork.

You get all three for one price.

This is the south girl!”

Lady to another– “That damn caraway is going to be the death of me.”

(Maybe I heard wrong because of her accent. Caraway?) lol

Lady to her friend– “Who does he think he is plowing through like that?”

Group of ladies- “I’m Excited they reopened that old movie theater. Lots of good memories my mama fas there. They closed it in the 60’s I think.”

“I have some memories of my own there, dear.”

(Insert laughing)

Husband to his wife inside the Old Country Store

Husband- “I’d like to go check out now.”

Wife- “You can do whatever the hell you want too do. Don’t need my permission.”

Husband-“what’s with the attitude?”

Wife- “Go Away!”

Lady to another– “Sometimes it’s just nice to browse.”

“Yes,Maybe something here sparks a memory and it’s like having a dang antidepressant.”

Teen boy to his friend- “The only thing I’ve ever asked for in this place is an old guitar.

Pa said no.”

Lady to her friend– “I’ve been to Wyoming and it is sooo nice. Would love to be there. Less crazies!”

Teen boy to his mother– “It was just one cyber attack and people were getting 10-20 loads of gas.

Mom-“That’s what Covid taught us. Be prepared!”

Mama to her grandkids- “If you are 12 and she’s 8, how much experience do you have between you both?”

12 year old- “15?”

Conversations May 12, 2021


Older women to college age girl-

“Come over here dear, surely you can find a pair that you like.”

Girl- “Are these shoes sized or all mixed?”

Women-“It’s only one row, they are mixed.”

Girl-“Forget it then. I can’t be bothered. Let’s go to the mall.”

Women-“Okay, but you are going to pay a lot more.”

Conversations May 10, 2021

While Thrifting

Man on phone talking loudly– “No, not heels. I’m trying to get her into more dresses. No, nothing trampy.”

College Girl to her three friends-

“What do y’all think of this?” (Holding up a blouse)

Friend #1- “Omg! I wouldn’t even buy that if it was at the Goodwill outlet. it’s ugly as Sh**!”

Friends reply- “Really? I like it!”

Other two girls- “If you want to look like Shi*, buy it.”

(Laughing together)

Girl Asking- “Well, I guess I’ll put it back then.”

Conversations May 8, 2021


On the Mother’s Day Card Isle.

1. Girl to her BF- “I can’t seem to find anything that says that I am Grateful on the days that you aren’t b**ching at me and my brothers.”

2. BF to his GF- “Why do you need to get your mom a card when you live together?”

“If I don’t, mom will lock me out of the house tomorrow if she don’t get a card.

3. Lady: “Babe, help me find one that says how much I appreciate the days you are not Drunk.”

4. Father to middle school son: “Just say excuse me and get your A** in there and get a damn card for your mama. Hurry up!”

5. Teen Girl with her friends: “I know! how about we all get our moms the same card!”

Friends: “Oh purrr yes! Let’s do it!”

Thought this card was cute for mom, as she loves cats….
Then I opened it…😳
This one was…umm..Different. 🤣