Reasons Why People Don’t like you

Do you ever feel like no one likes you?

I don’t mean paranoia, I mean you know that such and such person doesn’t like you and you have no idea why.

Maybe you have joined a class, meet-up, Summer social, or even Church group and have taken the time to notice who is who, as well as all the cliques, and you have tried to join in a conversation or two and have just received the cold shoulder.

Maybe you overheard a group of people talking about how great it was getting together for dinner last night and you realize only then, that you were not invited.

Regardless of your age you will always have people who simply do not like you. You can be a kind hearted, loving person and there will still be people who do not like you.

There will be times where you have felt that you clicked with a group of folks, or even just one person, but they simply didn’t feel that way about you.

You may have tons in common with a person but they simply will not put in any effort to get to know you… and realize this.

Yes! It hurts. And it doesn’t hurt any less when you are middle age.

Let me tell you what I have learned from people. And yes, currently I have a couple of people who I really think we have a lot in common, but I just learned they don’t like me because I smile too much, and appear too bubbly.

Did you know this is one of the top ten reasons that people may not like you?

If you smile too much you may be seen as fake and phoney.
People get suspicious of people who smile a lot.
People also do not like people who are too happy, aka’ bubbly.

Personally, I have learned to count it ALL Joy and give it all to Christ. I genuinely feel that my heart is filled with so much love, I simply can’t help but be bubbly and smile.
I can’t change it even if I tried. I do not hold grudges or take life too serious. This is who I am and I will change so that people will like me.

But moving right along.

Reasons people may not like you.

  1. You smile too much.
  2. You are too bubbly and happy.
  3. You seem too depressing and down all the time.
  4. You Vent too much.
  5. You over share your life too much.
  6. You Talk too much, and not listen.
  7. You interrupt people when they are talking.
  8. You Gossip.
  9. You complain all the time.
  10. You are a negative Nancy.
  11. You post certain things on social media and people see these posts.
    (You will be judged by what you post online)
  12. You remind the person that doesn’t like you of someone they once had a bad experience with.
    This could be anything from the way you look, same hair color and style, your body language, or the way you laugh, speak, and carry yourself.

There may be more, but gosh, isn’t this enough.
The fact is, you will have many people that don’t like you in your life time. Some may have reason, but many will not. They simply will not like you and you need to be okay with that.

There are enough people and groups in your community to find your tribe of people who will like you.
So don’t give up or get caught up in the logistics of trying to dissect the reasons why a certain person, or group doesn’t like you.

I know it gets lonely at times, especially with the way the world is changing.

Remember, God loves you and you are his special princess. Lean on him during these times. And he will draw closer to you.

As for friends, you never want to try to make any one like you. Or even group. You being yourself will attract the type of people that need YOU as a friend.

And friendships change out every few years anyways. It’s rare to have the same group of friends you had, even ten years ago.
God puts certain people in your life at certain times for you to help them, or for them to help you.
Seasons change and friends move on and this is also okay. 🙂