What makes Christianity Different?

This was today’s message.

Pastor said that oftentimes you can’t use the Bible to try to convince anyone that God created the heavens and earth. Mainly, because people do not believe in the Bible. And those who do, do not believe it is Gods word. Unbelievable I’m referring to.

I can contest to this as I was the person who didn’t believe that the Bible was Gods word. I just thought of it as a book as any other.

What I do find odd though, being a born again Christian is that I believed in other religions. Many people will put their Faith in Buddha, Mohammed, and every single god and goddess that the India Faith teaches.

Many religions teach to worship objects and animals. People will actually put their faith in an animal or object, but not Jesus. This baffles me like nothing else does.

Where do they find their true comfort?

Works perhaps? Doing good works makes them feel a certain way maybe.

I would imagine that even so, still, there remains an emptiness within their heart. A tiny bit of uncertainty.

Works takes effort. Faith does not. Maybe people feel as of it can not be that easy. Yet it is! Amen!

With Christianity it’s not through works, but Faith alone. And you will never find Jesus bones as he is not dead. Unlike many other leaders who have died. We know where their bones are.

Other Religions have the will to save but not the ability to save you.

Pastor told a story of a grandma who was babysitting her granddaughter while her daughter was napping. Her toddler granddaughter wanted to go swimming in her pool. Grandma didn’t know how to swim so she put her granddaughters flotation devices on her and sat on the chaise lounge and watched.

Grandma must have taken her eyes off of her granddaughter for at least a moment, as she heard her granddaughter cry because her flotation devices came off and float away from her. In the blink of an eye, the little girl went under the water. Without thinking, grandma jumped into the water to save the child.

She had the will To save her, yet lacked the ability. They both drowned that day.


There are thirty thousand different religions in this world. Yet only one points to Christ. He chose us, as with all the others, humans choose them. They all have the will to save, yet lack the ability.

Religion will never convince a sinner they are loss…


Gulf Of Mexico Beaches

Snapshots from our trip.
I’m pretty sure this dude was thinking I was taking his picture.🤣
Interesting sea creature
Seemed so expensive so I managed to get us down to $9 instead of $30.
I loved seeing all the wild parrots flying about.
Just a suggestion…
Texas Roadhouse
Beach Bums!

Finally Back Home

We just got back home from a three week trip. We have been to so many states this year, I have lost track. It feels good to be back home though.

Every single thing that could have possibly went wrong, did! And we found ourselves in Columbia, SC, stranded with no vehicle. Praise God for Ubur.

Yes, old Nelly broke down after such a long trip and pulling a uhaul.

Originally, it was suppose to be one week. Moving my brother from Alabama to Florida, and in with my mother. Then shooting across the state to see my father and meet my new stepmother, and then heading back home.

The silver lining was that the STAYBRIDGE hotel stay was very relaxing, once we got past the giant roaches and fleas, as it was a pet friendly hotel AND insect friendly I guess.

We have never been to that part of SC, and loved it so much, that we are going back for another week next month. Just for the fun of it! My daughter loved the SC museum, so we are planning on doing that again while celebrating a few birthdays.

Here are some pics from our SC stay.

I’ll do another post for the Alabama and Florida pics.

Inside the hotel room.