What is going on with everyone?

Where am I living? Am I still here on Earth?

I’m starting to get confused on what is going on.

The way it is right now.

I remember my grandma telling me that the world gradually changes every decade, and you won’t realize it until it’s too late.

I was not a Christian at the time and assumed that she was referring to something spiritual happening. And perhaps she was.
Is that what I’m seeing right now?
Has this been gradual, or has it transpired in the past year and a half. Since Covid.

I just watched a tv commercial for transcending into other dimensions with new Facebook groups. I have been hearing that word pop up a lot this past year. Transcending. The word “Trans” has also been popping up more.

I have also been observing an abundance of YouTubers talk about manifesting your best life and channeling into your best self. And I have to say, all I am hearing is Channeling demons to bring you wealth and worldly success. Let’s be honest, that is what these kids are doing. *sigh*

Meanwhile, others are discussing a loss of emotions and not being able to connect with people since Covid, despite being able to see people face to face now. People are still feeling a disconnect from reality.

Scary? It ought to be!

People are discussing that they are unable to recall events after they have experienced them. Trouble remembering what they did this past weekend.
Trouble remembering events in past years prior to Covid. Trouble remembering. Or remembering and feeling nothing.

Young people!

It almost feels as if the majority of people are experiencing something out of the ordinary, across the oceans. Are these physiological side effects from Covid?

Maybe it’s because my life did not change one bit since Covid. And… I had Covid last year for my Birthday. But, as a whole, my life remained the same. I still worked, shopped, visited my family and friends, etc.
Is this why I feel the way I always have felt?

I’m not sure why I’m bothered by what other people are feeling, but I truly am.


Social Media

No one is like you! You are an Original, so please Own it! 🙂

Growing up, I always thought that there were plenty of people like me.
Nothing strikes me as extra special about myself.
I feel pretty ordinary. Feel, being the key word. Lol

But not any more. I am SPECIAL!

But you know, SO ARE YOU! You may have a different gift then I have, and that is okay.

My friend Mel, told me yesterday that she’s met thousands of people in her line of work but she has never met anyone more compassionate as me. Really?

Doesn’t everybody go that extra mile for everyone? Doesn’t everyone do unto others as they would want done to them?

Somehow, this has made me assume that everyone is this way. Using MYSELF as the example.

“Well if I would (XYZ) so they should/would.”

“If I don’t see any harm in it, they shouldn’t.”
“If I would do that, they SHOULD!”
This is a very destructive way to think.

It’s has transformed me into a judgmental way to think about others.

People disappoint one another every single day. And if you currently do not have anyone in your life who IS disappointing you, then you are the one disappointing others right now.

This is the down world spiral that that aided in my disappointment with so many people. I use to be a heavy extroverted person, and now I am not.

I have spent all of my life thinking that everyone has grown up like me. 😱

What’s the big deal people?
Why are you so selfish?
Why can’t you, (XYZ) it’s so easy!

Things that have come easy for me don’t come easy for others. And vise Versa.

I think it’s because we have all been raised so differently now.

There is a popular song that I keep hearing on the radio that inspired this rant/post. I have no idea who sings it but each time I get into the car it’s playing on KLove.
A verse from the song:
You don’t know what it’s like to be me. I don’t know what it’s like to be you.

Years ago kids were raised very much alike. Pre-80’s.

Our SNAC teacher from last night is turning ninety years old and touched on how his generation felt the same way.

Strong core values and morals.
Both parents in the home.
Less “in your face” violence, and respect for one another.
We were taught to be helpful and to ALWAYS do the right thing.

But then the 80’s hit and things started getting a little crazy. A ninety year old would say that the sixties hit and things started getting crazy.

Fast forward to 2020-
Everything is a mess, and it has left us with the ME CULTURE.

Self Love, Self Care. Put yourself first!
Others LAST! Who the heck cares about anyone in your way. Pretend they are not there.
Who cares if people get upset, that’s on them.
Who cares if you let someone down, that’s on them.
Who cares that he/she needs help, that’s not your problem.
You be you! You look after you! Screw others.

Just go on social media and numb the pain away.
But remember take a Xanax before hand, then it won’t hurt so bad.

A few weeks ago I was asked to give a lesson to a church group about social media.
Pros and Cons. I did not end up doing it.

It was for a group of people that all had social media.
Facebook, Instagram, Tic-Tok, etc.

I was the only one who was not logged on.

People were shocked to find this out. I am not sure why this still surprises me. But it does.

Sometimes my friends forget that I’m not connected and will mention something they shared, or wrote online and asked why I didn’t comment on it.

I gently remind them that I don’t have any social media anymore.

I opened a Facebook account in June 2007 and deactivated my account June 2017.

It was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I suppose it has its place.
A central location to share Family photos, or Meet-Ups, things for sale…
But the ugly side far outweighs the positive in my opinion.

I was sucked in the rabbit hole for ten years, so I get it.

It’s all meaningless to me now. In fact, if my Job was not on an App, I would not even have a smartphone.
I had a flip phone for years, and it was just fine.

It’s a great distraction and gap filler when something is missing from your life. There, I said it.
Social media AND your phone is a gap filler for something that is missing from your life.

I first logged onto SM when my kids were young and I had no mom groups or many adult conversations.
It was filling a gap in my life. What started off as rather innocent escalated into a catastrophe though.
I definitely became addicted to logging on.

I also had a bunch of people find me from school days. Ex’s, stranger dangers, hurt people looking to vent, people asking for money, fair weather friendships, comparisons, and people from different countries wanting to talk about America, and how to move here.
So much!

And I won’t even mention the politics and religion side of it.

I can not even imagine how it’s been since Covid, nor do I want too.

I just closed my Twitter last year.
I had Twitter for ten years also.

I had people from Facebook find me on Twitter. And I just had enough.
It’s not needed in my life anymore. I have no gaps that need filling.

I am a happier person since closing those doors.