Conversations October 5, 2021


Father to Daughter: “Put that back! That’s ugly!”

DD: “But Daddy I want it! Please?”

Father: “You want your friends to like you, right honey? They won’t like you if you wear that. It’s ugly!”

DD: “Please daddy… I like it. I love it!”

Father: “No one is going to want to play with you if you wear that. I’m telling you the truth.”

DD: “Okay Daddy. Can I choose a toy then?”

Father: “Yes. Go choose one of those animals over there.”

DD: “ Daddy! DADDY! I want this one!”

Father: “That one is ugly baby. Choose a different one.”

Daughter: But Daddy, please! I want this one!”

Father: “What would your grandfather say if you brought that one home? Go choose one that isn’t ugly.”

Daughter: “But a girl at school has this one and showed me. I want it!”

Father: “ Well don’t be friends with that girl. She’s probably ugly too. Here, get this one. It’s pretty. It’s a pretty pony, just like you. Ponies are cute. Everyone loves them. Now go put that ugly one back and let’s go pay!”

Daughter: “Okay daddy. Okay.”

Father: “That’s right baby. Daddy knows best. This is your very first year of school and you want people to like you.”

2 thoughts on “Conversations October 5, 2021

  1. This may be the saddest post you’ve ever written. It’s definitely the saddest, most destructive post I’ve ever read. Way to go, Dad. You’ve just made your precious daughter into a crowd-pleasing doormat. You’re totally destroying the beautiful person God created her to be. And if you haven’t destroyed her self-esteem, you’re on your way to destroying any honest love and relationship you will ever have with her. Sad,sad,sad

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