Conversations October 6, 2021


(Two friends who obviously haven’t seen each other in a while)

Friend 1: “I just love trailers!”
Friend 2: “Really? I’ve never heard anyone say that before.”

Friend 1:
“Oh yes! My husband and I rent one for only $465 a month. Everything included. Electricity, Heat, Water, and even internet. We have two bedrooms, two full baths. Much better then having an apartment or condo with all those neighbors.”

Friend 2: “That’s true. My new husband and I just want it to be nice. Rents are crazy!”

Friend 1: “Oh! You mean You didn’t live together first?”

Friend 2: “No, we wanted to wait.”

Friend 1: “Respect to you! That’s cool! Yea, let me give you the address of the two trailer parks that are good.
Where are you living now?”

Friend 2: “ With his parents.”

Friend 1: “How’s that going?”

Friend 2: “It is just time that we find our own place now. Thank you for the information about the parks. Hey! Maybe we will be neighbors. Lol. Take care and it was nice running into you.”

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