Conversations October 14, 2021

Surgeons Office

(Side note) I’m having knee surgery finally. Yay! Yes, I’m actually excited over it because I’ve been waiting all year.

Not new knees, I’m just going to have my torn meniscus removed. I tore it back in March, and I’ve still been in pain. Works for 90% he said, so hopefully I’m part of the 90%. 🙂

Okay, now onto the juicy convo. Yikes!

I was in the doctors room waiting for the him to come in. Two nurses were talking rather loudly outside of the door. Maybe they thought no one could hear them.

Lady #1: “So when I arrived home yesterday he said he made the bed and did the dishes for me.”

I said Thank you babe, but you cheated on me and slept with someone else, so making the bed and doing the dishes doesn’t change anything.

He asked why. Can you believe it? He asked me why?”

I told him that I do not forgive him. Thank God we are not married yet. He then asked when I will forgive him and he still wants to get married next month. I told him I’d go sleep with my Ex. ( I have been wanting to anyways. His latest pics in Instagram have been hot) then I’d call it even.

Lady #2: “Damn Girl! I’m so sorry to hear that. But good for you for putting your foot down. When are you going to hook up with Jer?”

Lady: “I texted him this morning and asked if he wanted to hook up this weekend. He knows I’m getting married next month.”

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