What is going on with everyone?

Where am I living? Am I still here on Earth?

I’m starting to get confused on what is going on.

The way it is right now.

I remember my grandma telling me that the world gradually changes every decade, and you won’t realize it until it’s too late.

I was not a Christian at the time and assumed that she was referring to something spiritual happening. And perhaps she was.
Is that what I’m seeing right now?
Has this been gradual, or has it transpired in the past year and a half. Since Covid.

I just watched a tv commercial for transcending into other dimensions with new Facebook groups. I have been hearing that word pop up a lot this past year. Transcending. The word “Trans” has also been popping up more.

I have also been observing an abundance of YouTubers talk about manifesting your best life and channeling into your best self. And I have to say, all I am hearing is Channeling demons to bring you wealth and worldly success. Let’s be honest, that is what these kids are doing. *sigh*

Meanwhile, others are discussing a loss of emotions and not being able to connect with people since Covid, despite being able to see people face to face now. People are still feeling a disconnect from reality.

Scary? It ought to be!

People are discussing that they are unable to recall events after they have experienced them. Trouble remembering what they did this past weekend.
Trouble remembering events in past years prior to Covid. Trouble remembering. Or remembering and feeling nothing.

Young people!

It almost feels as if the majority of people are experiencing something out of the ordinary, across the oceans. Are these physiological side effects from Covid?

Maybe it’s because my life did not change one bit since Covid. And… I had Covid last year for my Birthday. But, as a whole, my life remained the same. I still worked, shopped, visited my family and friends, etc.
Is this why I feel the way I always have felt?

I’m not sure why I’m bothered by what other people are feeling, but I truly am.

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