Conversations October 26, 2021


Elderly woman in front of me faints in the check out line.

She was out for about a minute or so, and when she came to…

“Oh dear! My daughter is going to be upset with me.”

Walmart manager: “Are you okay? Who is your daughter? Where is your daughter?”

Elderly lady:”She’s outside waiting. She had a hard day and wanted me to come in for her to do her grocery shopping”

Walmart Manager: “Don’t try to get up ma’am. I’ll send someone outside to get her.”

Elderly Lady:”Oh. I’ll be fine. My daughter is probably busy on her phone playing those games of hers. She’s not going to want to come inside.”

Manager and a cashier left to go outside and came back in with the daughter.
Daughter looked to be in her late 40’s of 50’s.

Daughter to her mom, who was still on the floor:
“ Well look at you down there. What happened, did you forget to take your meds?”

Elderly Mother:”No dear. I think it is probably my blood sugar. I have not ate anything yet.”

Daughter: “Well whose fault is that?”
Come on, let’s get up. You know I didn’t want to have to come in. Did you at least get everything on my list?”

Elderly mother: “Yes dear. It’s all here.”

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