Conversations November 27,28th 2021

Two woman at church:

“Did you buy Hobby Lobby out? I saw you waiting in that long line on Black Friday.”

“I did. Most was 50% off. Spent 1k.”

“Good Lord! Whee as t did you buy?”

“Decorates, stickers, and things.”

Women in the Restroom:

“Are you getting much crocheting done? Or did you get bored?”

“I have. I am going three projects at the moment, you?”

“I’m still working on Christmas gifts for the grandkids”

“All mine want are asking for us electronics abs their parents can buy them that. Kids nowadays!”


Conversations November 21, 2021

Church Hallway

Lady to another Lady: “ I had my hip surgery earlier this year. I’m just now getting back to church. It’s been a while, I know.”

Lady: “ I need Hip surgery myself. How was it?

Lady: “Not too bad. I’m glad I went through with it.”

Lady: “How was the pain afterwards?“

Lady: “They gave me Vicodin but I sold them. Well, I took one and sold the rest to pay for groceries.”

Lady: “Oh my! You poor dear! Okay, you take care I need to be going.”

Conversations November 19, 2021

Physical Therapy room

Man to woman-
“Excuse me, May I ask you a question?

Woman:”Sure, what can I help you with?”

Man:” When I enter a room as a black man,
I am judged by my hair. I’ve grown it out since leaving the Army and my wife hates my dreads, even though I keep them this short. What do you think?
I noticed how by nice your hair looks and was wondering what that was called?”

Woman: “Thank you. Mine are called Lock and roll.
I have had dreads in the past. Yours look short and nice to me. So tell me, how do people judge you?”

Man: “Work related and job wise. I may be the best candidate for the job, but because of my dreads, even though they are clean and short. I’m Judged as dirty and not clean.”

Woman: “Well that sucks. I can give you the number of my hairdresser if you’d like. I’ll let her know you will be contacting her. Give me your phone.”

Man:”I’d really appreciate that, and thank you.”