Conversations November 19, 2021

Physical Therapy room

Man to woman-
“Excuse me, May I ask you a question?

Woman:”Sure, what can I help you with?”

Man:” When I enter a room as a black man,
I am judged by my hair. I’ve grown it out since leaving the Army and my wife hates my dreads, even though I keep them this short. What do you think?
I noticed how by nice your hair looks and was wondering what that was called?”

Woman: “Thank you. Mine are called Lock and roll.
I have had dreads in the past. Yours look short and nice to me. So tell me, how do people judge you?”

Man: “Work related and job wise. I may be the best candidate for the job, but because of my dreads, even though they are clean and short. I’m Judged as dirty and not clean.”

Woman: “Well that sucks. I can give you the number of my hairdresser if you’d like. I’ll let her know you will be contacting her. Give me your phone.”

Man:”I’d really appreciate that, and thank you.”

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