Conversations December 29, 2021

Thrift Store

Mom to kids: “Kids! Pick up all the crap and let’s go. Making an effin mess!”

Daughter: “Mommy can I have two dollars for this?”

Mom: “Hell no!
“I bring you here to play, not buy. Now help your brother clean all this crap up before you embarrass me.”

Woman on her cell phone next to me: “Is dad coming home with home health care now? That is what is seems.”

“Yes. A conference call.”

“He can’t come home but they are short staffed she said.”

“Yes. No choice.”

“I know, but there is nothing I can do about it.”

Lady across from me talking to her elderly mother: “Bubs is at home being a good husband takin the tree and lights down. Mama you’d get a kick out of this one…Bubs came in with me the other day and was like,

“Hey loook I like the shirt babe.”

“Have one at home like this.”
It is yours! Dumba**, I told him.”

He wanted to buy it. Said he loved it. Holes and all. Let me go make sure it’s still here and he didn’t come back and get it.“

Cashier to employee: “A Lady just called to say that she left her wedding ring in the fitting room 4K ring set. She took it off to try on some clothes and left it here. Can you go check to make sure it’s still there.”

Employee went to check: “It’s gone!” “I checked all the stalls. No where. Someone must of taken it. Damn thief’s!”

Cashier: “Okay. I’ll let her know. Thanks.”

Lady to another customer: “I love these Minnetonka boots. Look here! See when I shake them how all the fringe moves.”

Random customer: “I see. Yes. They are fine boots.”

“They cost over $100. Got them for Christmas.
I’d much rather come here and find them for $5”

Both laugh…


Conversations December 26, 2021

Cracker Barrel

While rocking in a rocking chair in the front.

Lady: “I only got 52 mins of deep sleep and only dreamt for 1.5 hours last night.”

Man: “Mine says I didn’t snore at all.”

Lady: “This App tells your stress level too. How’s yours?”

Man: “Mine is up from the previous night.”

Lady: “And it tells how many calories you burn in your sleep.”

Lady: “Lou said that the key is, is to sweat throughout the night, as you burn twice amount of calories.”

Both laugh and get up and left.

Another random man to a random lady who was sitting outside: “I had to make home made egg-nog because all the stores were out on Christmas Eve. Did you and your family have egg nog?”

Lady: “No”

Man: “I can give you my recipe. It’s easy. You want it?”

Lady: “No”

Then she got up and sat down further away from him.

Man to me: “Guess she don’t like egg nog, Not even home made. You like Egg nog?”

Me: “I love it. I also make it home made. I’m on Keto now, so I haven’t had any this Holiday. Do you know what Keto is?”

Man:”I do know, but I like sweets too much. Okay take care.”

Man walks away inside the gift shop. 🤪🤣

Conversations December 23,2021


Mom sitting at the Restaurant bar to her toddler boy:

“Baby, Do you want a shot or a beer?”

Toddler: “A shot!! No! A beer mama!”

Mom to bartender: “You heard him!” (Laughing playfully)

Mom to toddler: “Sorry son, some day though.”

Toddler begins to cry, while asking for a beer.

Waitress #1 to another waitress: “Don’t worry girl. You won’t get fired. We need you.”

Waitress#2: “Oh Good. I’ve so scared. When is he coming in to talk to me?”

Waitress#1: “Tonight before closing.”

W#1: “Yes, it would take more then that for him to fire you. No one gets fired anymore. Wasn’t like that when I was your age.”

W#2: “Okay, thanks for letting me know.”

Conversations December 22, 2021

Thrift Store

Two ladies shopping with each other:

“She said she needs a housecoat. Is this a house coat?”

“Hmm, Let me google what they look like.”

“Well she’s the leopard print type of girl. If you know what I’m

“That type!””

“I love her I really do. She’s just a handful.”

“Look at all the images. I think it passes for a housecoat to me.”

“Okay. I’ll get it then. Sure hope it fits.”

Conversations December 20, 2021


Employee to me: “Are you looking for something? Can I help you?”

Me: “Yes. Do You carry squash mallows?”

Employee: “We do!”

Me: “Where are they located please?

Employee: “I am not sure.

Me: “I’ll wait, so you can find out.”

Employee: “I am the only one working the floor tonight. Sorry.”

Employee: “Well, I hope you find them though. Have a good night.” (Walks off)

Cashier to me: “Did you find everything you were looking for?”

Me: “Sort of”

Cashier: “Okay, Do you have your store card?“

Me: “I don’t. I have not been here in a couple of years. Can I just give you my phone number?”

Cashier: “Um. I am not really sure how to do that.”

(Proceeds to ring items too)

Cashier: “$33.62”

Me: “So these things that are on sale rang up correctly without my card number? That seems high.”

Cashier looking at register tape: “No. rang up full price. $33.62 please.”

Me: “Can I just reapply for a new card then? I can give you my phone never. I need the sale prices.”

Cashier: “Yeah. I don’t know how to do any of that. Do you want to come back tomorrow? I can delete your items. Know how to do that!” (Laughs)

Me: “No. I don’t live around here. Can you call someone to find out what to do?”

Cashier: “So your total is $33.62 then. Machine is ready.”

So I had to pay full price!

Bye-Bye customer service. It was nice knowing you.

Conversations December 19, 2021


At the Deli counter:

Me to employee: “I’ll take a pound of Prima Della smoked Turkey please.”

Employee: “I can give you possible a half of a pound. I’d have to open another pack for a whole pound and I’m having a bad day and don’t feel like hassling with it.”

Me: “Oh. I don’t mind waiting. No rush.”

Employee: “You can check over on the prepackaged wall if you need more. I’ll cut up what’s left in the pack that is open.”

Me: “Okay then. “

Employee: “Well, it’s not quiet a half pound, but it’s going to have to do. Here you go and you have a good day m’am.”

Conversations November 14, 2021

I was in line at Walmart. (A Walmart that is in a run down area in the city) One I never shop at.

While standing in the dairy section a random man behind me tapped on my shoulder and told me that he’s NOT following me. I said okay and went about my shopping.

He found me again, about twenty minutes later in the Make-up section to tell me once more that he was not following me. I said okay again. now feeling a bit creeped out.

Then while In line, trying to put my groceries on the belt, there were two ladies cashing out. One was paying for some makeup and gum. Her friend was blocking the belt so I couldn’t put my groceries up. Her friend told her to move up to let me put my groceries up.

She said she would not move until “high and mighty” said excuse me.

At this point I had not caught on that she was referring to me.

Continuing to wait, she turned around and cussed me out, adding that an “excuse me” would get me far in life.

I told her to take all the time she needed, as I’m not in a hurry. Sure she was being rude, but I was not going to be manipulated.

So she remained there as her friend began chit-chatting with the cashier. Not budging, and taking a couple of steps backwards to provoke me.

She turned around again to tell me that she could tell I hated her kind.


Seriously lady?

I was shocked more then anything.

Not reacting made her upset so she told me again that she is not moving until I say “excuse me”

Her friend was finished chatting and told her to leave me alone and to come on.

She cussed at me a bit more and very slowly began taking small steps to where her friend was.

The cashier, black herself, apologized for the others behavior and I put my groceries up and cashed out.

Conversations November 13,2021

Marshall’s Department Store-

Random lady on the phone next to me in line:

I know I need to change the way I eat but I told him it’s not gonna happen until after the holidays. Yes. Bone broth. He said bone broth
And vitamins. Not just a multi.
Yes high BP. High Cholesterol.
I’m 56.

I know. I know. Well how am I suppose to get through the Holidays then? No. Not gonna happen. I know. I know.

Yeah, I’ll just order them on Amazon.

Okay, I have to run, I’m getting another call.

She hung up and there was no other call. 🤷‍♀️

Drawing Closer to God

I think that we can agree that with trials and tribulations comes growth. This year has been by far worse for me then last year, but here I am praising God even louder!

I feel his presence more in my life. Dare I say, ever then before!

For someone who did not grow up believing in God, I feel as if I’m extra in tune with his presence in my personal life, as I remember fully what it was like and what it felt like without him in my life. I feel and see is work in myself. THAT is an amazing realization. One to Celebrate!

I feel at peace. I feel loved. I feel relaxed today.

It’s been a crazy month but a fruitful one.

Today is my husbands and I’s 26th Anniversary!

It’s been a heck of a ride!

We went to a marriage conversation last week with a hundred couples. We learned some new things, but all in all, we are doing it right. Who knew?! Marriage is 90% Algebra homework and 10% butterflies they said. That is the truth!

Marriage is a selfless act that you choose to to each day.

Marriage is SELF DISCOVERY. Sacrificial.

We are not taught any of this when we are young. We are taught BARBIE and Ken and Hallmark movies. 🤣

And while on the service that would be nice, but on a deep rooted spiritual level, that would be awful.

So today as I am self reflecting, God is the lover of my soul, my personal lawyer in times of trials, and the one and only true part of my life that continues to help me grow and grow into the woman that he has created me to be. I see my prayers getting answered, so I know that I’m walking in his will, not my own. And man of man! That is a heavenly place to be.