Conversations November 14, 2021

I was in line at Walmart. (A Walmart that is in a run down area in the city) One I never shop at.

While standing in the dairy section a random man behind me tapped on my shoulder and told me that he’s NOT following me. I said okay and went about my shopping.

He found me again, about twenty minutes later in the Make-up section to tell me once more that he was not following me. I said okay again. now feeling a bit creeped out.

Then while In line, trying to put my groceries on the belt, there were two ladies cashing out. One was paying for some makeup and gum. Her friend was blocking the belt so I couldn’t put my groceries up. Her friend told her to move up to let me put my groceries up.

She said she would not move until “high and mighty” said excuse me.

At this point I had not caught on that she was referring to me.

Continuing to wait, she turned around and cussed me out, adding that an “excuse me” would get me far in life.

I told her to take all the time she needed, as I’m not in a hurry. Sure she was being rude, but I was not going to be manipulated.

So she remained there as her friend began chit-chatting with the cashier. Not budging, and taking a couple of steps backwards to provoke me.

She turned around again to tell me that she could tell I hated her kind.


Seriously lady?

I was shocked more then anything.

Not reacting made her upset so she told me again that she is not moving until I say “excuse me”

Her friend was finished chatting and told her to leave me alone and to come on.

She cussed at me a bit more and very slowly began taking small steps to where her friend was.

The cashier, black herself, apologized for the others behavior and I put my groceries up and cashed out.

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