Conversations December 23,2021


Mom sitting at the Restaurant bar to her toddler boy:

“Baby, Do you want a shot or a beer?”

Toddler: “A shot!! No! A beer mama!”

Mom to bartender: “You heard him!” (Laughing playfully)

Mom to toddler: “Sorry son, some day though.”

Toddler begins to cry, while asking for a beer.

Waitress #1 to another waitress: “Don’t worry girl. You won’t get fired. We need you.”

Waitress#2: “Oh Good. I’ve so scared. When is he coming in to talk to me?”

Waitress#1: “Tonight before closing.”

W#1: “Yes, it would take more then that for him to fire you. No one gets fired anymore. Wasn’t like that when I was your age.”

W#2: “Okay, thanks for letting me know.”

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