Conversations December 26, 2021

Cracker Barrel

While rocking in a rocking chair in the front.

Lady: “I only got 52 mins of deep sleep and only dreamt for 1.5 hours last night.”

Man: “Mine says I didn’t snore at all.”

Lady: “This App tells your stress level too. How’s yours?”

Man: “Mine is up from the previous night.”

Lady: “And it tells how many calories you burn in your sleep.”

Lady: “Lou said that the key is, is to sweat throughout the night, as you burn twice amount of calories.”

Both laugh and get up and left.

Another random man to a random lady who was sitting outside: “I had to make home made egg-nog because all the stores were out on Christmas Eve. Did you and your family have egg nog?”

Lady: “No”

Man: “I can give you my recipe. It’s easy. You want it?”

Lady: “No”

Then she got up and sat down further away from him.

Man to me: “Guess she don’t like egg nog, Not even home made. You like Egg nog?”

Me: “I love it. I also make it home made. I’m on Keto now, so I haven’t had any this Holiday. Do you know what Keto is?”

Man:”I do know, but I like sweets too much. Okay take care.”

Man walks away inside the gift shop. 🤪🤣

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