Conversations December 29, 2021

Thrift Store

Mom to kids: “Kids! Pick up all the crap and let’s go. Making an effin mess!”

Daughter: “Mommy can I have two dollars for this?”

Mom: “Hell no!
“I bring you here to play, not buy. Now help your brother clean all this crap up before you embarrass me.”

Woman on her cell phone next to me: “Is dad coming home with home health care now? That is what is seems.”

“Yes. A conference call.”

“He can’t come home but they are short staffed she said.”

“Yes. No choice.”

“I know, but there is nothing I can do about it.”

Lady across from me talking to her elderly mother: “Bubs is at home being a good husband takin the tree and lights down. Mama you’d get a kick out of this one…Bubs came in with me the other day and was like,

“Hey loook I like the shirt babe.”

“Have one at home like this.”
It is yours! Dumba**, I told him.”

He wanted to buy it. Said he loved it. Holes and all. Let me go make sure it’s still here and he didn’t come back and get it.“

Cashier to employee: “A Lady just called to say that she left her wedding ring in the fitting room 4K ring set. She took it off to try on some clothes and left it here. Can you go check to make sure it’s still there.”

Employee went to check: “It’s gone!” “I checked all the stalls. No where. Someone must of taken it. Damn thief’s!”

Cashier: “Okay. I’ll let her know. Thanks.”

Lady to another customer: “I love these Minnetonka boots. Look here! See when I shake them how all the fringe moves.”

Random customer: “I see. Yes. They are fine boots.”

“They cost over $100. Got them for Christmas.
I’d much rather come here and find them for $5”

Both laugh…

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