This Mornings Message Notes

Hebrew’s 12

If anger stays long enough in your heart it will turn to bitterness.

When you don’t have wholeness, you have a tendency to fake it.

Bitterness can not be seen.

Esu in the Bible, was a bitter man. This led him to make bad decisions. (A bowl of stew)
He was tired and hungry and felt that his birthright was useless on how he was feeling at the time. He just wanted to eat.
Bitterness causes you to make stupid choices,such as instant gratification.

Whatever Jacob did, Esu did the opposite. Jacob found a good spouse, Esu went out and deliberately found a bad one to disappoint his father.

Anything evil that comes into your life is NOT from God. It is something that you chose to bring into your life.

Satan fell because of bitterness.
He felt like God was holding out on him.
ALL sin goes back to the root of bitterness.

Ways Satan will take your eyes of Christ
Ex. Eve & the Apple

A.Lust of eyes
B.Lust of flesh

All men!

Bitterness pulls you away from all of your relationships. It will always lead to loneliness and self pity. (Poor me syndrome)
Your life choices have lead you to your current life state. (The way your life is now)

Bitterness rips you of all Joy.
Complaining leads to bitterness within your heart.

Bitter roots:

1.Bitter roots will deceive you. Hebrew’s 12:v13-14
2.Bitter roots defile. V15-16
3.Bitter roots cause ongoing suffering.

God will never act outside his character because he gave us free will.

God is NOT the one causing sickness, death and broken relationships.