Conversations at Small Groups

I was at a connect group last night and a few questions for discussion came up that still has me thinking about them this morning. None of us came up with any real answers, so I know I need to let it go. Regardless, I wanted to lay them on the table.

1. When did everyone become hyper sensitive?

2.Why do we need the ten point mercy rule for all the kids on sports teams?

3. How did we go from High schoolers bringing their guns to school to show their friends after school or on lunch break, to bringing them in the school to shoot their classmates that didn’t like them, bullied them, etc.?

4. At what age did we all realize that we really do not care what others think of us? It just sort of happens between age 40-60. And it’s so liberating!

5. As older adults, how can we be good role models to kids and teens that do not want to learn from us, rather learn from the internet.

6. Is it a good idea to colonize Mars, since earth is so populated?


Conversations February 24, 2022


Two guys: “Stop flirting with her. Just ask her out.”

One Guy to lady making my coffee: “He likes you, that’s why he’s flirting with you?“

Lady: “He can like me all he wants, but he’s barking up the wrong tree. He is a he.”

February 23, 2022

Thrifting (two guy workers from the other day)

Guy 1: “Dude, do you attend anywhere?”

Guy 2: “Like a church?”

Guy 1: “Yea. I go to the S***** Church? If you ever want to go with me, I can come pick you up.”

Guy 2: “No. my parents made me stop going when I turned 18. I can’t just sit there work an hour and listen to someone talk I go crazy!”

Guy 1: “Oh. Okay. Well if you ever change your mind.”

Guy 2: “I go to connect groups though. I love the interaction and everyone chatting back and forth. If church was like that, I’d go. I figure at least it’s something. And it keeps my parents happy.”

Another thrift store

A lady was looking at the nightmare while another worker guy was restocking.

Lady yo worker: “Excuse me sir, what do you think of this Housedress? Do you think it will fit me? Also, how much are the nightgowns? I really like this pattern and color on this one. I think it will fit.”

Worker: “Today is my first day. I don’t know how much they are. If you go ask up front, they will know.”

Lady: “Be a dear and go ask for me. Here, take it with you. Thanks.”

I could have told them both that all the nightwear is $4 each, but I have found that even the tiniest interaction with people (while Thrifting) results in full blown conversations and I was pressed for time so didn’t say anything. lol

Guy: “Ma’am, all night wear is $4 each they said. Here you go.”

Lady: “Thank you. so do you think this will fit me and look good on me?”

Guy: “Our dressing rooms are open if you want to go try it on.”

Lady: “Oh no. No time for any of that. I guess I will chance it. What is your return policy?”

Guy: “Um. I am not sure. Today is actually my first day. If you go yo front, they will know.”

Lady: “Be a dear and go ask for me. Thanks.”

And then I was done looking so left..

Again, I could have offered the answer. Seven days to return. 😂

February 21, 2020

Two men workers in the thrift store:

Man1: “Have you heard that in some states the Government are offering to cancel student loans and give you straight up cash if you get the shot now?”

Man2: “Yes. That is crazy! You know no government has ever cared about their people on any level, so there is something more about this damn jab then we all know. People are too blinded to see it, so let them end their lives. People call us dumb for not wanting to comply, they have no idea how the Government has weaponized them.”

Man1: “I know man. I tried to explain this to both of my parents who were healthy before they got it. Both have heart conditions now. My father is the worse. What’s done is done, but I hate it for them. They don’t get it and were just raised never to question and do as you are told.”

Man2: “Heart issues after the shot? Yeah. Sounds like my aunt. She’s just now seeing how she was healthy before, made it through Covid twice. Pressured to get the shot from her daughter, and hasn’t been the same.”

Man1: “Okay man, we have to get back to work before they say something. I’ll be in the back going through the drop offs. You finish up here.”

Man2: “Cool. later.”

Man on his cell phone looking shoes next to me-

“Dude! What’s up? How’s it hangin? I’m ****** ** The Goodwill, can you believe it? Need shoes and this is the only **** thrift in the area.

Right??? Yeah. Nothing! If I were back home in Cali, I’d have my pick. Nah. Not a single pair. Nah. No Jordons at all. Gucci? Are you high? Not here dude. No. Not a single pair. Wait, what are these? Let me sit down and try them. Dude!!! There are old socks in them. I’m not gonna find anything here. Footlocker? I doubt it. I’ll check. **** I’m only here for two more days. Yeah so I better motor. Catch ya later. Need to find something without breaking the *** bank. Hope they never fly me out to this one horse town again. I’m in the middle of **** ZERO! Hahaha. Later dude.”

February 19,2022 Conversations

Thrift store

Mom to teen Daughter: “Now go look and pick yourself some tops.”

Daughter: “I like this American Eagle top mommy.”

Mom: “ No. too short. Put back.”

Daughter: “Mommy, how about this too. It’s a medium so it will be oversized in me.”

Mom: “No. don’t like. Put back.”

Daughter: “Mommy, how about these two tops. They would look great with these jeans that I have on. Yes?”

Mom: “ No. too short. Put back.”

Daughter: “They are not too short. Look! Look! They are cute. My belly won’t show. These are what all the girls at school wear with flannels on top. I really do want them mommy.”

Mom: “No. put back. Don’t like. I will pick for you when I am do t looking for myself. I thought at 15, you’d be able to do it. But no.”

Daughter: “Okay mommy. I am sorry I disappointed you again.”

February 18, 2022 Conversations

TJ Max:

Lady on her phone next to me: I hear you clearly. I told him that he had three months to leave his wife and file for a divorce. I don’t have time to play these games anymore. It’s been two years and I’m not getting any younger.

Style Encore Consignment :

Lady to cashier- “Why didn’t you take any of these shoes; if you don’t mind me asking. They are all new in their boxes.”

Cashier: “I am so sorry, but that style is just not stylish anymore. It was a few years back. Had you brought them in then, we would have gladly purchased them from you.”

Then it was my turn.

Cashier to me: “We will purchase these eleven dresses from you and can offer you $38.” “We would have purchased more from you today. You had the right brands and styles, but the garments needed to be steamed or ironed first, so we can’t take them.”

February 17, 2022 Conversations

While relaxing in my chair getting my teeth cleaned. Something I throughly enjoy doing.

But not today…

Just as I closed my eyes, this conversation was going on in the next cubbie.

Hygienist to the lady she was working on-

“Yes. I just love dogs too. How many do you have?”

Lady: “Just two old gals. They have been with us for years.“

Hygienist: “My mama and I went to Chicago last week to pick up a poodle. Only three months old. We took it to a doggie part yesterday and before either of us could stop it, a pit bull came out of no where and shredded it. My new poodle. Ribbed the fur right off its ears and it was swinging back and forth in its mouth. It was a real shame.”

The Lady was surprised at the graphic details, which I will spare y’all. I tensed up and started to tear up and my hygienist needed to stop cleaning my teeth and ask the other to shhhhhh….She just kept on sharing the details. I felt as if I witnessed the scene myself. S

he missed her calling as a graphic novelist I think.

It was not pleasant to hear.

Passive Income

I will start off by saying I am not on any social media whatsoever. That said, I have been reading about how people are talking negatively about passive income.

Apparently there are big time tic-tockers who are choosing to be boss babes, boss guys; or so they call it. Young people.

Some are profiting from micro currencies and bitcoin. Stock market options and daily trading. While others are making their millions by buying cheap real estate in run down areas and flipping them. Nothing wrong with that in theory, except people are very upset that these individuals are fixing up rundown homes with the cheapest of the cheap fixtures, etc, and selling them for astronomical prices. Not to mention, taking these areas where the lower income folks could only afford to live, off the market entirely. Basically, making families homeless because there are not enough cheap rents or homes anymore. This is what is irking people.

That shared-

There are also handfuls on top profiting from MLM’s. Personally, I think MLMs are the bottom of the barrel and really do prey on peoples poverty by exploiting them. This is no secret, yet people do seem blindsided out of desperation. Hardships are real, and we have all experienced them. Myself included.

I am not entirely sure how I feel about the real estate flipping game. Yet!

I do think getting into real estate and/or the stock market will not be going anywhere and are smart financial decisions that can, and will benefit your families future if you know what you are doing and are willing to gamble a bit. There is no easy get rich plan. Unless you have an inheritance.

Reselling is also huge right now.

I first jumped on the band wagon back in 1999.

It was very new back then. I took a break to raise kids, and then I jumped back into it about seven years ago. Back in the days, people didn’t have any opinions on it. At least I never heard them when I was asked what I did for income. But that has all changed now. People are ticked off! It’s as if no one wants you to succeed. Or at least no one wants you doing better then they are. It’s absurd! I am still a believer they hard work pays off.

When you mention that to someone nowadays, they laugh at you.

I think it’s because you can have two jobs working you to the bone and still just make it. Inflation is robbing us all. The government wants to keep us all poor. Make no mistake on that. Sorry if that offends you.

This is where passive income plays in.

Forget working two dead end jobs eighty hours a week, and find or invent a service job that you are good at and enjoy.

People do not want to do this though. Why? It takes double the work. Double the time. There will always be people who need structure. And this is okay, as we are not all the same.

Does it bother me hearing folks bash resellers? It does sometimes. I even heard it while I was out sourcing last week.

Conversations at a thrift store:

Guy to his friend: “Dude, what to you think of this vintage band tee?”

Friend: “Looks too old”

Guy: “Yeah. Maybe I should get it to sell on Poshmark.”

Friend: “What’s that?”

Guy: “You don’t know? It’s a place like a thrift store but online where these dumb-a** resellers rob people.”

Friend: “Really? Like people don’t just come here to shop?”

Guy: “Nah. There are a group of people who shop thrift stores for vintage stuff like this tee and turn around and sell it five times what they bought it for. It’s awful!”

I was standing right next to them during the conversation and doing just as he said. Embarrassed? Shamed? Nope! Not even a bit.

There are so many people who hate to treasure hunt, dig , shop, etc. People like convenience and resellers provide a service to them. People are buying more then a used vintage tee for $35-$85. They are paying for someone to find them something that perhaps they have been wanting and have it delivered to their front door, clean, pressed, and wrapped with a bow like a birthday gift. Oftentimes it’s nostalgic for the buyer. I get so much feedback from people writing me personal thank you for finding an item that they once had long ago. Or people who just like all the frills and detail that I put into the wrapping.

I could have explained this to the guys. But they may not have got it. so be it!

Speaking g of services…Let’s Think Ubur eats, door dash, post mates, and all the other newer companies that provide a service.

People are really upset about all of the above.

I can see both sides of the story. But either way, bragging online, whether ticktock, Facebook, or the alike, is rather icky, and will always get you noticed in a negative light in my opinion.

People are upset that people, who they do not think are deserving of their wealth are profiting, and living their best life. While they are punching a time clock to a dead end job that they hate.

Alas’ Dead end jobs have their place. They always will.

A lot of people are not good at managing their time and need to be told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. And there is nothing wrong with this.

These folks punch a clock five or six days a week, and then they get to chill and enjoy their days off how they see fit. Maybe they will get called into work, and they also have that option. The choice is theirs.

I have kids on both sides of the fence, where my husband and I are for the most part, self employed.

Being self employed is working 24/7. It’s not easy- peasie like these seven figure young people making videos are claiming. Maybe they have had parents front them funds, or an inheritance to invest in that instantly put them to where they are now, at 22, 23 years of age. If so, Great! More power to them. Why does it bother people do much. We work with the cards we have been dealt in life. This is life! If you don’t like it, be the one to change it.

We simply do not know peoples back stories entirely, as they are only sharing how they are making millions in their sleep and traveling the world, and you can too!

That all shared,

Here are some negative sides of passive income.

You work around the clock.

You have to be self motivated.

You have to have multiple streams of income and always be adding more in the event that one area goes South.

You have to be fine working alone.

You have to know that there will be highs and lows.

People will not like you for whatever reason. But mainly because you are marching to another beat. You are not a traditional person who chose college and a “career”

More times then not, people will never take what you do seriously and think whatever your self employed job is, that it’s not a real job because you have no one signing your paycheck.

I can go on, but let’s talk about the positives.

You are your own boss. Some people, like myself, do not play well with others. Not a team player and do not like being told what to do it when to do it.

You are an entrepreneur.

You can choose to take a trip anytime you please. Proving you have funds to do so. You generally do!

Depending on how hard you work, you will reap the profits. You are a go with the flow type of person and do not mind changing strategies at the drop of a hat and improving what you do. You simply don’t mind working around the clock because you love what you do and are passionate.

You have no need to complain because you chose your own path. The path that brings you happiness and fulfillment. 🙂

February 1, 2022

February 1,2022
I blinked and a whole month disappeared again. They say that as we age, and get older, time goes by much quicker.

Januarys word of month in review is SICKNESS.

Covid In particularly.
Hubby got it, three out of four kids caught it. And now today, as I’m documenting this, I have it.
The last time I caught Covid was on my birthday, two years ago in 2020. No one else in the house caught it but me back then. No, I didn’t isolate from the rest of the family. I don’t have a west wing to retreat too.

I wrote down all my symptoms a couple years back and did a day by day and this current Covid, seems to be treating me the same.
First a sore throat. Feels almost like strep, but not as bad, and only lasts for twenty four hours. Then a migraine to knock your socks off. That lasts for two days. Then fatigue and chills. Cough and runny/stuffy nose at the same time. Waking with my skeleton hurting, especially my head, face, and jaw. It just hurts, I’m not sure how to explain the feeling.
All in all, it feels like the flu. Not fun. And I feel of you have preexisting health issues, it will feel worse for you.

Doctors say to stay in bed for ten days and take NyQuil.
I guess they need to tell you something though.
Currently I’m on day four.

I’m actually taking an arsenal of supplements like I did the last time and it takes the edge off enough to go about my day and work. Night time on the other hand is pure death, and I’ve just accepted it. Flus, bolds, and even Covid will be much worse when the sun goes down and peak as you are trying to fall asleep.

Currently I am taking the following:

Zicam 3x a day.
One Lactoferrin and two Benedryl before bed, along with Two Tylenol.

2 Noni, 600mg of Monolauren, 20,000IU of Vitamin D each day, 400mg of Camu Camu (vitamin C) along with 30mg of Zinc during the say.
And lastly, two cloves of garlic twice a day.

If I had to only pic two of the above to take, it would be Zicam and Tylenol. As they both are pretty instant.