Conversations March 30, 2022


Two moms taking:

Mom#1- “Cash is a horrible school! It’s actually the worst in the city. Everyone knows it. Teachers cuss at the students. No one cares. You make a complaint to the teacher or principal you get cussed out too.
Cussing at middle school children is not okay. My friends daughter was having trouble reading and the teacher would call her dumb. She’d come home crying. She’d call the teacher for a meeting and she’d have the teacher come down on her.

Mom#2- “Well my son was suppose to go there because it’s the closest to where we live, but we just pay the penalty of not sending him there each year. It’s only $300 a year. He goes to K’ville middle school. It’s a much better school.
It bugs me that kids are not allowed To bring their own lunch, but I think that is everywhere nowadays.”

Mom#1- “Yes, that is everywhere. It’s not the way it was when we were in school. I pay $65 a month for my son to bring his ham sandwiches for lunch. He’s still not allowed to sit in the cafeteria with the other kids, which I think is nuts!
I can see if it were a PB&J, but it’s a ham sandwich.”

Mom#2- “You know why they do that right?
If there are not enough kids getting the schools lunch, they get less funds coming in. So we are paying the difference.
I don’t want my kid eating those unhealthy lunches!”

Mom#1: I know. It’s crazy! But at least they are not at home anymore.
Covid is still going on. My son still has to wear a mask all day at school. Even on the playground.
He came home one day last week not feeling well. Took his temp and then we gave him a Covid test that came back positive.
By morning he was fine so I sent him right back to school. You know what happens if I would have told the school he had Covid?”

Mom#2: “Yes I do! I have been through the same thing twice with my other kids. If you tell them your kid tested positive, they will make the whole classroom stay home for ten days.
Yeah! I don’t think so. It’s so dumb!”

Mom#1: “Hey! Don’t call him a name or you will go to jail young man. That’s how it works.”


Conversations March 17, 2022


A Grandma waiting outside next to us on a chair I front of Starbucks.

Three teen to College age Grandkids with masks arrive.

“Oh my gosh! it’s been so long since we have seen you grandma!”

Grandma: “Yes, before Covid I think.”

GrandKids: “Well, we do live all the way in ******** grandma. (Twenty mins away)

Grandma: “Give me a great big hug kids! Boy has grandma missed you!”

Grandkids: “We are going to have to give you an air hug because you don’t wear a mask grandma.”

Travel Time Again

It’s that time of the year again. We are planning a road trip. South Carolina, Savannah,Georgia, and then to St. Petersburg and Tampa Florida.

I have no clue why hotels have nearly doubled, so we are looking for a cottage to rent. Much cheaper.

I plan to do some Thrifting along the way, so hopefully I will have some more interesting conversations to share. Yes. Yes. I know it’s wrong to be sharing other peoples conversations for entertainment. 🤪

What else? We are off to try to find my daughter some prom shoes today, once the exterminator leave. She has two proms this year. Hence, two gowns and two pairs of shoes. She already bought two dresses. One is an ANTHROPOLOGIE and the other is a Ted Baker. Both pink!

I thrifted these really cool Nikes last night.

Size 8.5 I can’t wait to list them! They even came with their dust bag. I guess everyone is getting new tennis this time of year, as I’ve been finding so many good ones. Last week I found some mens Nike Air Force 1’s. I also found some Women’s Tods, that already sold. Lots of Cowboy boots with the Good year tire soles. Too bad no prom shoes.

I have started sourcing from Jomar this past month.

When I first started reselling, back in 1999, I sold toys and antiques. There is still a high demand for both, but my interests have changed, and I need to enjoy my work.

It’s so nice to find a source that delivers, that’s actually good. Currently I’m waiting for a hat box to arrive. When I thrift locally, I’m looking for bras, swimwear, nightwear, purses, quilts, and designer items. I’m fading away from hard-goods, as they are harder to flip and take up too much room. Not to mention wrapping breakables and hoping that they arrive in one piece.

I guess that is it for now.

It Has Begun

Construction 🚧

The eighteen acres smack in front of our house has been sold off to builders and they are ripping up the trees to build thirty-Seven houses.

The noise feels like city life. I expect there too be construction noise for the next year.

They can’t take six of our trees, which looks super weird. One big oak, and some smaller pines.

We had several persimmon trees that my kids grew up with, now gone. Feels sad, but life must go on.

Conversations March 13, 2022

Nail Salon

Lady next to me talking to the nail technician: “It sure is a cold one today. Twenty degrees this morning and that wind chill nearly lifted my kids trampoline into the neighbors yard. I was kinda hoping it would of.”

Nail Technician: “We had that happen to us before. Lifted it into the trees, no less. It’s hard to believe it’s Spring.“

Lady: “I got me one of those heated steering wheel covers. It plugs into your lighter. I may just leave it on all year.”

Nail Technician: “Where do you buy that? My elderly mother would love one.”

Lady: “Amazon, where else?”

Both laugh and then silence..

Conversations March 12, 2022

Hair salon:

Ladies next to me-

Customer to lady cutting her hair: “I want it cut really short to keep people scared of me. A number one on the sides and a number two on top to spike it with gel.

I’m a nurse. I’m also in the malicia.
You know I got a $3 raise this year so now I get $75 less a month in food stamps. Da*n Natzis!

I voted for Biden because I was not a fan of Trump, but if he runs again, you can be da*n sure I’ll be voting for him this time. We would not be having these gas issues if he was our president. If only Kid Rock was our president…
And another thing, Food!

The ten piece nugget will now be an eight piece for the same cost. Can you believe that one?
One of my patients is the food distributor for fast foods.
He told me that it cost them .5 per nugget now. Use to be .3 cents.

So here is a billion dollar company and they can’t eat the extra .10 per two nuggets.
Nope! I’m boycotting them. Da’n Natzis!

Had to dip into our savings to pay for these da*n gas prices. Open the damn pipeline already.
Idiots!” Took me nine months to save up for a new transmission. Nine months! Yeah, 3k.

Beautician to biker chick:

“I agree wholeheartedly. The gas increase isn’t stopping anyone. We are all just using our savings or putting it on credit.
People are not going to cut back on what little lifestyle they have, if that’s what the government is thinking. I think the government was happy with us all at home during Covid.

I had Pizza last night and I am bringing chicken home tonight. It’s been non stop since 8am! I’m beat. 72 hair cuts today between the two of us.

Biker Chick: “I hear you. People think because I’m a nurse, I’m loaded. They don’t realize I work 60 hours a week for beans by the time they steal my taxes. Thank God the masks are over. I almost had to quit!”

Conversations March 10, 2022


Lady to me: “You know you are probably not going to find much in here today, especially long sleeves. My friends and I were in here last week when they were all 50% off. We bought nearly everything!”

Me: “I was here last week also. Right when they opened. I actually bought 52 items!”

Lady: “Oh! Well I don’t know why I come here so often. I really don’t need anymore clothes.”

Me: “Are you a reseller?”

Lady: “No. what’s that?”

Me: “I am a reseller. I buy things to sell online. Like a yard sale, but online.”

Lady: “Ohhhh. So you buy all the good stuff from here and sell it to people”

Me: “I do!”

Lady: “Have a nice day…” walks off…

Conversations March 3, 2022

While looking through the coats.

Man to me: “Are these coats 50% off today?”
Me: “Yes. Sweaters, blazers and long sleeves too.”
Man: “Blazers? I need some church blazers.”
Me: “I am pretty sure. The sales lady is right over there. Ask.”
Man: “Ma’am, are these blazers on sale today. Are they included in the 50% off sale.”

Lady: “They are. There is the sign over there that tells which things are on sale.”

Man to me: “Guess you were right. What do you think of this navy blue one, would it fit me?”

Me: “I think so. Try it on!”

Man: “Well. Was just asking.”

Walks off…..

Todays SS Notes

From todays Sunday School

We teach our kids from a young age to “not stare”
The only issue with this teaching is as they grow up, “don’t stare” becomes “Don’t See”

Thinking of the handicap, mentally challenged, homeless, and then elderly…

What can we do this week to make the invisible, visible?

Christian in later life

Something that I’ve never heard anyone discuss before, are the benefits of becoming a born again believer in latter life.

Maybe benefits is not the right word.

I spent years bitter because I did not grow up in a Christian home like all my adult friends. I felt like if I had, I would not have screwed up my life so much before age 22. I made d sad I many mistakes and wrong turns between age 14-22, I loss tract.

I got saved a couple of months before my 23rd birthday. I still remember, as if it were yesterday. I also remember how I use to see the world and everyone in it. I thought that that would have been something I would have forgot, all these years later. But I have not.

Becoming saved as an adult has made me view things a whole lot different then all of my Christian friends. I remember what worked and what didn’t work, when people talked about God to me. I remember all the many times I went to church as a child and teen.

I don’t have any memories going to church with my mother, but I do remember going to church with both of her sisters. Both were Presbyterians. (Insert short fun Bible lessons, having snacks and learning about Adam and Eve, Jonah, and Noah’s Ark again and again and again. Nothing more!)

I also went to church with my grandmothers when I spent the night with them. One was Pentecostal (insert 4 hour services on a backroads farm) And the other grandma was a Roman Catholic. (Insert a bunch of hand movement rituals, singing and chit-chat from the pulpit, without a clue to what I just heard) Visiting my father, I have memories of going to confession and making up things to say. Just got kicks!

I ask myself, What did I actually believe in? I believed in Evolution and the Big Bang. I also believed in Adam and Eve. I just though they were the cavemen.

By the time I was 22, and I heard the true gospel, from my now husband, I was a mess. I remember telling him that I was recarnated and was many different people and animals in my past lives.. having memories here and there.

I also believed that the Bible was never to be taken seriously. And if it were true, it was dated. My mom use to tell me that.

Fast Forward: I am a born again believer of The one and ONLY true God, Jesus Christ.

I have been a Christian for 25 years now. Have I backslid during these 25 years? Yes I have!

But God always led me right back to him through prayer.

Before I was saved, I had no idea what convictions felt like. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, without any guilt whatsoever.

Was that an easier way to live? Simply for yourself? Sure it was!

But I would never ever want to go back to who I was and how I was. My whole mind frame has changed. And I know that I had nothing to do with it. Christ did. I was having too much fun living for me.

Culture takes a sin and celebrates the sin. I was a free agent. Highs and deep lows in life. When it was good, it was very good. And when it was bad, I wanted to die.

I remember being very much a part of worldly culture, and I know what it’s like to be part of counterculture. It’s so much more fulfilling!

That said, one of the benefits of becoming saved as an adult is that I have never felt like God abandoned me when things were not going well for me. (Let’s face it, Christian or not, life is not a bowl of cherries 24/7)

I have also never felt disappointed, or mad at God. Wanting to throw in the towel and go back to my pre-saved days. I hear Christian’s share these two things pretty frequently.

I think it’s because I remember how I felt before I was saved. And in comparison to how I have feel as a Christian.. Well, there is no way that I could ever dream of going back to that empty, shallow, lifeless, lonely, internal feeling that I couldn’t escape late at night when I was all alone with my thoughts.

Life was crazy! Filled with uncertainty and questions.

I have no questions now. I know how it ends. I have no uncertainty now. I have no loneliness.. even when I’m alone. I do not Fear death whatsoever. I remember thinking that o was once a bunny rabbit that was killed by a wolf. Goodness me! I actually believed I use to be a rabbit!!

I also know when, and when I am not in Gods will. I will start off his path and feel him tug me back. It is remarkable!

His yoke is easy. I never knew or understood the meaning of that until I became one with Christ.

It’s an organic feeling. And being on the right road in life is pretty darn Amazing. I feel peace.

I have peace in the good and bad times.

I can feel sad, yet at complete peace through Christ.

Is there anything better to delight in, then being at Peace 24/7? I think not!

If someone would have shared all of these things with me as a child or teen, I would have though they were nuts! I would not have understood what they meant by having internal peace when something awful has happened. I would not have understood what it meant to be born again. To physically die, to lose my putter shell (flesh) yet have my spirit alive forever. That is a-lot to fully grasp. I am just so thrilled that I had people praying for me and a husband that took a chance on me.