Conversations March 12, 2022

Hair salon:

Ladies next to me-

Customer to lady cutting her hair: “I want it cut really short to keep people scared of me. A number one on the sides and a number two on top to spike it with gel.

I’m a nurse. I’m also in the malicia.
You know I got a $3 raise this year so now I get $75 less a month in food stamps. Da*n Natzis!

I voted for Biden because I was not a fan of Trump, but if he runs again, you can be da*n sure I’ll be voting for him this time. We would not be having these gas issues if he was our president. If only Kid Rock was our president…
And another thing, Food!

The ten piece nugget will now be an eight piece for the same cost. Can you believe that one?
One of my patients is the food distributor for fast foods.
He told me that it cost them .5 per nugget now. Use to be .3 cents.

So here is a billion dollar company and they can’t eat the extra .10 per two nuggets.
Nope! I’m boycotting them. Da’n Natzis!

Had to dip into our savings to pay for these da*n gas prices. Open the damn pipeline already.
Idiots!” Took me nine months to save up for a new transmission. Nine months! Yeah, 3k.

Beautician to biker chick:

“I agree wholeheartedly. The gas increase isn’t stopping anyone. We are all just using our savings or putting it on credit.
People are not going to cut back on what little lifestyle they have, if that’s what the government is thinking. I think the government was happy with us all at home during Covid.

I had Pizza last night and I am bringing chicken home tonight. It’s been non stop since 8am! I’m beat. 72 hair cuts today between the two of us.

Biker Chick: “I hear you. People think because I’m a nurse, I’m loaded. They don’t realize I work 60 hours a week for beans by the time they steal my taxes. Thank God the masks are over. I almost had to quit!”

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