Conversations March 30, 2022


Two moms taking:

Mom#1- “Cash is a horrible school! It’s actually the worst in the city. Everyone knows it. Teachers cuss at the students. No one cares. You make a complaint to the teacher or principal you get cussed out too.
Cussing at middle school children is not okay. My friends daughter was having trouble reading and the teacher would call her dumb. She’d come home crying. She’d call the teacher for a meeting and she’d have the teacher come down on her.

Mom#2- “Well my son was suppose to go there because it’s the closest to where we live, but we just pay the penalty of not sending him there each year. It’s only $300 a year. He goes to K’ville middle school. It’s a much better school.
It bugs me that kids are not allowed To bring their own lunch, but I think that is everywhere nowadays.”

Mom#1- “Yes, that is everywhere. It’s not the way it was when we were in school. I pay $65 a month for my son to bring his ham sandwiches for lunch. He’s still not allowed to sit in the cafeteria with the other kids, which I think is nuts!
I can see if it were a PB&J, but it’s a ham sandwich.”

Mom#2- “You know why they do that right?
If there are not enough kids getting the schools lunch, they get less funds coming in. So we are paying the difference.
I don’t want my kid eating those unhealthy lunches!”

Mom#1: I know. It’s crazy! But at least they are not at home anymore.
Covid is still going on. My son still has to wear a mask all day at school. Even on the playground.
He came home one day last week not feeling well. Took his temp and then we gave him a Covid test that came back positive.
By morning he was fine so I sent him right back to school. You know what happens if I would have told the school he had Covid?”

Mom#2: “Yes I do! I have been through the same thing twice with my other kids. If you tell them your kid tested positive, they will make the whole classroom stay home for ten days.
Yeah! I don’t think so. It’s so dumb!”

Mom#1: “Hey! Don’t call him a name or you will go to jail young man. That’s how it works.”

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