Conversations at a Hospital ER

I can’t quote any of these because o was going through an ordeal myself at the time, but these all took place within a six hour ER hospital floor. Yesterday.

Man rushed in due to a Snake bite from doing yard work. He said it was his second bite this year. He was treated immediately with a shot and prescription for pain meds.

A lady rushed in screaming because she had Open surgery last week and the wound had ruptured. Blood. Stitches came out. She was screaming in pain.

Two elderly women were dealing with UTI’s.

One women had a Fainting spell.

A Lady got kicked out by her boyfriend several hours prior and was now homeless and suicidal. He’s tried strangling her several times but she really loves him..
Scissor scars on both arms from previous attempts. She said she was a threat to herself and had no place to go. Her Kids don’t talk to her. No living parents. Estranged sister. And she just turned
66 years old and was completely alone. They admitted her for mental health reasons.

It takes a very special person to be able to work in a ER. The staff were all attentive and professional.

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