Conversations April 9, 2022


Two women talking next to me:

1-“It’s too late to start tomatoes now.”

2-“Are you sure, bubba use to start them right up until June.”

1- “Yea, should have been started two weeks ago.”

2-“What about if I buy the trees already started and put them in the ground?”

1-“Now that you an do.”

Two other women:

1- “She’d be getting her butt whipped if she were my brat running around the store like an untamed animal. What the heck is with that mother?”

2-I know. It’s no wonder we have the mess that we do with kids now a days. Look at her over there. She should have left her three brats at home. They are a mess!”

Two other women shopping, also noticing..

1-“why doesn’t the staff tell that mom to control her darn kids. They should not be allowed to run up abs down the isles like that abs making such a mockery.”

2-“Want me to go speak to the manager?”


2-Okay, she said she’s already asked the mom twice to keep her children with her.”

1-“Well, let’s look at the dresses and get out of here. Those kids are stressing me out.

A grandma and her middle age daughter:

Grandma-“Ate you sure she said that her wedding colors are
FLORESANT orange and charcoal gray dear?”

Daughter: “She did. I am not fond of either color and I think it’s going to be hard to find a dress in either color.”

Grandma-“Did she tell you how or why she chose those specific colors?”

Daughter:”I assume they are sone sports team. Otherwise your guess is as good as mine.”

Grandma-“Well, let’s do check. There are a few other places we can also check. I certainly don’t think I’d be ever wearing either color after the wedding so I don’t think we should spend a lot.”

While cashing out, the mom with the three kids is in front of me.

She cashes out and leaves and sone people in the store start clapping.
Then the cashier says to me, that she’s going to need to retire after listening to screaming kids for the past three hours.
The other two cashiers agreed, and one said that she doesn’t know why the mother didn’t take her out to the car for a whipping.

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