Tampa, Florida 2022

Last Running WW2 Ship American Victory WW2 Ship These notebooks were on the drawer next to the typewriter.

Tampa, Florida 2022

Conversations May 3,2022

St Petersburg Florida

Sunshine Thrift

Two Seniors shopping together

1:”I am just happy to see you Betty. How long has it been?”

2:”Two months at least. It’s the snowbird life.”

1:”That it is. I keep telling Ed, we need to start off earlier. I see you have been working on your tan.”

2: “I have. What I like to do, is to tan in the back, facing the lake with nothing on at all. I figured I’ve earned it.”

1: “ Well ever since Covid, they are saying that we need more vitamin D.”

2: “That, they are. Can you help me choose a backless swimsuit?” I need to work on my own tan.”

1:”Over here. That’s where all the swimsuits are.”