Conversations August 20, 2022

Thrift Store Conversation:

Black lady to Hispanic Lady:

“You are not planning on styling that together are you? Looks awful! Here, move over and let me help you. What size are you? You look big boned. Extra Large perhaps? What about something like this? If you are going to come to the states to live, at least learn how to dress.”

Hispanic lady remained quiet and shook her head yes and no, when the rude stranger was holding things up to her.

Several isles over-

Twenty something gal to her, I’m assuming, Gay Best Friend:
“None of these dresses fit because my chest is too large! At this point I’m going to show up as a guest with nothing on at all.”

Best Friend: “There is a procedure for that. Get rid of those atrocious things! And please keep your clothes on. No one wants to see all of that.”

Super Market-

Cashier to the lady in front of me: “ I’m sorry we do not take that old money.”

Customer: “These are silver dollars and half dollars.”

Customer: “Let me speak to the manager.”

Cashier: “Yeah. But no, I’m sorry.”

Cashier called manager over.

Manger:”I’m sorry ma’am, we do not take coin dollars, or half dollars.”

Customer: “But this is all the money I have.”
Manager: “Sorry. We can hold your food for you if you want to come back.”

Customer to Manager shared sone choice words, and then left empty handed.

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