Conversations October 10, 2022


Cashier to me:
“How are you doing this evening?”

Me: “Good, and you?”

Cashier: “Amazing! My husband finally left me. I’ve been waiting fifteen years. Finally, at 62, he’s gone. I wake up happy every day now.”

Lady behind me: “You too huh? Mine asked me for a divorce and I screamed YES! I was hoping he’d leave for years. So much better being single at 56.

Cashier: “I’ve beat cancer twice, and now with my husband gone, I can really start enjoying life and not having to put up with him. Life is amazing!”

Lady behind me to me: “Yes, life is much better in the later years being single.
How old are you? Are you married? Happily?”

Such an odd conversation. 😳


Conversations October 3, 2022

At the YMCA


“How was your music lesson today?”

“Good. I had fun. I love to sing.”

“That’s good. Your mommy will be happy to hear that. We have your swimming lesson finished now, so let’s get your leotard and Tutu on and get ready for your dance lesson.”

“Yay! I’m ready.”

“You certainly are honey. You will be a pro at everything before your sixth birthday!”