Conversations November 30th

At the YMCA

Two older men

Man 1: “Hey, how you doing today?”

Man 2: “Pretty good brother, pretty good. God is good. I am 67 today.”

Man 1: “Really, you look Great! You don’t not look a day over 50! What’s your secret?”

Man 2: “Working out, have to do it, even when you don’t want to. I have great health! No meds at all! Best shape of my life!”

Man 1: “Mind if I workout with you today?

Man 2; “Sure! As long as you can keep up!”

Both laugh and start working out.


Turning 50 next week!

What do you want for your birthday, DH asked.
New bag? Perfume?
Fancy dinner?

I didn’t need to think about it.

“No, none of the above. I replied.”

The truth is, I’d LOVE to be sitting in my living room with my five children for hours on end, playing Monopoly with them. Just like when they were younger.

THAT, is on the very top of my list. My heart.

Maybe on my 60th?”

Hmm, so Instead,

I’d take a….

  1. A lingering stroll in a park for fun, not exercise.
    Stopping to examine Gods creation.
    3.Sitting at Pilot Mountain, breathing in the fresh air and watching the birds fly by.
  2. Maybe, wading in the waterfalls. But it’s much to cold this time of year.
    5.Sitting on my porch rocking chair, and just staring off in the distance.
    6.Reading into the night without watching what time it was, or worries about the next days tasks.
    7.Sleeping until noon. Coffee and a Western omelette in bed.
    8.Waking to a clean house because it was clean the night before.

These are the little things that bring me Joy.
And the best part is, you can’t put a price tag on them.

I have experienced so much heart break in my life, and at fifty, I have come to realize it’s made me who I am today. I love hard, and feel all the feels, and had I not given my life to Christ when I did, I know I would have never seen fifty. So when I wake up on my birthday I will be praising the Lord wholeheartedly.

Conversations November 12, 2022


Lady #1: How does my jaw look?

Lady #2: Don’t worry about it, you can barely tell. No one is going to say anything.

Lady #1: I hope not!

Gym Locker Room

Lady #1: It smells so good in here.

Lady #2: It does. Nothing like the other day when it smelled like farts.

Lady #1: That is so true. Let’s do a workout and then spin class. I need to burn some calories.

Lady #2: Are we still going out for pizza afterwards?

Lady #1: Of course!