Conversations December 3, 2022

While Out to Supper
(45 minute wait)

One of the Couples waiting next to us.

40’s something Man: “Is this place alright?”
40’s something Woman: “As long as there is a bar, I’m good!”

40’s something Man: “Do you want to sit down here to wait for an opening, or wait in the bar?”
40’s something Woman:”No. I’m a leaner. I’m fine to stand.”

40’s something Man:” Have you been using the dating app frequently?”
40’s something Woman:”Only when I’m hungry. Ha! Or thirsty.”

40’s something Man:”Okay then. Let’s go over to the bar side and order a drink for you.”
40’s something Woman:”Thought you’d never ask!”

40’s something Man: “I like how the bar is separated from the good side.”
40’s something Woman: “On her phone.. not paying attention.”
40’s something Man:”I say I like how this place is separated. You?”
40’s something Woman: “Yeah. It’s nice. Let’s go have that drink now. I have another date later.”

And they both walked off to the bar side of the restaurant.

I wonder how his evening went. 😱

I think I can understand why there are so many older, single people nowadays…😔