Trying out a new Coffee House. Lots of yummy choices, but I will probably stick with my usual, an Americano. But if I were to venture out, the Reese’s Cup sounds very good. 

There are eight little cubbies to sit at. Each couple gets their own cubbie. It’s set up very private. 

An Americano. 

Interesting choice to display.


Starbucks Unicorn Frapp

Well, seeing as this is a limited Edition frapp. Only available for five days. I just had to try it. 

This is the medium size. It’s $4.95

It starts off sweet and then ends on a sour patch kid sort of flavor. It is mango based. The blue stuff is colored white chocolate.

Flowering Numi Tea Pot

I picked up this little gem the other day and finally decided to give it a go tonight. 

The tea is a full on tea flower bud. 

You drop it in the tea pot, then pour hot water over it. As it steeps, the flower opens up. 

The kids were pretty fascinated by it.

Does it taste any better then your average tea bag? Not really. But hey! It sure looks pretty. 😉

Hot Toddy Recipe

Feeling a bit under the weather?

Feeling the common cold coming on?

This simple recipe will knock the illness to the curb!

When you’ve tried everything else… it’s time to old school it.


Two shots of JD (you may use one shot) But hey, tonight is New Years Eve, so! 😉
The juice of one lemon

4oz of HOT water 

2T of Honey to taste
Beverage works best when taken warm to hot.

Bottoms up! 🍑

Fall is a special time of year for many reasons. It’s the time of year where my children were born. The Holidays! The Weather! It is also the time of year which involves comforting lattes’ and cappuccinos.

 Thanks to my daughters “fringe benefits” for working as a barista, she was able to get me a bunch of new things at wholesale. 

Cheers. ☕️

Afternoon date ;)



We have been trying to visit all the coffee shops in the city.

This afternoon we tried West End Coffeehouse , in Winston Salem, NC.

Prices were reasonable. $4 per Latte’ Opposed to Starbucks, $5.25 Lattes.

They also serve wine and gelato.

They had the best quality coffee syrups.

The 1883 brand. And close to fifty different flavors, at that.
DH got the usual. A white chocolate mocha. Which he slurped down before I was able to snap a picture.

I got the sugar-free Latte’ Breve. Mmm!


Sorry about yesterdays post disappearing..I had a change of ❤.

On a lighter note, I thought it would be nice to do a coffee post. If you are not  a coffee drinker, then this post will bore you to tears.

Plain Black Coffee



Cafe Latte

Plain Coffee is brewed with your standard coffee pot. You can drink it black, (as is) or add sugar and cream. VERY basic! And only has about 4 calories per 4oz.

Cappuccino is an Italian coffee prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk froth. Equal amounts of espresso & hot milk are poured into a cup, then it is topped with foamy milk which could be done with an espresso machine, OR as long as you heat the milk first, you can use a blender or hand help mixer to froth it. Besides the shot of espresso, the most important part in preparing a cappuccino is the texture and temperature of the milk. That will determine how foamy it gets, hence the fabulous flavor and texture.

A Cafe Latte is also an Italian coffee. It’s made solely of espresso and steamed milk. No froth!  Latte means coffee & milk. 

Personally, my favorite are Cappuccinos. I love all the foamy milk which I place shredded chocolate on top of, or cinnamon & cocoa.

Currently, the most popular specialty coffee drink is at Starbucks. It’ s their Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha Latte with whip topping.  It is pretty Amazing! ALL 560 calories of it!!  I actually only treat myself to them around the Holdiays. Years ago, my favoite specialty coffee was a Frozen Dunkin Donuts Dunkachino. I would have one every Sunday morning before church..until one day a lady in Sunday school walked over to me and asked me if I knew there was 890 calories in them?  I had no clue..but didn’t stop drinking them, but did stop having a egg & chedder Dunkin Donuts crossant with them every Sunday! I chose to have the coffee as my breakfast. *G*

If you have a favorite coffee drink besides the trusty standard, which is it?

MANGO Kombucha!

 I have traded in my coffee for Kombucha.  I was going to make the switch to green tea, and I may still, as the flavored Kombucha that I am hooked on cost more then my coffee habit. I just really like the feeling that Kombucha gives me, and isn’t this the reason we all drink coffee, soda, etc? For the feeling!

GT’s Synergy just put out a new flavor. MANGO!  It’s so yummy and good, and I simply can not stop drinking it. I still love the guava and cranberry, that I have raved about in the past, but Mango is my new fav.  The color is also so darn pretty, just looking at it makes me happy! :o)~

Why do I have thousands of coffee filters?

Am I using them as bowls?

Am I working on a dress for one of my daughters?

Do I never want my kids to be bored?

Do I decorate with them?

Am I using them to clean?

Am I making face masks with them?

Am I designing stylish hats?

Did I cover my tree this year with homemade coffee filter angels?

No, they are not to make coffee..Well, some are obvisouly, but not all of them..Anyone know why I would need so many?