Todays SS Notes

From todays Sunday School

We teach our kids from a young age to “not stare”
The only issue with this teaching is as they grow up, “don’t stare” becomes “Don’t See”

Thinking of the handicap, mentally challenged, homeless, and then elderly…

What can we do this week to make the invisible, visible?


This Mornings Message Notes

Hebrew’s 12

If anger stays long enough in your heart it will turn to bitterness.

When you don’t have wholeness, you have a tendency to fake it.

Bitterness can not be seen.

Esu in the Bible, was a bitter man. This led him to make bad decisions. (A bowl of stew)
He was tired and hungry and felt that his birthright was useless on how he was feeling at the time. He just wanted to eat.
Bitterness causes you to make stupid choices,such as instant gratification.

Whatever Jacob did, Esu did the opposite. Jacob found a good spouse, Esu went out and deliberately found a bad one to disappoint his father.

Anything evil that comes into your life is NOT from God. It is something that you chose to bring into your life.

Satan fell because of bitterness.
He felt like God was holding out on him.
ALL sin goes back to the root of bitterness.

Ways Satan will take your eyes of Christ
Ex. Eve & the Apple

A.Lust of eyes
B.Lust of flesh

All men!

Bitterness pulls you away from all of your relationships. It will always lead to loneliness and self pity. (Poor me syndrome)
Your life choices have lead you to your current life state. (The way your life is now)

Bitterness rips you of all Joy.
Complaining leads to bitterness within your heart.

Bitter roots:

1.Bitter roots will deceive you. Hebrew’s 12:v13-14
2.Bitter roots defile. V15-16
3.Bitter roots cause ongoing suffering.

God will never act outside his character because he gave us free will.

God is NOT the one causing sickness, death and broken relationships.

What makes Christianity Different?

This was today’s message.

Pastor said that oftentimes you can’t use the Bible to try to convince anyone that God created the heavens and earth. Mainly, because people do not believe in the Bible. And those who do, do not believe it is Gods word. Unbelievable I’m referring to.

I can contest to this as I was the person who didn’t believe that the Bible was Gods word. I just thought of it as a book as any other.

What I do find odd though, being a born again Christian is that I believed in other religions. Many people will put their Faith in Buddha, Mohammed, and every single god and goddess that the India Faith teaches.

Many religions teach to worship objects and animals. People will actually put their faith in an animal or object, but not Jesus. This baffles me like nothing else does.

Where do they find their true comfort?

Works perhaps? Doing good works makes them feel a certain way maybe.

I would imagine that even so, still, there remains an emptiness within their heart. A tiny bit of uncertainty.

Works takes effort. Faith does not. Maybe people feel as of it can not be that easy. Yet it is! Amen!

With Christianity it’s not through works, but Faith alone. And you will never find Jesus bones as he is not dead. Unlike many other leaders who have died. We know where their bones are.

Other Religions have the will to save but not the ability to save you.

Pastor told a story of a grandma who was babysitting her granddaughter while her daughter was napping. Her toddler granddaughter wanted to go swimming in her pool. Grandma didn’t know how to swim so she put her granddaughters flotation devices on her and sat on the chaise lounge and watched.

Grandma must have taken her eyes off of her granddaughter for at least a moment, as she heard her granddaughter cry because her flotation devices came off and float away from her. In the blink of an eye, the little girl went under the water. Without thinking, grandma jumped into the water to save the child.

She had the will To save her, yet lacked the ability. They both drowned that day.


There are thirty thousand different religions in this world. Yet only one points to Christ. He chose us, as with all the others, humans choose them. They all have the will to save, yet lack the ability.

Religion will never convince a sinner they are loss…

Are you just TOO MUCH?

Are you “too much” as a Christian?

Do you sometimes find yourself not fitting into any of the clicks? If so, I can relate.

Oftentimes I feel that I am too much.
I have actually been told that I am.
So I guess it’s true. 🤷‍♀️

Remember that our perceptions of who we are sometimes differ from that way others see us.

This is why it’s important to always be yourself. I am a high energy person (mentally) that on occasion, has been off putting to more laid back sort of people.

That said, Do not get wrapped up in being someone you think others will accept and like.

In these days of social media and online persona, many find it is hard to maintain their true identity.

There will be times in your adult life where you want to fit in with a certain group, but you just simply don’t click.

This may be where you are right now.

But I assure you that someday you will be fine with it.

I understand it very well. You want to be accepted and liked by all. You want good, likeminded Christian friends if you are a Christian or new transplant.

After all, iron sharpens iron. You need good friends in your life. Your family should come first, but they will not be around forever. So you need to have friends to share things with. Things that your family may not understand. Or worse, judge you on.

And it is true that our very close friends should be Christians that will uplift us and hold us accountable. People we can truly trust.

Our old friends were not these people. They weren’t bad people. In fact, you may have had many good times with them resulting in lifelong memories. But these friends were the ones going down the wrong path with you.

When you were not a Christian you probably had a whole lot of friends and everyone loved you.

You may find that you have little to no friends now and may be asking yourself what’s wrong. Why are you not accepted or liked?

Why isn’t anyone laughing with you anymore?
Or even smiling back at you.
Where are all the social Christian gatherings?
And why weren’t you invited?
I’ve been there before too.
This resulted in me turning back to my old friends who were not living for God. It’s easy to fall backwards when you have tried time and time again to move forwards and not get the results that you expect.

It’s okay that people who have grown up in a Christian home with a Christian family, who were taught their whole lives how a Christian should look like, and what a Christian should act like. etc, don’t find YOU to be their cup of tea. You may be seen as too much for them.

Don’t hold that against them! Don’t become bitter and unloving towards them.

Let them be social with each other. Let them remain with their current group of friends that they grew up with. This shouldn’t bother you for more then five minuets. 😉

It’s fine. Just let people be who they are.

Love regardless. Be polite when spoken. Refrain yourself from over sharing or telling any jokes that you know may make them feel uncomfortable. And so on..

You find your tribe of folks who like you. They are out there. I promise. If Covid had taught me anything it’s that people of all walks of life are lonely. We were created to live together and share with one another. Social beings. Some more then others.

Start praying now for God to bring you friends that understand you, and perhaps
Have had a pretty wild life before getting saved as an adult. People that you can relate too and share similar stories with… that led you to realizing that you needed a savior. Your testimony.
Those people are out looking for you right now!

I have come to the conclusion that those who have not grown up in a Christian household, oftentimes can be seen as “too much”. Or simply forgotten at times. I don’t think it’s intentional. I hope!

It could be your upbeat personality is the opposite of meek and quite. As a person of Faith.

If you are a man, you could be sharing offbeat jokes or dark humor that other men find UNchristian. Or weak in Christ.

From my observation, mature religious men like to hang socialize with other mature Christian men. The same for women.

Other offensive things could be certain movies that you find yourself quoting on occasion, that your Christian friends have never seen. Or worse, have heard about and were warned about as a child or teen.

Maybe slang words that you still find yourself using, while not entirely offensive, are not seen as ladylike. (I’m not talking about potty mouth or cussing) Personally, I find both offensive, even before I became a Christian.

I remember being taught that people who cuss in a face to face conversation are uneducated people who do not have the vocabulary skills to scan their brains for the right words.

So they choose to fill in the blank with a make believe cuss word/words. Or peer pressure if you are a teen or young adult
(This is what I was taught about cussing)

Please don’t get offended that I shared that if you cuss often. 🤪

Moving right along-

You may find yourself being judged when ever you speak in a Christian setting. I hope not, but you may. I certainly have. This is life.

Currently there is an older gentleman in my Sunday School class that speaks his mind each week. And while I find it a delight to see someone speak with zest and passion, some do not.
People that over share and are classified and judged as chatters/oversharers/talkers, are oftentimes times just passionate individuals.

Passionate about everything they speak about. More often then not, these are the group of people that are judged the most. More words shared that can be judged.

These are the people that I click best with. 😂
Not everyone does. And that’s okay. God made us all differently.
Protesters come to mind. While I don’t agree with most, I admire their passion and zest for their cause!

Just think about what type of missionary’s they would be if they were filled with the spirit of God. Wow!

You WILL be judged by your past if you did not grow up in a Christian home with Christian mannerisms and values. Heck, you will be judged is you did grow up in a Christian home with values and another Christian sees you acting or speaking a certain way that doesn’t line up with how they were taught.

People judge! Saved, unsaved. People judge one another every day. Again, life!

Right or wrong, we are humans and we judge others. That is never going to change.
What CAN change, is how YOU react to being judged. This is what CAN change. Reaction is everything.

So don’t get caught up in the illusion/ fairytale that once you join church you won’t be judged anymore.

You will be judged your whole entire life.

It starts in Kindergarten. Maybe before?
I have memories being in school and not having the right brand of sneakers on.
I felt sad that day.
The next day I showed up with the right brand and had the other boys and girls befriend me.
I have been judged by my school lunch before.
Why was I bringing it from home? Couldn’t my parents afford for me to buy a hot lunch?
I was judged by my Trapper Keeper. (Showing my age here)😆

I was judged because I wasn’t into sports so I joined a softball team and was then accepted by the sporty boys and girls. I quit after a month. I am not into sports. It wasn’t worth it. Those friends stopped talking to me after a month. But I made new friends. See?

I was judged by the boys I dated. The jobs I’ve had. Not learning to drive. Marrying out of my race. Living in the country. The way I eat; what I don’t eat, and so forth.

Currently I am being judged by my worldly mannerisms and smiling too much.

I’m judged for being a middle age woman who colors her hair. I am judged for primping all the time, tanning, my job, and not forcing my kids to go to college.
I’m judged for only buying second hand.

I recently was judged for taking my son across the country to meet a girl he met online last year.
Are you crazy? You must be crazy!
But at the end of the day….
So what?!

It use to sting getting judged.

Then it became a little itch.

Now I just don’t care.
I’m happy.

I’m living my life the way I want to and sleeping just fine at night.

The important thing to remember is….

Do not judge these people back.
Love them anyways and continue to just be your happy go lucky self.

Providing you are happy?! If you are not, you can start working on yourself and all the things making you unhappy.

Of course if you are bothered by any of the above, you can certainly train yourself to tone down some things.

Ex: When in the company of small groups, Sunday School, or out to dinner with friends who you do not know very well, just reduce your mannerisms by 10%. I would say 50%, but let’s be honest, I could not tone myself down 50%. 10%? Sure I can!

The same goes for those on the other end of the spectrum. Are you being judged by being a recluse or too quiet?

Train yourself to amp up by 10%. That’s doable. Just practice.

Bring 10% more energy to whatever social gathering you will be attending. Try it! 🙂

Having been a part of many denominations, since becoming saved, I have noticed that the most judgmental people fit into this one particular denom.

I will not say the one, because you may get offended if you go to this denom that starts with a capital B and has an IF in front of it.

This does not mean it’s a bad denom, as I feel their doctrine is pretty on point. The love and acceptance just needs tweaking. But that is not our job. We love. We pray. God does not need our help.

My advice to all the men and women that know they are being judged by their past, or current demeanor…would be to try to not let it harden you.

Don’t become bitter or turned off because judgement is everywhere.

It’s NOT the church, it’s the people.

Again, It’s NOT the church, it’s the people.

We all have baggage and are broken inside.

You do not go to church to please anyone.
You go to learn more about God with a body of broken believers.

Some will like you and some won’t like you.. And this is okay.

Back in your school days some kids liked you and others didn’t.
The same at your work place, and yes, the same at any church.
We are all imperfect people.

And if you ever find a school, job or church that is perfect, don’t you dare join because you will ruin it.

I can say from experience, that a non denominational church is mostly filled with adults that have found Christ in later life.
Very diverse.

I have never experienced any judgement in one before, not to say it wasn’t there, but I have never
experienced, or saw it and I belonged to one for six years.

When was the last time you were knowingly Judged? How did it make you feel?

Hart’s Heart | Thoughts From Deep Within

Thoughts From Deep Within
— Read on

This was so thought provoking and is a must read for us during these times.

For those not able to click:

This is so good!

Ehart just wrote it and put it on Twitter. I hope they don’t remove it..

So much truths it!


Something has bothered me for years and this past year especially but no one wants to talk about it much less preach about it.

We have had massive fires in the western and southern United States. Last summer saw a record number of hurricanes in the Atlantic. And now we have record number of counties with record cold.

Has anyone bothered to ask God why? I see christians asking for protection and relief but have any of us asked why? Why is the west burning? Why are hurricanes making landfall over and over? Why are tornadoes sweeping through our towns? Why are we so cold the power grid can’t keep up?

Some will say it’s man-made global climate change. Some will say it’s poor planning. Some will say it’s just one of those things. And all of those may have a factor in it.

But I’m going to suggest there’s more to it. I’m going to suggest this is because of the sin of this nation.

Like ancient Israel we founded this country on God. The pilgrims came here for religious freedom and landed at the one site where no native tribe lived. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution make mention of the Creator. We were founded on biblical principles and laws.

And in my lifetime, we have left those principles and made new laws. They passed their children through the fires. We abort ours. They worshipped idols. We worship money, houses, cars, careers, vacations, etc.

We have no respect for the unborn, or the elderly and no equality of justice. Especially this past year, our elderly are locked away and in some places abandoned as though left on an ice flow for the polar bears. And no one cares. And worse yet, those responsible justify their actions. Businesses are shut down but abortion clinics are open. And justice depends on how much you can pay for a lawyer or how sympathetic your cause.

When are Christians going to own this?

God is speaking but instead of repentance, we just ask for healing.

This is our fault, America! Jesus loves us but we have to do our part. We have to stand up for our neighbors and take care of them. It starts in the heart. And it starts next door.

God’s not healing or protecting anything until we humble ourselves and pray and preachers start preaching the true Word and not a social gospel. Stop condemning your neighbor for his lifestyle show him the Jesus of the Bible. The one who wouldn’t condemn but admonished “leave your life of sin before something worse happens.”

Repentance and healing start in the heart and on our faces before God.

The Last Time I…

The last time I went thrifting for work was on March 22, 2020

The last time I went out to eat was on March 3, 2020

The last time I went out to the mall was on February 24, 2020

The last time I went to a Walmart was March 16, 2020

The last time I was at a church building was on March 4, 2020

The last time I did a grocery shopping order was on March 27, 2020

Your turn….catered to places you normally go..

Behind the Scenes

I’m feeling so torn over something that happened at Church last Sunday.

I’m not sure why it’s bothering me so much. I’ve been trying to pray it away, but I’m still torn.


During baptism I was standing at the alter with a bunch of others. Prayer and worship was happening and songs we’re being belted out.

In the mist of worship, the assistant pastor passed along the side of where I was standing.

He was tring to motion to his wife, who was doing the baptizing that morning.

The motioning of his hands to his wife broke my attention to the band that was singing on the stage.

He told his wife to ”HURRY IT UP”

I read his lips.

Then his wife said, ”I’m trying”

I am sure I’m not the only one who noticed. Or perhaps I was the only one who was bothered by it. 😔

I generally never stand up by the alter, but the past few times that I have, I have noticed how everything is never random, like I have thought all these years.

It feels very orchestrated and planned out. Right down to each song and things people on stage share at particular times to get people to let go, feel, etc.

An example of this would be a sadder song being sung and then a louder upbeat song sung.

Once some of the people start shouting or verbally praising out loud, that is when someone on the stage says that God has now entered the room and is asking for everyone to let go and praise the Lord louder and not hold back.

Again, I’m not NOT happy with our church. I’m getting fed.

But ever since I’ve sat in the front it’s been hard not to notice these things. The things that the majority of folks are not witnessing/seeing.

Lots of hand motions to everyone on the stage. Sometimes motioning to say another line to a song. (I have noticed this when the congregation starts to get extra loud)

And by repeating a song line or two, it seems to get more of a reaction by the members.

I never noticed any of these things sitting farther back.. I am now upset that I’ve witnessed so much.

This has me wondering if the families whom I was once close too, but have now left the church, noticed these things also, and then could not remain blinded.

It now feels like at the weekly church meetings, all this is planned out ahead of time.

Like someone starts the meeting with, ”What should we do this Sunday?” ”How should we make people feel?” ”Whats going to be beneficial for us?”

And that is just speculation of course.

And if that’s not enough, they brought back our senior pastor this past Sunday, who is currently on an overdue personal leave until mid October.

He came back this past Sunday, only to get up on stage and tell the congragation that offerings have been down by almost half, since he’s been on personal leave, and that he needs people to give a couple hundred more that day.

Then thanked everyone. And left! 😳

Again, everyone loves the senior pastor, so coming from him instead of one of the other pastors, would possibly move the people to give more.

I don’t think he felt good about it, but since he is employed by the church, it was most likely asked by the higher-ups to come back to say this.

Has anyone else ever experienced any of these things? Advice?

I’m not naive, I know every church has it’s politics, etc.

But that said,

How do people that work for the church turn a blind eye to the manipulation parts?

Today’s Testimony

I woke up this morning feeling, well, like a hormonal mess!

My head was foggy and I kept waking up last night with a backache. I felt horrible! We’ve all been there before.

Dh asked me if I wanted to stay home from service and he’d just bring the kids.

I thought about it for fifteen minutes while laying in bed.

Then I started to pray. Asking the Lord to get me out of my funk. Especially mentally. It’s one thing to feel physically tired. That’s never fun first thing in the morning. But when your head feels foggy, and not clear. It’s just awful.

After another fifteen minutes I was up showering and getting ready.

Yes! Prayer works..
However, On the way to church I started feeling like I wanted to go back to bed again. But remained quiet, praying again; for Jesus to breath new life into me and give me a fresh dose of the Holy Spirit.
We arrived at church and everyone took off to their classes. Dh got a coffee and sat down in the foyer area with a bunch of others.

I decided to go in the chapel and sit by myself.
As soon as I sat down the pastor started asking us if we have ever had a Sunday where the Devil was just kicking your butt, and telling you to stay in bed.

It was odd, because this generally doesn’t happen to me. At least it hasn’t happened to me in servers years…So had I heard this message prior, I wouldn’t have been able to relate.
She went on to say that we have the authority to kick him to the curb, and claim our energy back. Physically AND mentally!
Then she mentioned that we were all here today for a very reason. Well, or course, I thought to myself. I could think of many reasons right off the top of my head.

That said…right then and there, I got up and decided that I’d go join dh for a coffee, and sit with the others. (The introverts)

When I left the chapel I saw dh sitting in his favorite chair drinking his cofffee. But all the sofas and chairs outside the chapel were already occupied.

There are also several big screen TVs where you can watch and listen to the mornings  message.

So I decided to walk towards the front entrance and sit in one of those stairs chairs.

I was only there for about fifteen minutes, when dh walked over to me and asked me if I wanted to go sit on the West wing of the campus. Apparently there are also sofas, chairs, and TVs showing the message over there he said, and oftentimes it’s quieter.

We have been at the same church for several years. But it’s so large, I have never actually seen it all. It has a school and a college too. Quite massive.

My daughter, who is employed by the church,  has recently mentioned to me an art wall in the West wing. So having that in the back of my mind, I decided to gather my belongings and make the walk with dh to the West wing.

As we arrived I noticed a large leather couch up against the wall, and we both sat down. It was very nice, and I don’t know why I’ve never ventured out.

And then, as I looked up at the at the TV screen on the wall, continuing to hear this mornings  message,  a younger lady that I’ve never seen before reluctantly walked through the side door entrance.
She walked over to where we were both sitting and looked up at the tv screen. Right off the back unnoticed how beautifully she was dressed. And I knew I was going to want to tell her, as that is something I always compliment people on, because in this day and age I feel like no one puts any real effort to the way they look anymore. Not just for church. But anytime. Everything has gotten so casual. But that’s a whole other topic. So getting back to the real one…..
She asked if church just recently started, And was she late?
I told her that they were half way through with the first service, but another service would be starting soon and to sit down if she wants.
She looked back to the door in which she came through. Then we told her if she likes coffee, that there was a coffee bar around the corner and she can just have a latte’ while she waits for the next service.

Then she smiled, sat down next to me, and we started chatting up a storm.
I am not going to share any of that, because it was personal.
But the testimony IS, I am so blessed that the Lord revived me enough to drag myself in this morning. I know without doubt, that I was meant to be there at the very moment this lady walked in.

You know, It’s not always about us and our needs. I know we all, self included, think it is,most of the time.

Truth is, it’s about others.. and how we can be the hands and feet of the living Christ.

What we can do to bless those around us. Daily!

Even if we feel down and out, ourselves, at times.

The Lord will always restore the faithful. He’s so good like that.

Something the pastor did mention at church today, was how we are all like a mosaic painting.

 The Lord finds us at our ends rope. In pieces! Broken. And when we except him as our personal savior, trust and delight in him, he restores us. Completely!  He makes us whole again. 



So Beautiful! 
Oh! And I never did see the new art work in the West wing. Perhaps next time.

Or perhaps I will wander off to the East wing to see the new paint. I hear it’s lovely too. 😉

Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites 

This may be a bit of a controversial topic. It is not to make anyone feel bad. It’s just something that has been on my mind for some time.
These are just some observations I have personally noticed.



Does a certain race determine how family oriented you will be as an adult?

Does a certain race determine how helpful you will be as an adult?

Does a certain race determine how much genuine love you will have for your community?

Does your race determine your future?

Does your zip code play a factor?

Do people make their zip code, or does your zip code make you?
After asking around..this is what I have found..

It appears that Blacks and Hispanics are taught from knee-high a sense of community.

Whites, not so much.

At least this is what I have been told and what I have personally noticed.

Apoligies for such “blanket statements”

I am white. Btw.

And…I married a Hispanic man.

After marrying into a Hispanic family
I noticed the sense of community that Hispanics have.

I have also noticed the same type of community within the black communities.

One that I have never witnessed in my own life, or in other white communities growing up.

I didn’t grow up with much diversity.🤔

That said, I have been surrounded by diversity these past few years. And I Prefer it.👍
I’m really not sure how community is taught. But it has to be taught, because community never comes naturally. It just doesn’t.

It needs to be built. And my guess is that it needs to start at a very young age if you want your kids to be adults that reach out to the local community, neighbors, and friends of all sorts.

If you want your children to grow up caring  for their siblings then you need to instill “family first” at all cost.

Personally, I teach “family first”

And with two kids who are basically adults now, I pray that I’ve done a good enough job instilling “family first” values.

I think you need to start off by teaching your kids that their siblings are their forever best friends. Not their enemies.

It saddens me how many children grow up having no relationships with their siblings.

I feel like their parents have failed them.

More observations:

Whites usually keep to themselves. At church, as well as in their neighborhoods. 

Their motto generally is, “You don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.” Period!

“And no, I don’t want to visit you, and dear God! I don’t want you over here visiting me.” 

“Yes, I am new to your neighborhood, but please! please! Keep your cookies and cassoroles at your place, because I don’t want them.”

It sounds silly to read all that, but it really is true.

Several of my friends at church who have been church members for the past ten years tell me that they still don’t know anyone.

Personally, I mean. 

Sure they know almost everyone’s name, and wave in passing….But what about their kids names?

Their family pets names?

Their health issues?

Do they really know who they have been sitting next to for the past ten years. Breaking bread and praying with?

THESE are signs of REALLY knowing someone.

One woman at church has told me that I am the first person that has ever invited her over for lunch.

That people just don’t do that anymore. 
I am saddened by this. I have tried time and time again to get unity going.

Getting people socializing. But…..

(On a positive note, I have a Sunday School social this coming Sunday. I thought a pic-nic at the park would be nice. Just a pot-luck. Nothing that takes any real planning. About half the class will be attending, but it felt like no one wanted too. It was suppose to be a time of fellowship outside the church walls.

Casual, carefree, and fun! A time to get to know one another. Personally.

But to keep it church based, someone suggested that we actually do our Sunday school lesson at the park. Then eat, then fellowship if time allows. So that is the current plan. 😐)

Yes, my mind is scattered today. I’m so sorry.


Moving right along…..

Whites rarely offer to help you move, watch your pets while you are away,  or lend you their lawn equipment,car, ect.
We have all been here before.

1. My car just broke down and I need a ride. Who can I call? Oh yeah. No one! Praise God for tow-trucks, taxis, and Ubur.

2. I’m moving and I could really use some help packing and loading the truck. Oh yeah! I have no one in my life to help with stuff like that. Maybe I can flash a hundred dollar bill and five free pizzas.. Then I will have better luck. Maybe.

3. I’m going on vacation. Who can I ask to watch my dog and feed my livestock? Well, I suppose the two hundred dollars that the pet hotel charges per week  is not all that much. And if I just leave tons of water and food out for the animals, they may not die.

I have moved alot in my life and I have always noticed that white people are rarely offering to help out.

Help with…Well, anything. I don’t understand it.

I have mentioned  it before but if you are not a regular reader here, my family currently attends two churches regularly.

One is all upper middle class white folks.

The other is very Diverse.

Blacks, Indians, Hispanics, whites, and Asians.

At the white church the preacher has a sign up sheet for folks that need help with yard work or moving, could possibly get the help that they need. People rarely sign up though.

So after a couple weeks go by with no one signing up to help he will call an elder meeting to round up a some of the teens to go help out.

At the more diverse church, the preacher will casually mention ONCE that someone is needing help with something and all sorts of hands go up.  At least the black and Hispanic hands.

Surely other people notice these things. Years after years…you’d have to be blind not to.

My family was the only one that showed up to help an elderly lady with her yard work a while back. (This was at the an all white church)

I tried to round up some others, but they were all just too busy.

How do you motivate people to physically help other people out?

It seems like those who try to set the example, never actually accomplish anything, other then people taking advantage of them.

When ever I start to feel this way I try to pray it away. It’s so hard at times, but  I dont want to stop helping people because they don’t appreciate it.

There are a lot of of people that do appreciate hands on help. But there are a lot more who take advantage of people’s helpfulness. But that’s all a different topic entirely.

So once more….Moving right along.

I will use my husbands family for an example.

I have noticed throughout the years how all it takes is one phone call when one of them needs help with something.
It doesn’t matter if it’s physical help or financial help. They all have each other’s back. Always!

My family? Well, it’s only if they are not busy. And it has always been this way. Nothing new.

I see this same pattern with my white friendships and their families, too.


My husbands brother attends a Spanish church. 

He bought an old house that needed loads of work done. And within a month he had it move-in ready.  

I assumed he hired outside contractors, but he laughed and said that he put the word out at his church one Sunday and that afternoon he had a bunch of people willing to help him. No one even expected compensation he said. His wife just insisted on feeding them dinner.  I was shocked! 

I do not know this way of living, or fellowship. But I hear stories like this all the time within the black and Hispanic communities.

So I am left wondering…

What are we not teaching our children? 

Wasn’t there a time era where whites and community were in the same sentence. Perhaps not.

Anyone care to share their thoughts? I need to think more on this…

The Bake-Lite Spoon Prt 1 of 2

The Bake Lite Spoon


(True Story)

The year was 2002

I wanted to do something special for my church home, Calvary Baptist church.
I took on the role as church cleaner, and took it upon myself to keep the church spick and span. I enjoy organizing and cleaning, especially other people’s things. I find it relaxing. This was a good job for me. One that I volunteered to do.
Several months went by and I started to overhear people comment how nice everything started to look. Clean. Fresh!

Only the Pastors and elders knew it was me making everything look so nice. I didn’t want anyone coming up to me thanking me, or just commenting about anything. So I would always go in and clean during hours when I knew that no one would be there. With permission of course.

I shampooed the pews, carpets, the cushions on all the metal chairs.

I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen. And then I slowly started giving each room ‘a theme’ A facelift, if you will.

One of the bathrooms was done in a floral shabby chic style.

Another bathroom I gave ‘Angel Theme’

I found angel pictures, hand towels, soap dishes, and a stature of an angel for between the sinks.

I thought it looked cheerful. Pretty!

The church had a school too, and I decorated the preschool bathrooms in a ‘bug theme’

I hand sewed a bunch of cute ladybug curtains. And found cute bug stick-ons for the walls.

(Which recently was told are still hanging) lol

Then I started in on redecorating the church kitchen. I bought all new things. Dishes, silverware, curtains, floor mats, etc.

And I tossed all the old stuff in the outdoor garbage bin. Everything looked like junk to me.

Things were going very well,  until I was called into the Pastors office one day after service….