Conversations August 4, 2021


Lady next to me taking to her friend: “I like it when I find stuff that I actually need.”

Friend: “Me too, most of the times it’s just browsing and keeping my mind active.”

Lady: “Your OCD is showing.”

Friend: Laughed.

I found the OCD statement odd, as I like to thrift to keep my OCD off.

Obviously, I mainly thrift for my job, but even before I started reselling full time, I found that yard sailing and Thrifting keeps my brain focused on one thing and not multitasking. Much like cleaning. 😉


Conversations July 26, 2021

Grocery Store:

Lady on the phone next to me:
And I set her up with a nice Christian man. She went and cheated on him with one of her loser ex’s.
Sure they have history! But he’s a loser. No job, no car. You know they type.
I know! It’s just as bad as a mommas boy!

Conversations July 25, 2021

Thrift Store

A lady with short shorts and a halter top was wearing 5” heels while she shopped.
Yes, she stood out. We were all looking.

A gentleman stopped to chat with her.

Man: “My! Those are quite the shoes.”

Lady: “They are much more comfortable then tennis shoes.”

Man:”Really? I would not think so.”

Lady:”It’s true. I wear them everyday. Even to work.”

Man: “Were do you work?”

Lady: “Filly’s Gentleman’s Club. I’m the best Filly!”

Man: “I bet you are.”

While cashing out, the phone rings and the cashier answers it while ringing me out.

Cashier:”Hello, Walkertown GW, how may I help you?”
Cashier: “Umm. Hold please.”

She called for the manager to come take the call.

Manager:”Yes ma’am, how may I help you this evening?”

Manger: “Ma’am, I would have no way of knowing that. You would have to come in to look.
Yes. Yes, we have white long sleeve tops.
Size Large, yes.
Well I’m not sure if they have stains on them.
No, we don’t wash things first. People donate as is.
$4.19 a piece.
All different brands.
Ma’am, we are open until 6, you will have to come in and check.
No, I can’t go look for you.
No, I have no way of knowing how many times the garments were worn.
Yes, button up blouses, that’s correct.
Well I don’t know if any buttons are missing.
No, there is no one here able to look for you.
I’m sorry ma’am we are not allowed to drop things off to you.
No, we also don’t mail things.
Okay now, you take care. Bye.

Manager to cashier: “Can you believe that women? What does she think we do down here. Unbelievable!”

Conversations July 24, 2021

Thrift Store

In line

Lady pushing an older woman in a wheelchair. A man walking next to them.

Lady: I think grandma is paying today, right granny? You said if we picked you up and took you out that you’d pay for everything. You are going to keep your word aren’t you?

Grandma in the wheelchair: Yes dear. I will pay. Are we through already? I am not ready to go back home yet dear.

Lady: We will be through after you pay.

Cashier rings everything up.


Man: Okay grandma, you heard the lady… $39.71.

Granny: Yes dear, just give me a minute to get my wallet out.

Granny pays and off they went…

Conversations July 19, 2021

Lots of Conversations took place at the thrift store today.

There were three women speaking freely next to me. Strangers, not friends. One liked what one of the other women had in her cart, so started up a conversation with her. And then another lady joined in.
They introduced themselves to one another.

Ruby, hazel, and Bette.

I didn’t want to gawk at them, so I’m not sure which was saying what, but here’s how the conversations went….

“Look what you found there. I use to have one of those back in the day. I sure hope it still works. Do you mind if I take a look?”

“Sure, go right ahead.”

“Works! How are you doing today?”
“Fine, and you?”

“Not bad”

“But I’m Not worried about myself but these kids nowadays. They are who I’m
Worried about. They tell me life is so much better then it was when I was their age but that’s not true. My granddaughter tells me that it must have been so sad to go through the Great Depression, and not having equal rights, but I tell her it was better then the way the world is now. It was! I’d gladly go back to those days in exchange to the warped, craziness of today.”

“Amen to that!”

“I’m 87.”
“I just turned 80 last week”

“I’m 82.”

“I’m worried about today’s kids. They will never know any other life other then this one.”

“I agree. I was at my grandsons party the other day. I don’t know why he had all his classmates there.
No one was even talking. They were all on their phones. That is the only thing they know what to do.”


“You don’t know me and I don’t know you guys, but here we are talking. Today’s youth would never even dare strike up a conversation with a stranger, let alone know how to keep one going.”

“I agree. And let’s not forget the fact that none of them even have any basis math skills. Do they no longer teach adding and subtracting in today’s schools?”

“The other day my bill came to
$9.52, and I handed the young girl a ten dollar bill and .52. She gave me a Twenty dollar bill back. I looked at her and just shook my head.
I got home and thought to myself, I’m rich!”
If these stores are hiring dodo brains, I’ll take how ever much money they want if to give me back.”

“I think a they need to be giving these kids a Math Drill on their applications.”

“Can’t do that. None of them would pass.”

“I have a similar story. My bill came to fifteen and change. I gave the boy a twenty and the exact change and he handed me a ten back.”

“They have no sense. None!”

“You have to tell them how much you need back. They just can’t count back change. Brain dead they are.”

I then walked across the store to where the clothing was.

What I thought was another woman standing next to me in a dress, was actually a man.

Man to me– “Honey, Do you think you can help me shop?”
“My aunt is about your size and I am just not good with shopping. She likes a bold floral fabrics.”

Me-“Okay. How about something like this?”
I held up a bold floral print Maggie Barnes blouse.

Man– “I think she may like that. But what if she doesn’t?”

Me-“Well then you can return it, or wear it yourself?” (Then I laughed. He didn’t find my joke funny and took the blouse and went on his way.)

I then shopped a bit more and then headed back to the hard goods to where the ladies were still loudly speaking to one another.

“My daddy raised me right! God Bless his soul. He said a thief and a lier are the two worst things you can ever be in life. I’ve tried to live an honest life. I miss him so much”

“Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. I nearly lost my life a couple of weeks back.
It made me stop my routine of thirty years. A dead stop! I have been sitting in my car reading my newspaper without my seat belt on for the past thirty years. I have my coffee and enjoy the peace and quiet that only my car provides. I’m

Sure you ladies know what I’m Talking about. A women’s car is the only place she can be alone.”

“Well it certainly isn’t the bathroom!”

“You got that right. Well. All of the sudden I was Hit in the back end. I Called 911. I was fine, but I did spill my coffee all over the place. The police offer asked why I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. I told him that I have been in this same spot for thirty years reading my newspaper and drinking my coffee without wearing one. He didn’t write me a ticket. The man that hit me was texting and wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. I was mad as… well, I was very mad… But I decided that it was the good Lord that wanted me to choose a different spot to read my paper. I now park over in the library.”

“Oh Dear! That’s quite the story.”
“You are lucky to be alive.”

“Yes The USA is a great place to live.”

“I wanted to give granddaddy’s large military flag to my brother last week because I’ve been downsizing my house. I don’t want my things to be a burden on my kids when the lord calls me home. But when I offered the flag he said he’s ashamed to put one up. And for me to just throw it out! Can you even imagine that? Throw it out?! What’s wrong with him?!
He said he doesn’t want to stay in the USA because he’s not proud to be an American. I told him to forget the flag then and to take granddaddy’s boat paddles and paddle his tooty out of here then. If that’s the way he feels, I’ll give him the canoe too!”

“I agree. Shameful. My Daughter went to Africa, and came back and said she will punch the next person that she hears crying poor. And that no one better claim they are poor if they have clean drinking water, a roof over their head, clothes to wear and food to eat.”

“People are just do whiney and clueless.”

“Where do you live?”
“Here in town.”
“I live in one of the apartments my daughter owns. It’s nice. No rent. I like my son in law too.
He’s my son in law until something goes wrong, and then he’s my landlord who never fixes anything right.”

“Do you drive?”

“I do but my daughter doesn’t want me to, but I know I could still. I haven’t had a ticket in fifty years. I can still see just fine.”

“My children are good children, still on their first marriages so I guess I did them good.”

“What church do you go to?”
“I was born a Methodist but I haven’t found one that I like since moving here.”
“I’m a Baptist, KJV.”
“I’d be willing to try a Baptist if it’s any good.”

“Well you have now found yourself a church dear.”

“I’m sorry I had to take that call. My daughter and her family are going to Virginia Beach and asked me if I wanted to. They would pick me up tomorrow she said, but Absolutely not. I’m
Good right here. She said she worry’s about me but I’m fine. I’ve done all of that already. The trips. The noise. No, I’m fine with my simple life that I have now.”

“Same with me. Since my Henry passed, I’ve been a lot more relaxed. He was so sick and the stress was making my own health fail. I’m very happy now. My kids think I’m
Lonely but I’m just fine.”

“Well that’s good. Let me get your number, because I need to get going.”

“Maybe I’ll run into you again soon, it’s so nice talking to new people”

“I’ll be at the library parking lot tomorrow morning at 6am, if anyone wants to meet for coffee.”

“Okay. Bye.”

Conversations July 18, 2021

A lady was asking everyone in the Walmart parking lot for money and everyone was ignoring her, telling her no, or telling her to get lost.

She looked frail and very down on her luck to me.

As I walked closer to her I heard God tell me to bless her. I only had $18 on me, as I was planning on going to the Landry mat to wash some quilts later.

Before I could think about it, I found myself taking it out and handing it to her.
She said thank you and told me that she was hungry and would walk to Chick fa lay to eat.

When I got back into the car my husband told me that she was going to go buy drugs with the money and not eat.

I told him he was wrong.
If that was the case, why would God tell me to bless her?

We waiting in the parking lot and watched her go inside Chick Fa lay.

We pulled to the other side of the parking lot out of sight.

Moments later she came out empty handed and walked to the corner of the road and made an “exchange” with a random guy standing there.

My Husband was right. 😕

I just bought illegal drugs for someone and feel just awful.😭

How are we to know who is really hungry and who just wants a hit?

Conversations July 14, 2021

Man walked up to me at the thrift store: You Know Feet sweat in PVC leather. (Holding up sone men’s shoes) But that’s why I’m purchasing these genuine leather ones. For only $4. I will resole them. I mean I’ll have my daughter or son resole them for me for my birthday or Christmas. They are One size too big but I Love them. I had them back in the days before my luck ran out. Okay. Take care. Nice talking to you. I need to go pay for these shoes. Cashier to the man: Would you like to Round up sir? Man: I’m a 75 yr old handicap man, of course not!

Man pays and then turns to me in line again-

What did you find tonight? Nice basket
I once knew a girl Walnut Creek , California who kept her rabbits in a basket just like that. She’d hide them so her father wouldn’t butcher them. I’m not kidding you. This was before my luck ran out. Okay have a nice day.

I just listened to him…🙂

Conversations July 12, 2021

At the park

Two ladies on the park bench

1-I know what you mean, we have always been punctual people. Especially to the games, but then we met… ummm… Michelle’s family and realized that they were not punctual people either. So now non of us care.

2-No one is ever punctual anymore. Times have changed and people are more relaxed and less uptight.

Basically, when everyone arrives, then we start.

Conversations July 10, 2021

Random men standing next to me at the grocery store. Late 20’s perhaps.

Man#1: “It’s not that I think my mother in law is crazy. She’s a nice women. It’s just that she saves everything. Absolutely everything. Even expired food!”

Man#2: “Like what does she do that’s crazy?”

Man#1: “I don’t think my mother in law is crazy. She’s a good woman. After all, she gave birth to me wife.”

Both men high five each other.

Man#1: “We went over yesterday to help her clean up her house. I tried to clean her refrigerator. The butter expired last year. Same with the sour cream and this yogurt stuff. I went to toss the butter and she said that it cost $4 and to not to throw it out.”

I tossed it and took $4 out of my wallet and put it on her table, which was also covered with junk. She’s not a bad woman.

I ended up leaving $30 total, on her table. My wife is back over there today and said the expired food is back in her refrigerator.”

Buddy: “Well, are you gonna go get your $30 back.”

Both laugh…

Conversations July 4, 2021

Goodwill Thrift Store

Lady with a mask on, on speaker phone with a friend.

Lady- “No ma’am I’m not back in the Lords House. They are all back inside now and hardly any one wears a mask I’m
Told. They seem to think that the vaccine is 100% Not me! I’m not going back to church until they bring the services back outside I guess.”

Person on phone- “ Me neither. I just watch it at home on YouTube. It’s better that way anyways. You don’t need to see or talk to anyone.”

Lady- “That’s the truth, why don’t you come on over next week and we can watch together and talk.”

Person in phone- “Sounds good. And don’t you worry, I got my shot!”

Lady-“Same girl! See ya then.”