Conversations November 27,28th 2021

Two woman at church:

“Did you buy Hobby Lobby out? I saw you waiting in that long line on Black Friday.”

“I did. Most was 50% off. Spent 1k.”

“Good Lord! Whee as t did you buy?”

“Decorates, stickers, and things.”

Women in the Restroom:

“Are you getting much crocheting done? Or did you get bored?”

“I have. I am going three projects at the moment, you?”

“I’m still working on Christmas gifts for the grandkids”

“All mine want are asking for us electronics abs their parents can buy them that. Kids nowadays!”

Conversations November 21, 2021

Church Hallway

Lady to another Lady: “ I had my hip surgery earlier this year. I’m just now getting back to church. It’s been a while, I know.”

Lady: “ I need Hip surgery myself. How was it?

Lady: “Not too bad. I’m glad I went through with it.”

Lady: “How was the pain afterwards?“

Lady: “They gave me Vicodin but I sold them. Well, I took one and sold the rest to pay for groceries.”

Lady: “Oh my! You poor dear! Okay, you take care I need to be going.”

Conversations November 19, 2021

Physical Therapy room

Man to woman-
“Excuse me, May I ask you a question?

Woman:”Sure, what can I help you with?”

Man:” When I enter a room as a black man,
I am judged by my hair. I’ve grown it out since leaving the Army and my wife hates my dreads, even though I keep them this short. What do you think?
I noticed how by nice your hair looks and was wondering what that was called?”

Woman: “Thank you. Mine are called Lock and roll.
I have had dreads in the past. Yours look short and nice to me. So tell me, how do people judge you?”

Man: “Work related and job wise. I may be the best candidate for the job, but because of my dreads, even though they are clean and short. I’m Judged as dirty and not clean.”

Woman: “Well that sucks. I can give you the number of my hairdresser if you’d like. I’ll let her know you will be contacting her. Give me your phone.”

Man:”I’d really appreciate that, and thank you.”

Conversations October 26, 2021


Elderly woman in front of me faints in the check out line.

She was out for about a minute or so, and when she came to…

“Oh dear! My daughter is going to be upset with me.”

Walmart manager: “Are you okay? Who is your daughter? Where is your daughter?”

Elderly lady:”She’s outside waiting. She had a hard day and wanted me to come in for her to do her grocery shopping”

Walmart Manager: “Don’t try to get up ma’am. I’ll send someone outside to get her.”

Elderly Lady:”Oh. I’ll be fine. My daughter is probably busy on her phone playing those games of hers. She’s not going to want to come inside.”

Manager and a cashier left to go outside and came back in with the daughter.
Daughter looked to be in her late 40’s of 50’s.

Daughter to her mom, who was still on the floor:
“ Well look at you down there. What happened, did you forget to take your meds?”

Elderly Mother:”No dear. I think it is probably my blood sugar. I have not ate anything yet.”

Daughter: “Well whose fault is that?”
Come on, let’s get up. You know I didn’t want to have to come in. Did you at least get everything on my list?”

Elderly mother: “Yes dear. It’s all here.”

Conversations October 20, 2021

Waiting at a streetlight walkway

Man in a wheelchair to a stranger-

“You know,
Doctors really are a nessacary evil”

“I Need to go to primary to get a specialist referral and then get another referral to see a surgeon, and then another revered week for a psychological evaluation.”

Stranger- “Sounds like you are not having a streak of luck.”

Man: “No I’m not. Bast**ds want to keep you in pain!”

Conversations October 14, 2021

Surgeons Office

(Side note) I’m having knee surgery finally. Yay! Yes, I’m actually excited over it because I’ve been waiting all year.

Not new knees, I’m just going to have my torn meniscus removed. I tore it back in March, and I’ve still been in pain. Works for 90% he said, so hopefully I’m part of the 90%. 🙂

Okay, now onto the juicy convo. Yikes!

I was in the doctors room waiting for the him to come in. Two nurses were talking rather loudly outside of the door. Maybe they thought no one could hear them.

Lady #1: “So when I arrived home yesterday he said he made the bed and did the dishes for me.”

I said Thank you babe, but you cheated on me and slept with someone else, so making the bed and doing the dishes doesn’t change anything.

He asked why. Can you believe it? He asked me why?”

I told him that I do not forgive him. Thank God we are not married yet. He then asked when I will forgive him and he still wants to get married next month. I told him I’d go sleep with my Ex. ( I have been wanting to anyways. His latest pics in Instagram have been hot) then I’d call it even.

Lady #2: “Damn Girl! I’m so sorry to hear that. But good for you for putting your foot down. When are you going to hook up with Jer?”

Lady: “I texted him this morning and asked if he wanted to hook up this weekend. He knows I’m getting married next month.”

Conversations October 9, 2021


Girl next to me on her phone-

“Did I tell you that my parents got divorce?”

“You disappeared and haven’t answered any of my texts. I sent at least thirty.”

“Yes. College. I have lab 3x a week”

“Me too, but they are not you. I miss you girl!”

“No, they think I’m home studying right now. They get back from Paris tomorrow.”

“My dads new wife is thirty years younger then him. Yea, moms pissed. I told her to go get her a F-Boy and she freaked out.”

“Like come on mom. This isn’t the Stone Age.”

“No. We broke up. I’m just having fun now. Lots of frat parties.”

“So catch me up. What’s new with you?”

Conversations October 6, 2021


(Two friends who obviously haven’t seen each other in a while)

Friend 1: “I just love trailers!”
Friend 2: “Really? I’ve never heard anyone say that before.”

Friend 1:
“Oh yes! My husband and I rent one for only $465 a month. Everything included. Electricity, Heat, Water, and even internet. We have two bedrooms, two full baths. Much better then having an apartment or condo with all those neighbors.”

Friend 2: “That’s true. My new husband and I just want it to be nice. Rents are crazy!”

Friend 1: “Oh! You mean You didn’t live together first?”

Friend 2: “No, we wanted to wait.”

Friend 1: “Respect to you! That’s cool! Yea, let me give you the address of the two trailer parks that are good.
Where are you living now?”

Friend 2: “ With his parents.”

Friend 1: “How’s that going?”

Friend 2: “It is just time that we find our own place now. Thank you for the information about the parks. Hey! Maybe we will be neighbors. Lol. Take care and it was nice running into you.”

Conversations October 5, 2021


Father to Daughter: “Put that back! That’s ugly!”

DD: “But Daddy I want it! Please?”

Father: “You want your friends to like you, right honey? They won’t like you if you wear that. It’s ugly!”

DD: “Please daddy… I like it. I love it!”

Father: “No one is going to want to play with you if you wear that. I’m telling you the truth.”

DD: “Okay Daddy. Can I choose a toy then?”

Father: “Yes. Go choose one of those animals over there.”

DD: “ Daddy! DADDY! I want this one!”

Father: “That one is ugly baby. Choose a different one.”

Daughter: But Daddy, please! I want this one!”

Father: “What would your grandfather say if you brought that one home? Go choose one that isn’t ugly.”

Daughter: “But a girl at school has this one and showed me. I want it!”

Father: “ Well don’t be friends with that girl. She’s probably ugly too. Here, get this one. It’s pretty. It’s a pretty pony, just like you. Ponies are cute. Everyone loves them. Now go put that ugly one back and let’s go pay!”

Daughter: “Okay daddy. Okay.”

Father: “That’s right baby. Daddy knows best. This is your very first year of school and you want people to like you.”

October 24, 2021 Conversations


Mother to her toddler who was crying:
“Shut up! Stop your fussin!”

8yr old son: “Mama, I wanna be little again. She don’t need to be fussin. She has nothing to worry about. I want to be the baby again mama.”

Mother: “What you need is to shut your pie hole and let me shop in piece. Both of you brats.”

8yr old Son: “You get old and then you don’t like your life. Right mama?”

Toddler crying louder

8yr old son to sister: “Be quiet! Just be quiet and let mama shop. Your life is easy! My life was easy before you were here!”

Mother: “Yeah my life was easier before both of you were here, so just shut up!”

Now up at the register cashing out-

Cashier to boy-“And how old are you young man?”

Boy:”I’m eight and my sister just turned two. That’s why she’s fussin and not letting mama shop. Mamas life was easy before we came.”

Mother to cashier: “Kids and their mouths”

Cashier: “I know.”

Mother to son: “Wheel the buggy over there by the door and I’ll be right there. Go now!”